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10 Things of Thankful – July 5

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It’s that time again to be thinking of all things thankful! Here are my 10 and I hope you will join in with yours. You can go to this LINK to join in!

1. Remember the Secret Project? Well, here it is. This is an article I wrote for Midtown Magazine in Raleigh. New Bern Article

2. Six Sentence Story and a celebration. It’s that time of year to remember my special someone and I when we decided to be a couple. Here’s the story HERE

3. Family. It’s been the time for daughter to join for a weekend and it’s a holiday weekend. I’m sure I will have more to post about it next week, but, for now, let’s just say it’s bound to be fun!

4. Poetry Reading – Remember last week when I posted about the upcoming poetry reading? Well, it happened and here’s a picture of the audience and the poet Aruna Gurumurthy. Nice turnout and lovely words of expression.

5. Poundage has me 20 # less than when I rebooted and a total of just over 60# from my all time high. It’s a long process, for sure, but I am happy with where I am going.

6. Dive Into Poetry – I joined the July Dive Into Poetry group and it has been doing daily poems. Yay!!

7. Tea – Again? Yes, my journey into teas has become fun and I am grateful as I am finding the natural medicinal qualities are helping my zzzzs

8. Reading – I am currently reading a book for the book club we started. I hope it picks up as I have no problem putting it down. How is this good news? Well, when you read something that is questionable, it makes you appreciate when you read something interesting. I have three of those on my back burner, but I can’t wait to shift the pots.

9. Mammogram Results – Every year I have to get a mammogram because one year I had a benign lump removed, so I am on the watch for further developments and the good news is that I made it through this year with no issues.

10. Other tests. It is that time of year when I also get blood work done and I am happy to report my A1C is still looking good. I had to changed my eye prescription, but it’s all good as the words “diabetic myopathy” are not being spoken.

That’s that and there you go! Hope your week was awesome!!


Ten Things of Thankful – June 14


It’s time again for the TTOT!! Be sure and join us by going to this LINK

I’m one day late to post, but it looks like I’m not alone, nonetheless, I will do my best to help get the party started!!

1. The Pool and The Sunshine. Both are helping my spirits. There’s a pool party today, but I have other responsibilities, but they will have to carry on without me. It’s all good. I hit the pool this morning.

2. Sweet presents! I received the TTOT sticky note pad from Kristi yesterday. And she put in the sweetest note! I love when I get something in the real mail and such kind words.

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3. Nice Weather. It has been pleasantly cool and sunny with not so much rain. This also helps me SMILE!!

4. & 5. Venues – Adobe Spark – I am organizing a poetry reading for this month and I asked a place I love to go to for coffee, writing and reading and they said YES!!! Here’s the poster I made on Adobe Spark And I will give them a shout out of THANKS too!!
Aruna Poster Red

6. My surprise is still cooking.

7. Challenges – Six Sentence Story always challenges my brain. Here’s this weeks on this LINK

8. Fathers or in my case “Daddy” and how can I not pay my respects to the man and his life devoted to all of us? And on top of Father’s Day, his birthday is coming up. Happy Heavenly Birthday and Father’s Day to Daddy.

9. My TTOT Family who have become so important to my life. I read every post and this past week took me 3 days to get through all of them!

10. New Adventures! Summer brings with it many opportunities to explore the various offerings. Why not shake off the cares and enjoy the world!

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Ten Things of Thankful – May 31


It’s Friday and that means it is time for Ten Things of Thankful or TTOT! You might want to join us and if so you can go this this LINK

1. Secret Project – This has been completed for the first phase and TBA when completely done. It feels weird to have it completed and now I have to do another one, just not sure what.

2. Six Sentence Story – Still going strong even if I am often the last one in the gate (partly due to #1 ^^^) Here’s this weeks: Mountain Climbing

3. Wednesday Poetry Prompt on Poetic Asides. Here’s my poem: Briefly Speaking I didn’t finish this until this morning because of #1 ^^^

4. 5.

Swimming – the pool opened and it has been wonderful and is starting to help my sleep, so that’s a double gratitude!

Cheryl and me 52019
Cousin and Charlotte visit – We did go see our cousin Cheryl and her bestie Terry last Saturday and had a lovely visit. Terry is selling a huge estate and she has lots of Elvis stuff along with lots of books and country music albums. Oh my! Wishing Cheryl a safe trip back to Iowa and hoping the flood waters recede.

7. First Responders – With the hugely overtaken lands in the Midwest, I am grateful for those who brave all this to help others. Also, those who simply help for the spirit of helping. “Reach out and touch somebody’s hand…”

8. 9. Books and Veterans – I met this fellow at the flea market where he sells books. Nice fellow who let me take his picture.

Here is his website: Bearded Veteran

10. Art – it was a scorcher on Sunday and we stopped at the NCMA and had a nice, cool tour. I particularly liked this one:

That’s that! So, how about joining in?



Ten Things of Thankful – May 24


A picture I took at New Bern NC Tryon Palace grounds.

Good Morning and Happy Ten Things of Thankful Day!!

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As we go into Memorial Day Weekend I am thinking of those who did not return from wars. As I am not certain of my complete family history, I don’t know who did not return. I wish I had done better about keeping track of things. Mom would know, but she’s on the other side. One thing I do know is that when you have people away fighting wars, as I do remember that part of it in my family, it is scary. My Grandmother Hall had a rough time of it when her boys were fighting WW II. They all came back, but every time Grandma would hear something about the war she would be so afraid that one of her sons was affected. I don’t remember hearing what it was like for Grandma Tomey, but I know she had all of her sons in the war. Both would have been a Blue Star Mother which was started during WW II. I remember a letter stating this for Grandma Tomey.

Several years ago, we attended the wedding of a sweet couple. He was in the military and going back for another deployment. After the wedding they took off on a honeymoon, cherishing the time they had together before he had to return to duty. Sadly, he did not return. He died a hero, putting himself in the protection of his troops. I only met him at the wedding, but I know his wife, who was my co-worker, and I remember their devotion to each other. His loss cut to my heart for the pain she endured and I am sure there are still those pains, for her. Love has no end when we lose those we love, it lives on with memories and with the impact we make in our lives. Such a person that she is, that love does live on.

So, it’s only natural that my #1 Gratitude is for those who have sacrificed for our freedom and those left behind who have supported them all the way.

2. Last year I posted a story about suicide and I just this week was asked to contribute to Noteworthy Journal, a part of Medium. Here is the POST I am grateful if this can reach more people, the whole purpose of accepting this honor, as this is a most important topic, close to my heart.

3. Six Sentence Stories – I am still keeping up with this weekly effort. Here is a LINK to a recent one. These have helped me to be more concise wit my writing.

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4. Research Triangle Writers Coffeehouse – This is a monthly group of a variety of writers who come together for a common cause which is to accomplish writing tasks. We share, problem solve, offer encouragement, genuinely supporting each other in our efforts. We meet at the Quail Ridge Bookstore in Raleigh NC the second Sunday of each month. Here’s the Facebook page if you are interested.

The one I am listening to.

5. Luther Vandross – Because I can only be grateful for such a sweet soul, gone too soon. Listening to him now.


6. Our cousin Cheryl is visiting (in Charlotte) and helping her bestie sort stuff and sell such stuff as her friend is moving to Florida. I am excited to get to visit with them. She comes to NC maybe once a year, sometimes more, but this is the last trip to NC. She lives in Iowa. It makes me sad to know she won’t be back this way, but it’s important to think of the time we do get to see each other. This picture is from last year.

7. The pool is soon opening! As I sit here, I have learned that the pool inspector is coming today and we will get to swim this weekend! I cannot wait! We love to swim! Can you tell?

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8. Sleep – The insomnia bug is back to crawl in my brain Shoo shoo! I am grateful for when I can get sleep and for tools to help me get what sleep I can.

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9. Food – Yes, basic needs must be met and my clean eating efforts are paying off as I see the scale keep dropping.

10. Secret Projects – I am on another secret mission and will be able to reveal once I have cleared it with the powers that be.

So, there you have it! Those are my 10! How about you? Why not join in by going to this link: TTOT


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Simplicity Beckons

My Post (2)

Loyal followers, I am now ready to share the secret news I have mentioned in some prior posts. Aruna Gurumurthy, Author of several books of poetry has released, as of May 1, 2019, her latest book of poems: Simplicity Beckons.
As quoted from the Amazon page about this book:

“Simplicity Beckons is a book of poems. It expresses the author’s journey through life’s special moments, with a touch of creativity and blossoming of passion. The poems weave through tales of travel, the joys of infancy and the subtlety of human emotion as the reader walks through life and love, and jumps over unseen realms of imagination. Come, watch these small wonders and big emotions carry you away, as you bathe in a potpourri of divinity and delight.”

As one who has read this book of poetry, discussing the poems in this book with the author and enjoying the content, I found this to be a pleasant book of poetry that beckons us all to look at the day to day simple things in life and to celebrate these experiences.

I hope you will look at this book of poetry and find the joy that only you can feel as what you read resonates with your own lives.

Aruna Gurumurthy has now penned six books of poetry. I interviewed Aruna and here’s a little share of that:

Without further ado, I introduce you to Simplicity Beckons:

Congratulations Aruna! It’s beautiful!