Ten Things of Thankful – May 22

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Happy TTOT time! Let’s go!

1. Friday of a long weekend. Even home bound is a.o.k. With family joy.
2. Poet’s Connection tomorrow! Virtual fun!
3. Poet’s gathering last night where we worked to help each other.
4. The sun 🌞peeked out today.
5. I have not succumbed to a coronacut.
6. Yarn. Something is getting made.
7. Food.
8. Wildlife is lively.
9. Health.
10. You.

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Ten Things of Thankful – May 15 2020

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It’s TTOT time! Let’s go there, right now!

1. Who is that masked man/woman/child? It would be us! I am grateful for masks. I made some by hand and they aren’t too shabby. Daughter must have one for work and I made some of socks and then 2. the AAA guy gave one to my sweetie. Guess he didn’t love the sock (the AAA man). I need to make a couple more as daughter needs them for work and she has to alternate because of washing. 3. I am grateful she brought home fabric and notions so I could make them.

4. See the picture on this blog up there? That would be the scene of this weekend, but we are not ready to venture out. But! It is beautiful weather, so we can still go out and about with careful social distancing and masks, so YAY!!

5. 6.
This happened! I received my signed copy this week from Arlene Bice. Editor of this book of anthologies. She put her heart and soul into making this happen. Here is her blog: Purple Stone Blog. Five of my poems were published in this anthology. You can click on the pic to see more. I am grateful for Arlene.

7. SLEEP! I got some sleep this week.

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8. Cardinals and birds, in general. While working on something challenging I heard this loud chirping and looked out the window and saw this brillant red cardinal. I think he was trying to tell me to keep at it, it will work out! Thank you!

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9. ZOOM rooms and Google Hangout! This is the bestest thing for meetings! I have been able to meet with others at places I cannot get to. WOOHOO!!

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10. And YOU! What do you have to say today? Let’s hear from you!

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Come join me for some virtual coffee!

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Ten Things of Thankful – May 8 2020

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Good Morning and Happy Friday! For many of the folks, this means Phase 1 or 2 of the pandemic rules. We are in Phase 1 as of 5 p.m. today. #1 I am grateful for masks and hand sanitizer and to be able to drive. #2 I am grateful for Six Sentence Story of which I can be slack. Here is this weeks contribution from me Gulf fritillary facts The picture on this blog bears the same butterfly. I love butterflies!! #3 I am grateful that daughter follows social distancing and wears a mask and gloves at her job. Customers are now coming in, but they are limited and I am grateful for this, as well. It’s a craft and sewing store, so there are likely a lot of in home folks making things. #4 I am grateful that soon I will get a box of new art supplies and for those who love to create I know that you know what that means.

#5 That I have been blessed with a wonderful mother and that even though she is no longer with us I still consider her a very essential part of my life.

15966079_10158052915000203_8401078897215862861_n That’s me on the sofa leaning into mom.

#6. Auto insurance refund for the pandemic. Check your insurance company if interested in seeing if you qualify.
#7 New tires – while it was not really what we wanted to do right now, it is time to get new tires. We were able to get the car to the place before a flat. I am grateful for that, too because who wants to change a tire? #8 In my case, I know how, but I call AAA these days as my bones don’t like such things. I am grateful for that option.
#9 Is that it has been nice weather and not too hot. Just a couple of short heat spells followed by sweater weather.

#10 This place is for you. Perhaps you would like walking this path and thinking of the ways you are thankful. Then, you can blog them, too!

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Ten Things of Thankful May 1 2020

It’s May Day! Let’s go dance around the maypole! Who remembers those? This lady does!
It’s the first Friday of TTOT so let’s get at it!

1.2.3. Thankful that I survived National Poetry Month with posting a prompt each day and writing a poem a day to those prompts. Can we say Whew and WooHoo?!!
I am grateful to those who supported these efforts, as well. And for those who supported my publications this past month. A lot of thankfuls in one so, there’s 3!!

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4. Rain! We had a real gully washer yesterday and I am glad April decided to show itself up properly! I posted on Facebook yesterday:
Me: “April showers bring May flowers. Oh, April, you have this one last day to rain.”
April: “Hold my beer.”

5. 6. People who social distance and wear masks! Who ever thought this would be a thing? Thankful to have masks to do so. I made ours out of socks and daughter got hers at work. Also got fabric to make some this weekend.

7. My friend’s daughter created her own book at the lovely age of 6!! Here it is:
Diya Dreams

8. Ability to have groceries delivered for Mother’s Day in another town. We were trying to come up with a way to get something to mama in another town and came up with the idea to set up a food delivery. The food arrives this coming week in time for her to have a nice Mother’s Day week treat.

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9. Virtual meetings! Tomorrow I get to participate in the TAF online conference. It would normally be this weekend and now we still get to have it. And I also get to attend the Raleigh NC Bloggers meeting tomorrow afternoon and learn new things.

10. The place is set at this virtual table for YOU! No masks or gloves needed, mainly your presence and thankfuls. So, throw it at us. Not the food, but the thankfuls! Get at it!

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Ten Things of Thankful – April 24 2020

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Happy Friday and time for TTOT!! Let’s get at it!

There are so many things to be thankful for. 1. The weather has been glorious and the pollen seems to have held back a bit so no achoos, too much. 2. Daughter has been making cards for kids who are hospitalized. She’s been a part of a card making club on Tuesdays, but with COVID-19 they are each doing cards from home and then sharing pictures. She has been coloring and creating some really beautiful cards. I will need to take some pictures to share, but if you are on Facebook you may see them. 3. Today, and I will do a separate post about it, I will be featured in The Short of It. Stay tuned! I submitted some never published poems and they accepted them, so I am honored. Here’s the information if you have something you would like to submit. Susi is awesome and a great supporter. 4. As a contributing author to this book:

I invite you to take a peek. Just click on the picture. Several people I know are in the book and I am excited to be a part of this!

5. On Saturday, the Poet’s Connection Meetup with be happening as part of Living Poetry. We met a couple of months ago but got sidetracked with the virus. So now we are on! It’s a part of Living Poetry and I am so grateful for their providing the space to promote poetry. This will be virtual, of course.

6. Last night about 20 poets got together for a virtual workshop, also as a Meetup through Living Poetry. Chris Abbate has been doing these workshops each year in honor of National Poetry Month. I have his book and it is awesome.
Here’s a video featuring Chris.

7. As you can tell, especially if you follow this blog, it is National Poetry Month and I have been providing a new prompt every day. Some days it is easier than others to come up with a prompt. It always makes my day when I see somebody has written and posted a poem is response to one of my prompts.

8. I have been busy, but it is a good kind of busy.

9. One thing that being holed up helps is to be able to focus on what tasks are at hand rather than procrastinating. I can’t say I have been doing any procrastinating. I rarely look at TV and there are several NetFlix shows I have yet to watch, but life is good. There are not enough hours in the day.

10 I am grateful for you and that you stop by and say hello. I need to catch up on my hellos and hope to do that very soon. I will start right here and hope you come online and share some hollers back!!

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