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If These Walls Could Talk

If These Walls Could Talk

If these walls could talk
they’d tell mom’s stories
of her younger years
and the adventures of
family and friends
throughout our lives

They’d tell of wonders
how that first date would go
while sister curled my hair
and put makeup on
my 12 year old face
while I perspired in her dress

They’d offer witness of each brother
who came home on military leave
to celebrate accomplishments
and share family life
and visits to old buddies

They’d tell of phone calls
from far away, from old friends
who never forgot relationships
were more important than things

These walls would tell of tears
laughter, hugs, kisses goodnight
and all the life held in between
these floral papers, these quiet walls
if only, they could talk

Lisa Tomey-Zonneveld (c)

Memories of happy times in our lives are such blessings. I wish there had been a record of all the stories my mother alone would tell. As I am working on recording these, to the best of my memory, tears come and my heart warms. Later in his life, I recorded stories of daddy and his telling of his World War II service. I treasure that tape and the document created.

As I was working on Caring for Souls, what helped me is to look at old photographs of growing up. This has brought up so many memories that I am continuing to work in this process for another book.

Sometimes, we end up being the one who has been involved with caring for others or having others care for us. Mom did not care for having to be cared for, but it happened just the same. It was the love that was shared between and outside the walls that built these kind of relationships.

Are you caring for someone now? Please share in the comments. I want to hear about it, if you are comfortable.

May all your walls be covered with memories via photos, art, and more.

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he hung on the end of a branch, held by a strong, thick limb, the trunk made no comment

just stood tall, innocent, years of rings within— to count them, means you’d have to

cut down the tree, but why would you want to do that, this tree is innocent

rains bucketed the skies and woosh, he fell from the branch, flowing to freedom

a forgone conclusion that this innocent tree and simple autumn leaf have a purpose

the strong, thick limb— innocent, men who were hung- they were not guilty at all


This is my 6 line poem in response to this challenge: Girlie on the Edge

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Pushcart Nominations 2022

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As the manager of Prolific Pulse Press LLC I am honored to select the following for the Pushcart Prize nominations this year.

Zaneta Varnado Johns – Poem: What Matters, Published in After the Rainbow: Golden Poems 2022

JeanMarie Olivieri – Poem: Care Give and Take, Published in Caring for Souls 2022

Steve Anc – Poem: I am fine: don’t read this poem, Published in I am fine: don’t read this poem 2022

Lyris D. Wallace – Poem: No Justice for Breonna, Published in Social Justice Inks 2022

Jia-Li Yang – Poem: The First is the Last, Published in Social Justice Inks 2022

Kika Man – Poem: Rejecting your own body: an unrequited love poem, Published in Let the Mourning Come 2022

About the Pushcart Prize: In their words: “The Pushcart Prize: Best of the Small Presses series, published every year since 1976, is the most honored literary project in America – including Highest Honors from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.”

Our best wishes for the nominees. I look forward to seeing more of their prolific works in the future.

All books mentioned are on Prolific