Ten Things of Thankful – January 22 2021

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Good Morning and Happy Friday and TTOT day! Well, it doesn’t have to be today, but to get the party started I already inserted the above blue bar in case you want to get a running start to join in! Let’s get to it!

  1. Notice the picture of the cabin in the woods? Well, that’s not mine. And as much as I love the pictures of the pretty snow, I am not seeing any and I am grateful, because I like to see the roads stay clear. However, if I were in that cabin, looking out at the snow, having ability to write, and having hot foods and drinks to sip, I would not be ungrateful. So, there’s that.
  2. I received approval for my injection so expect that to happen on Thursday. So, that is the injection for my knee and I am very grateful.
  3. Many of you know that I am putting together an anthology of poetry. I am happy to report that the edits are done, just waiting on a handful of people to confirm all looks okay. I am grateful that people have been quick to get back to me.
  4. I learned a much needed new skill and I am grateful for YouTube videos. I suppose I should give credit to the person who created the video, as well. Otherwise, I would be continuing to have much confusion.
  5. Coupons from the drug store for being a loyal customer helped pay for a good portion of my big purchase yesterday.
  6. Grocery pick up options when it’s just too hard to manage navigating the store. And friendly, helpful people who bring them to the car.
  7. Poetry Critique group from Living Poetry helps me to improve my work and I am so grateful for such a nice group of people.
  8. My helper/daughter when grocery shop. She insists on managing the trunk placement and helps carry and put things away. She used to bag groceries for her job as is very good at this skill.
  9. Neighbors who are quiet.
  10. YOU! So, tell us what’s up with you!
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Ten Things of Thankful – January 15 2021

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Happy Friday and TTOT time! Let’s get started!

Time to think about things I am thankful for and I have a lot!

  1. Health improvement – I have had some serious, as in #10, pain with my right knee. I finally broke down and went to the orthopedist and he gave me medication to help. I am feeling a difference already, just dealing with side effects, but this too will pass. I can now walk about the home without as much assistance. I am looking at surgery possibly in the spring. I am grateful for being able to choose the when.
  2. Hallmark – Call them sappy romances but sometimes I just need a little sappy. Yesterday, while healing with the medicine, I watched a Hallmark movie. It was actually controversial and that made it even better.
  3. Heart Beats anthology is coming along. I am editing the contributed poetry. It is a tough job (HAHA) I LOVE reading these!
  4. Help from others – I needed some guidance on a project and there were several people who helped via a Meetup this week. I came out of there with inspiration and a lot of links.
  5. Health Care Workers – Yesterday, I saw a notice that if a staff was exceptional to you, please let the office know. I would have to count each of the staff in order to do that. I will get a survey and tell them that.
  6. Helpful devices – having trekking poles comes in handy when you need to navigate and don’t have crutches or a walker. I actually prefer these over crutches. But, won’t turn down crutches if I need them.
  7. Home delivery – isn’t it lovely to be able to be at home and have groceries brought to you? And how about all the other orders that come to your home. It has come to the point where you can pretty much stay home and shop and I like that. And by still getting items from local places and keeping drivers employed, it’s a win:win I did a drive up the other day and loved it. Anybody who knows me knows I do not like to shop, so this is perfect.
  8. Habitat for Humanity – what a great place to accept the things we no longer need. Other than clothing, they take a lot of stuff and make good use of the things. And if I were to shop, I would go there. They get awesome books and picture frames.
  9. Happy Smiles when I go into the world. They make it better. And how do I see these smiles? Masks and all… It is in the eyes, the voices, the helping hands.
  10. How about you? What is your thankful this week? Let’s hear about it, okay? Harry the Hamster wants to hear!
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Ten Things of Thankful – January 8 2021

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It’s TTOT time and my theme, which is usually gratitude, is also peace. I selected this photo to one of my peaceful places which is at the ocean. Let us gather at the water and see where this goes.

  1. Water – a necessity of life and an important ingredient for baths.
  2. Winter – chance to get some peaceful sleep, in Heavenly peace, while reenergizing for Spring.
  3. Walking – a wonderful way to clear your head and find some inner peace.
  4. Wishing – without it where would we be? I don’t know about you but my wishes are often what moves me to do what needs to be done, and that brings me peace.
  5. Wandering – have you ever just wandered around with no particular plan? It is a great way to figure out what your happy is and happiness brings peace. Sometimes, I look around the internet in wonder about different things and stumble upon information of value. This is often and most helpful to find things to help me do better.
  6. Windows – sometimes I sit and just look out the window and it brings me peace. This is a frequent occurrence for me.
  7. Working – working on projects and seeing them come close to completion helps me find peace and I wrapped one up yesterday and already see the results.
  8. Winding down – do you set up your night for peaceful sleep? I have to start at about 7 and a usually in bed by 8ish and by then I have done all the things I need to do to get at least some sleep.
  9. Watercoloring – which is what I love to do to bring an inner peace and challenge me to try new things and this happened Thursday.
  10. Welcoming you to join in on TTOT. What’s your thankful? Wally wants to know!
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Ten Things of Thankful – January 1 2021

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Good Morning and Happy New Year for the first TTOT of 2021!

Let’s get the party started!

  1. Putting away Christmas, getting stuff ready for charity drop off, a cleaner house.
  2. Poetry Dive. It’s something I do periodically and it helps me a lot. It is for January.
  3. Creativity month, besides the poetry, this focuses on artsy stuff. There is something to do each day, but I am not going to be too hard on myself as I have other things I must do
  4. Projects a plenty with publishing a book or two, actually I believe it’s three. The next few months will be busy.
  5. It was a nice day to go for a walk after the rains of yesterday, but I am grateful for the rain. Went to the gym which we have been avoiding but thought we would assess the business of it for early morning and we were the only ones there.
  6. Fellow writers and artists will know what I am talking about when it comes to getting rid of things. I find notebooks with ideas and even cards and slips of paper. Who knows if it could be the next big idea? So, it’s a bit of a challenge to sort them out. But I did sort out some old business to be inserted in the round file (OUCH).
  7. Grateful I can cook Southern traditional New Years food for good luck and nutrition, for sure.
  8. Grateful there are people who need relief are going to get some help.
  9. Grateful for health and security.
  10. YOU! Whatcha got for us? Be sure and come to the table and raise a glass of cheer! That’s Sprite, doncha know WINK WINK
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Ten Things of Thankful – December 25 2020

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Merry Christmas and Happy TTOT!

I have a confession to make…It is December 24, but I am going ahead and writing up my TTOT because on December 25 I am going to be eating pancakes and drinking coffee and participating in present giving time! So let’s get to this event!!

  1. Grateful to be able to give presents.
  2. Grateful to be able to receive presents and that we got our CHOCOLATE LETTERS!! Remember how last week I was feeling a little sad and maybe self-pitying about not having chocolate letter? Well, it turned out that they came in the mail as a lovely gift from sweetie’s mama!
  3. God Children gifts of goodies, jammies, warm clothes and loves.
  4. God Children were able to close on their house this week.
  5. Prayers.
  6. Safe travels as we had two business road trips and they were lovely weather days and uneventful. And we got to enjoy some sights without peoples
  7. Grocery specials so we can enjoy affordable goodies.
  8. Daughter has had steady work and her co-workers got over their being sick.
  9. Rain vs snow.
  10. YOU!! Always glad when you come to the door and let us in! What are your thankfuls? Drop in and share. And Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, And whatever you celebrate or not
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