Waving Goodbye – The Sunday Whirl-Wordle 395

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1973 – the year
youthful fires had to be burned
giving a wave to the Midwestern sunset
silence eased her mind until it didn’t
looking to find her way
the sunbeam offered warmth
no garment could hide
the longing in her soul
setting her feet to new earth
mounting the bicycle
riding in the sun or rain
bowing to the elders
to survive
three months later
in order to live
running from the elders
riding with tears in pain
flinging the bicycle
she pricked her toes on sand burrs
raining in her soul
garments of southern threads
fall visited Midwestern farms
walking Chicago streets in the night haze
with drained mind and body spent
writing goodbyes to marine settings
her youthful fires burned
the year of 1973

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6 Sentence Story and Serious Short Fiction-Flash

Flash me those hazel eyes.

I’ll show you my wicked greens.

Love me for my soul.

Behind the eyes, flashing warning signs, you will see.

I am as sure of it as a soul whose soul has connected with hazel eyed mystique.

This begins and ends with no more or less than my dreams.


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