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A Space Above My Head

Bob Brewer from Unsplash

a space above my head

dragonfly hovers over my head

keeps a distance of closeness in space

my wonder is what he might be thinking

perhaps a desire to buss my cheek

or weave a nest from my whispy hair

he in his place and I in mine, we keep perfect time


That is my Six Line Poem for this weeks Six Sentence Story challenge

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poetry, six sentence story


Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com


She used a soft white cotton cloth, laced with tiny blues, placed it in the book of love created for her infant Jude.

While he ran and played with friends, she kept her book on knees care bent, marked her place with a little spare sock whenever he had needs.

It seems her bookmark had variety depending on her task, a leaf when walking in the autumn, a violet which he presented at her ask.

When he grew up and left her home, to college he would go, she gave him a leather bookmark for love and luck, to keep his place.

Jude came home for winter break and lounged on the settee, when called for dinner he grabbed a pen and bookmarked at his place.

He learned just like his mom to use what was handy to keep his place, the leather bookmark gathered dust, it was not of his breeding.


This is my six line poem for the Six Sentence Story challenge word “Bookmark.” You can see more at Girlie on the Edge.


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Sarfraz Ahmed – Live from the UK

Sarfraz Ahmed

I have known the “Romantic Poet” Sarfraz Ahmed for quite some time. He has been on my podcasts and in open mics. Most recently he participated in the Book Launch for Elizabeth O. Ogunmodede’s book “Ladder on the Top.”

About Sarfraz Ahmed: Sarfraz Ahmed is a UK writer  and poet. His published books include poetry debut Eighty-Four Pins – Poetry Collection (June 2020) and My Teachers an Alien! (November 2020). Two Hearts – A Journey into Heartfelt Poetry (February 2021) with Annette Tarpley and Stab the Pomegranate – Collective Poetry (August 2021). In February 2022, he released Eighty-Four Pins – Poetry Collection (Second Edition).

It is an honor, a privilege to sponsor Sarfraz Ahmed this Saturday, July 30 at 1 p.m. EST for the Book Launch for his latest, fantastic book “The Gift of Poetry.” I have all of Ahmed’s published poetry books because I am such a gushing fan. Anybody who knows me will tell you I am not one to quickly read through books of poetry unless I am struck by the contents. And this book has, once again, stricken me as another best selling contendor.

The Gift of Poetry

I would like to invite you to meet with us as we celebrate the release of this amazing book. Here is the information:

Would you like to know more about Sarfraz Ahmed? Get to know him on Social Media. In fact, go check out his Instagram page. I bet he is up to posting something about now.


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Ladder to the Top – Elizabeth O. Ogunmodede

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel on Pexels.com

I am blown away! Recently, we recently published 14 year old poet and writer Elizabeth O. Ogunmodede’s books “Ladder to the Top.” When I decided to publish Ogunmodede’s book I already knew about her exemplary writing skills. I also knew she is an up and coming video and graphics designer, who is always out creating me. But…that’s an aside. What I want to tell you is what a pleasure it has been to work with this young woman and help her realize her dreams.

Ogunmodede is a package deal. She comes into her talent naturally by the influence if her father, Richard. He reads and provides thoughtful feedback, but always leaves the final say to his daughter. Ogunmodede will tell you that he is her number one supporter. Her father is a writer, as well, also published.

When I read the manuscript for “Ladder to the Top” it was treated just like any other manuscript I read. There was no special privilege given for age. The truth of the matter is that I would not know this manuscript was written by someone younger than an adult. This author paid attention to her mentors, her coaches, her teachers…

When it came to editing, this manuscript was one of the easiest manuscripts to review. This writer knows what she is doing. And she is working on another manuscript. No dust settles on this young lady’s shoes.

Well, here comes the big announcement: On Saturday, July 23, 2022, at 1 p.m. EST we are having a Book Launch for Elizabeth O. Ogunmodede’s books and you are invited. Here is the Event Brite information. We hope to see you there. And, by the way, I am also sharing the podcast video we recorded recently. How about that!