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Hard Pressed is OUT!

Hard Pressed, LaVan Robinson’s latest book of prose poetry is now available. You can get your copy on

Hard Pressed is a book of poetry by LaVan Robinson. A seasoned poet who has several poems and books published; this is the book of books. What makes life hard? What is pressing on the mind? What are the concerns in society that keep us up at night? It is hard, in a society driven by fear, to find ways to resolve issues. It takes open, honest communication with those whom we live close, with our daily contacts, with the authorities, and the powers of us. We the people of this society can make choices to enact change. This can be through several means. Hard Pressed – flavors of a society through the eyes of humanity explores and offers poetic prose thoughts of the poet.

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They Just Got the Name Wrong

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Many years ago, when I was in college, one of my professors-who also became a mentor-introduced my to “espresso” which she made herself after dinner with another guest. There was this little cup with no real room for cream or sweetener and a sliver of lemon which was to help with the bitter taste, I suppose. I just played follow the leader, as I was clueless.

Well, the one thing about espresso and being a college student is that it does help if you need to be up late studying, which I often did. For years, I called it “expresso” without awareness that you called it something else. As it holds true, I just think it was a mistake in spelling as when you have this strong dose of caffeine, you definitely are apt to express yourself.


That’s my Six Sentence Story and lookie there, I didn’t write a poem! I bet you are as surprised as I am. But…hey…let me see if I can try my hand at it.

Six Sentence Story Poem – installment #2

(Same Title)

When I was older than younger strudents, I had to stay up to study late

If I wanted to keep really going, an espresso would be the way

Although the name should be expresso, I suppose that’s how it goes

All I know is that reading chapters meant I needed some go-go-go

I’d go for years and call it my name, as if anyone would care but the bourgeoisie

Today, I call it by the proper name unless I too tired and call it a day


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Ten Things of Thankful – 01/07/2022

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It’s TTOT time for 2022! WooHoo! Let’s slide in with snowshoes on! Well…not here and awaaaaay we gooooo!

  1. Stuff keeps showing up on apps trying to help me with this and that. It’s pretty cool when some of my go tos decide to merge, even if it does take some getting used to.
  2. People keep helping one another. It has to be noticed! Thank you to the helpers.
  3. Heat! Because I don’t fancy icicles on my nose.
  4. That someone has taken it upon his/herself to let me know, sometimes twice a day, that my account has been attacked by someone charging their MacBook Pro… What would I ever do without them? Sometimes I actually talk to them when I am waiting on an appointment and killing time. You are so welcome!
  5. The world keeps on turning, turning, turning.
  6. Pasta.
  7. Daughter is sewing and enjoying it.
  8. Opportunities to create.
  9. I did this thing of leading a workshop about slam poetry. That was fun.
  10. You! What’s up doc?
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Carmen chose her bracelet and made a list of charms

Her list grew far too long, yet her desires did not wane

After she completed her list, she handed it to him.

Ready to please her, he ran up his card to the max.

Moments passed and she decided that she wanted more.

She wrote a list and he took one look before he left evermore.


There’s my six!

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Ten Things of Thankful December 31 2021

It’s TTOT time and time to bid adieu to 2021. My ten:

10. A peaceful week so I could concentrate.

9. Fun zoom at the Garden.

8. Had fun creating videos.

7. Daughter is creating cool stuff.

6. My baloney has a first name…

5. Are you singing the rest of 6?

4. Fires calmed down with snow blessings.

3. Crock pots.

2. Medical staff who are awesome.

  1. 🎆🎇🎉Happy New Year!
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