Ten Things of Thankful – September 17 2021

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It’s FRIYAY so that means TTOT time! Let’s do this:

  1. Gradual changes to fall, ever so subtle.
  2. Progress, not perfection.
  3. Health goodness changes.
  4. Pool reopened.
  5. Art progress on projects.
  6. Mentor challenges help me to understand myself.
  7. Ability to know people from around the world.
  8. Long weekend.
  9. Choice.
  10. YOU! How about you share yours?
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Ten Things of Thankful – September 10 2021

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TTOT time! And here we go!

  1. My baby brother, Jeffrey, who would be 62 today. I am grateful for having him in our lives as long as we did.
Jeffrey about age 6

2. Freedom.

3. Hope.

4. Rain came yesterday.

5. New digs are coming along.

6. Industry.

7. To be able to be busy.

8. Art.

9. Coffee.

10. YOU

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Ten Things of Thankful – September 3 2021

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It’s Friday and school is back in session and it’s TTOT time! What a way to bring in September.

Let’s get started!

  1. We got moved!
  2. We had water, plenty of water for the move and yay because it was HOT!
  3. Found muscles. Whew, because I was wondering…
  4. Office view. I can see the trees. Weeee
  5. Project Book Launches galore!
  6. Podcasts are back in session, welp, in the planning phase…
  7. I have space to do art for which I am Extremely Grateful! It makes me cranky if I don’t get my art fix.
  8. It looks like it’s all about me, but nope…it is also about others as I am most thankful for the power of prayer and a prayerful attitude, ’cause ya know that if we put thoughts into things, they can becomes possibilities and when we put energy behind possibilities, they become things accomplished, and that’s the cycle I like to call later, rinse, repeat. But – hey – don’t forget to dry, because we all need a little rest.
  9. And that #8 has been poured out in multitudes for those affected by the actual storms.
  10. YOU and YOU and especially YOU – What’s your thankful today?
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Ten Things of Thankful – August 27 2021

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Happy Friday and TTOT time! Let’s get started.

  1. It is getting to the end of the month already and I am grateful for air conditioning. Yup – that’s right good ole A/C Would you believe there are people who don’t have this luxury? I remember…yes, I am just that old…when we lived in Texas when Daddy was stationed at Randolph AFB in San Antonio, and we did not have A/C. The heat was, well, hot. We are talking about even this barefooted kid had to wear her flip flops because her feet would make impressions in the hot tar. Ask me how I know… Can we say, “holy hot stickers!” The A/C problem was somewhat resolved by these devices called air coolers. These were cube like devices which were like when a fan marries cold water and blows it out in soothing air. We would congregate in the living room where my parents placed their mattress on the floor and us kids who wanted to cool off would make pallets on the floor. It was like camping in the living room, only with cool air.
  2. We are moving tomorrow and have been packing. I am grateful that moving day is soon.
  3. Helpers. Daughter enlisted her church folks to help move her things since she’s not moving too well these days. My back is also appreciative of these kind people. We have movers hired, but many hands make light work. Daughter had the job of pointing people where to go with things. I think she will have fun with that.
  4. Sharpies because when you move, you need to mark those boxes.
  5. Liquor stores. These are the best places to get boxes. I like these boxes because they are clean. They have not had produce with gnats in them. They have compartments which are great for breakables.
  6. Good shoes. When you are walking around and sorting and climbing and figuring things out, those feet want to be happy. Good shoes are your friends.
  7. Water. We stocked up on water the other day. Hydration is so important and with the heat, woooo weeeee better sip up a bit.
  8. Kind people. They sure make the world a better place.
  9. Life is busy but in a good kind of way.
  10. YOU – what are your thankfuls? I think after this weekend I will be thankful for a nap.
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