Ten Things of Thankful – November 15

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Time to come to the table and toast another week of wonderful things to be thankful for and, like last week, I am going to post my daily pics for thankful week. And maybe add some more. Let’s hop to it! Or should I say waddle?


10. And YOU!! Won’t you pull up a chair and join this crew?

Special Thank You to Kristi for keeping this going!

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Short Fiction

Happy Story

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Howie and Margi grew up in the same neighborhood, both in big houses with big families, rather large nests, you might say, full of fun and simply full of life.

It was no surprise when Howie and Margi married and built their own little nest right in the same town where they grew up.

Before long, the two lovebirds decided to start a family and their nest grew and grew and grew.

Happy to be together as one big family, the children, Mary, Karen, Debbie, and Chuck were content with their lives and none were in a hurry to leave their nest.

One by one, each of the children became adults and went on with their lives and built their own kinds of nests, varied, but all with the spirit of happiness and hope.

Howie and Margi now have their own little nest with just the two of them and they are content that they built a great nest for all their family and look forward to an empty nest, once again.

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This is in response to the Six Sentence Story prompt by Denise. Please take a look and perhaps you can join.

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Refuse to Believe Anything But the Truth

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Relief was not for Beth, watching out the window, seeing nobody to help her.
Everybody had other things to do and, while she understood, her heart would ache.
Family and friends alike wished her well as she cared for her mother without staff.
Undermining comments were a source of disdain, coming from the critical milieu.
Simply ignoring this was not easy, but Beth refused such and stayed in focus.
Everybody came for show at the end of it all, Beth left with her own peace.


I went with a double acrostic this time.

It’s that time again for Six Sentence Story. Thanks to Denise for her devotion to this and for encouraging us to challenge our brains.

Rules of the hop:
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Ten Things of Thankful – Friday the 13th

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It’s Friday the 13th and Full Moon time, so there are going to be lots of memes and such about this day. I didn’t know what it was all about until maybe 3rd or 4th grade when we had to write a report about Friday the 13th. I think that I really did not understand what it was about, even then. I vaguely remember writing something about some kind of warrior god thingie.

Anyways. it’s time for the Ten Things of Thankful for Friday, September 13 or the week proceeding this date.

1. Good News for a close friend with health issues. One of my besties has severe headaches, similar to migraines, but caused by some more specific issues and she is going through some diagnostics, actually today, to see about a way to nip at least some of it in the bud. It makes my heart swell and my nerves are maybe a bit off as my hopes run high for relief. I know so many people with headaches that get to the point of being debilitating. I used to get them and am grateful that they don’t come as often as they used to.

2. Daughter is getting organized. A professional organizer has been helping my daughter with organizing her room. It looks leaps and bounds better and I am so grateful that this wonderful person has helped her. Shameless promo coming: If you know anybody in the area who needs an organizer who has the right kind of heart for the job, I can hook you up.

3. Jeffrey – My little brother would have been 60 on September 10 and I am grateful to have had him in my life and that he keeps letting me know he’s around.

4. Trekking poles – Some days I need these to get around and this has been one of those weeks. I am happy to have these.

5. Used Book Stores – I was looking for a specific book last weekend and hit a couple of the local used book stores. I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I found 2 books for super low prices, both of which serve my craft.

6. Family – For this weeks Six Sentence Story I wrote to the theme of “Cardinal” and it brought to mind the love of family and experience of loss. The responses to the story touched my heart and really brought to me the appreciation of having an intact family while growing up.

7. Unity – I am grateful for the unity of people who rally to support one another when the chips are down. I listen to “Tell Me Something Good” on the Bobby Bones Show and it always makes me smile.

8. Laugh-In – What a fun show about absolutely nothing but funny. Can we bring it back? I saw a remake of sorts, but it was nothing like the original. Still have your Go-Go Boots?

9. Tacos – Because I can.

10. And lastly, but not leastly this is your place at the table of thankfuls. Won’t you join in?

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Cardinal Dreams – Six Sentence Story


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Gathering up his son’s clothes, tossed about the bedroom floor, Daniel looked at his slumbering son as he lay with his ball glove secured in hand and his signed baseball had rolled off onto the blanket. Hair tousled in rings of curls, Jeffrey slumbered away with little boy dreams.

It was not long before this night, that Daniel and Jeffrey were spectators at their very first St. Louis Cardinals baseball game., a dream realized when Jeffrey’s grandparents surprised him with the tickets on his birthday, Daniel was even more excited than Jeffrey and immediately made plans for the big event.

Quietly, Daniel lay all of Jeffrey’s clothes out for the next day, before leaving his room and preparing for his own day to come, packing lunches, paying bills, making sure there was nothing left undone before embarking on their journey.

“Batter, batter,” chanted by the fans, they expected Albert Pujols to hit a homer each time he stood, ready to give it his all, having watched him play, religiously, Daniel enlisted his sidekick, Jeffrey, as part of the fan base of their home.

Falling into a deep sleep, partly from exhaustion and partly from having it all to do, Daniel drifted into a dream state, deeper than he had known in a long time, perhaps since she was by his side, before, well, before, she drifted off and didn’t wake up; Daniel dreamed that he was sitting at Busch Stadium, Tiffany by his side and Daniel on her lap, watching the pre-game activities, he looked in her eyes and grinned, bouncing Jeffrey on her knee, Tiffany smiled back, winking and then looked at their son as he babbled in baby talk, having a gleeful time.

Waking from his sleep, Daniel wiped the tears from his eyes, then got up to check on Jeffrey, who was still soundly sleeping; Placing his hand on his son’s warm head, he said a prayer and went back to bed, thinking about that wink and how someday he would find her again by his side.


There you have it, the Six Sentence Story, thanks to the devotion of Denise as she provides the weekly prompt and makes sure we have a place to share our stories. Thanks so much to her. If you wish to participate, go to this LINK

Rules of the hop:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
Use the current week’s prompt word.
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