Quarantini Time

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Challenge Accepted

A friend asked me to write a poem call “Quarantini” about a martini related to COVID-19, of course using some humor. I wrote the poem, which sounded like a ditty and changed it up. This may be my worse poem ever and I am letting it play.

Quarantini Time

When COVID-19 came along

My friend suggested I write a poem

All about a new martini

Given the name quarantini


In what they call a quarantine

Many people stay unseen

Keeping in their houses closed

Running out for a reload


Life becomes about books and TV

Some will party on with sad glee

Cooking and cleaning and eating freely

Some will have highballs and martinis


This is where my friend comes in

With some vodka and some gin

Mixing with vermouth for them

Landing olives by the rim


Deciding to try something new

To match colors to be true

A concoction to show no defeat

They came up with the quarantini


The colors that we tend to see

Are pinks and whites and crystallies

In little balls of spikes and spheres

To look at it would not bring fear


It’s like an ornament or candy

But getting it would not be dandy

This stuff is not to be played with

Unless you have a life to give


Mindful seriousness you see

It’s hard to come up with a drink

Try they tended and pulled it off

Downed it with nary a cough


This is the magic of this concoction

A patent would not be an option

It’s not that kind of beverage

Just trying to give humor leverage


If you want to know the mix

Simply it’s an easy fix

Using booze or soda or juice

Shake with ice and strain it smooth


It can be made with garnishes or not

Depends on what you’ve got in stock

Tastes vary tart or sweet or dry

Mattering not what when or why


If you’ve figured it out by now

The quarantini recipe is not about how

It depends on what is in the house

Leaning on if you can go out


Possibly it tastes like H2O

Depending on what’s on hand to flow

It’s about the attitude of positivity

We all can have a quarantini

This came from my prompt for National Poetry Month – There is a new prompt daily, so be sure to check in!



Humor in These Days of Our Lives – National Poetry Month April 6 2020

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Just like Ina Garten made this giant martini for the stay-at-home effort, it’s not such a bad idea to use humor in times of trial. If you have ever watched an episode of MASH you will see how the medical staff in a horrible time turned to humor to survive. I’ve done it and I suspect you all have done it, too. So, for today’s prompt let’s write a humor poem. It does not have to be about these days trials, but feel free to do so. If you want to go into a whole different time and place, go for it. Let’s have some laughs.

If you would like to try some other prompts or combine prompts, you can also check out a couple of others, such as Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides or NaPoMriMo

Happy Writing!

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BONUS!! You can always use this photo prompt!!


Let’s Do the Twist – A Moment in Time

lisa valentine dance 1966 Lisa dressed up for 1st teen dance.

This was a moment of my life

It had to happen to enjoy my first dance

It was at my Kentucky school

Student council raising money

Created a Valentine’s date match

Sweaty palms and pencil in hand

This one signed up for a date

All for the Valentine’s dance

Twelve years old seventh grade student

Unsure of how to prepare

In stepped my big sister

After dying her red dress

And sharing her white blouse

She carefully applied my makeup

An expert of creating beauty

Nervously excited to meet my date

Daddy dropped me at the school

Along came my selected date

At his side was his girlfriend

Nice to meet you and moved on

As my mind was some confused

I shook it off when

On came the music

And it took one song

As sure as it was Chubby Checker

I was sure to do The Twist

Guess who won the twist contest

That was my family tradition

It was a good night

And that’s how it’s done

When life changes moments

Make it a good time

Today I decided to do a combination of prompts. My own prompt Let’s Twist and that of Robert Lee Brewer’s  Poetic Asides. What’s your poem of the day?

lisa twist age 13                                                  Still twisting at age 13


Let’s Twist – National Poetry Month April 5 2020

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Good Morning! It’s Day 5 of National Poetry Month and today’s poem prompt is “Twisted” Let’s write a twisted poem. It could be about some twisted thoughts, a new twist on an old expression, dancing the twist, anything goes! Let’s get twisted! Please tag or add your poems in comments. Love to see what you come up with.

For other prompt ideas you can check out Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides and NaPoWriMo!

Let’s Twist Again – Chubby Checker


Hear Me Roar

Photo by Eric Heininger on Unsplash Tiger Photo by Eric Heininger on Unsplash

Hesitant to speak
Feeling like my voice was less
To the species I felt unimportant
Watching life from my seat of quiet
Noting my tongue gave to tingling
Realizing there was something more
I was my own restraint
My roar was just as important
And I had to release
Valid are my thoughts
Valuable are my feelings
Churning powerful energy
Recession holds no more power
No more biting of the tongue
No more strain of the stomach
Allowing myself to be loud
And now try to stop me from my roar