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Sand Itches

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“From Here to Eternity,” sighed Patsy, “that’s a classic love scene on the beach.”

“I reckon so,” replied Pete, “but don’t get any ideas.”

Frowning, Patsy scrubbed the endless sink of dishes, pondering why Pete had burst her bubble. She adored her Pete but wondered why he couldn’t be more romantic.

Coming up behind his bride, Pete wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her neck, “Of course it’s because I love you so much. After all, you know how if you lay on the beach where the tide rolls in you’re bound to get sand in your saddle and, woo wee, that’s some itchin’!”

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Ten Things of Thankful – May 22

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Happy TTOT time! Let’s go!

1. Friday of a long weekend. Even home bound is a.o.k. With family joy.
2. Poet’s Connection tomorrow! Virtual fun!
3. Poet’s gathering last night where we worked to help each other.
4. The sun 🌞peeked out today.
5. I have not succumbed to a coronacut.
6. Yarn. Something is getting made.
7. Food.
8. Wildlife is lively.
9. Health.
10. You.

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Six Sentence Story-ETERNAL

Kindness expressed beautifully


Umbrella Jane

I scurry around quickly picking up exactly what I need while shopping at Costco in this strange atmosphere of where everyone wears a mask and keeping a 6-feet distance from each other.

Sometimes that means using extreme patience waiting for another to finish in the area that I want to step into for what I want to buy.

In silence they nod to me that they are finished now moving away and I nod a ‘thank you’ nod in return trying to smile politely behind my mask.

I think a particular thought process hanging in the air is working because I notice that no one has been rude or inconsiderate.

When I leave the store by way of the crates they have piled up to guide shoppers in and out of the store with as little interaction as possible, the drizzle of rain that began in my journey…

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Radhika Puttige

Stop and read this. Well executed.

I Write Her

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dark feelings engulf
trepidation clouds senses
imprisons present


inner core ruptures
scorching lava sizzles out
wreaks crimson umbrage


quintessence consumed
drowned in infernal abyss
extinct emotions


a veneer disguise
contrived emotions displayed
dubious motives


lonesome soul cringes
a foreboding gloom pervades
silent cry echoes


Radhika’s writings reflect her thoughts and ruminations on life. While she mostly writes poetry, her blog Radhika’s Reflection is a potpourri of photographs, prose, and musings. She recently published her first book of haiku and poetry titled Eclectic Verses, which is available on Amazon.


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Ten Things of Thankful – May 15 2020

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It’s TTOT time! Let’s go there, right now!

1. Who is that masked man/woman/child? It would be us! I am grateful for masks. I made some by hand and they aren’t too shabby. Daughter must have one for work and I made some of socks and then 2. the AAA guy gave one to my sweetie. Guess he didn’t love the sock (the AAA man). I need to make a couple more as daughter needs them for work and she has to alternate because of washing. 3. I am grateful she brought home fabric and notions so I could make them.

4. See the picture on this blog up there? That would be the scene of this weekend, but we are not ready to venture out. But! It is beautiful weather, so we can still go out and about with careful social distancing and masks, so YAY!!

5. 6.
This happened! I received my signed copy this week from Arlene Bice. Editor of this book of anthologies. She put her heart and soul into making this happen. Here is her blog: Purple Stone Blog. Five of my poems were published in this anthology. You can click on the pic to see more. I am grateful for Arlene.

7. SLEEP! I got some sleep this week.

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8. Cardinals and birds, in general. While working on something challenging I heard this loud chirping and looked out the window and saw this brillant red cardinal. I think he was trying to tell me to keep at it, it will work out! Thank you!

selective focus photography of red perching bird
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9. ZOOM rooms and Google Hangout! This is the bestest thing for meetings! I have been able to meet with others at places I cannot get to. WOOHOO!!

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10. And YOU! What do you have to say today? Let’s hear from you!

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