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Poet Talk with Walter Stephen Geeding

Author Talk with Tiffany Kouadio Prolific Pulse Poetry Podcast

It was such a delight to meet with Tiffany Kouadio to discuss her lovely children's book "Dear Little Brown Skin Girl"    ABOUT Little Brown Skin Girl "Our little girls have a vast, complex world ahead of them. They need to be reminded of their value every day. This book is a little reminder that our girls, no matter what color, are special and their future is bright. This is more than just a story, this is reality." Tiffany's Instagram  Website and purchase link  — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/lisa-tomey/message
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Simplicity Beckons

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Loyal followers, I am now ready to share the secret news I have mentioned in some prior posts. Aruna Gurumurthy, Author of several books of poetry has released, as of May 1, 2019, her latest book of poems: Simplicity Beckons.
As quoted from the Amazon page about this book:

“Simplicity Beckons is a book of poems. It expresses the author’s journey through life’s special moments, with a touch of creativity and blossoming of passion. The poems weave through tales of travel, the joys of infancy and the subtlety of human emotion as the reader walks through life and love, and jumps over unseen realms of imagination. Come, watch these small wonders and big emotions carry you away, as you bathe in a potpourri of divinity and delight.”

As one who has read this book of poetry, discussing the poems in this book with the author and enjoying the content, I found this to be a pleasant book of poetry that beckons us all to look at the day to day simple things in life and to celebrate these experiences.

I hope you will look at this book of poetry and find the joy that only you can feel as what you read resonates with your own lives.

Aruna Gurumurthy has now penned six books of poetry. I interviewed Aruna and here’s a little share of that:

Without further ado, I introduce you to Simplicity Beckons:

Congratulations Aruna! It’s beautiful!