Foster Children Need Love and Hope

On my neighborhood message board I saw an announcement about the Myra’s Angels Foundation. What I found to be most heart rendering is that this is an organization to help homeless and foster children. You can read about it HERE

As a former foster parent, who adopted, this organization touched my heart. Perhaps you would like to help these children for the holiday or afterward. Myra’s message is clear that there is a great need for “Community Heroes” who help with homeless and foster children in NC. Would you like to help by providing essentials such as toiletries, blankets, clothing, backpacks and other items. Check out about how you can support Myra’s Angels by going HERE Also, you can click on the Drop Down for Support.

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The slogan that sums it up is: “One bag full of love creates a child full of hope.”


Get A Gift Tag for Those Less Fortunate

I saw this and just had to share: “Help The Women’s Center provide Christmas gifts to women experiencing homelessness in The Triangle who are struggling to get back on their feet this holiday season. Through our gift program, you will have the opportunity to select one or more gift request tags, purchase the gift requested on the tag and return it to The Women’s Center in a holiday gift bag on or before Monday, December 10, 2017. The gifts are priced between $10 and $35. We will make sure the gifts are delivered in time for Christmas!

If you or your church, school or community group would like to select gift tags, please complete this form with the number of tags you would like to request.

Gift request tags will be available beginning on Wednesday, November 21, 2018?.

Tags can be emailed to you or picked up at The Women’s Center, 112 Cox Ave., Raleigh

Questions? Please email Viki Redding at viki.redding@wcwc.org.

Thank you for brightening the holidays for those in need this Christmas!”

To take part and to learn more, click on this link: GIFT TAGS

There may be people who cannot go out and buy presents to help others. With the 2018 Gift Tag program it is possible to purchase gifts and have them delivered to the Women’s Shelter of Wake County. They can send gifts to Women’s Center of Wake County, Attention: Viki Redding, 112 Cox Ave, Raleigh, NC 27605

Women’s Center of Wake County has been around for over 25 years, dedicated to serving women who are homeless. It is the only drop in shelter for homeless women in Wake County NC. They serve about 35-50 women daily. I became aware of the WCWC several years ago when I was working in RTP. As an outreach for two years, we collected presents for the children for Christmas. Even when we were told that they would not repeat the outreach, people brought me toys which I made sure were delivered. One year I had the pleasure of being asked to be Mrs. Claus. The bright lights that shone in the children’s eyes, full of glee, is something I will never forget. Learn more about Women’s Center of Wake County HERE

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One year, as part of our family outreach, my daughter and I made a crazy quilt for the shelter and they raffled it off. Then on Christmas morning we took homemade cinnamon rolls. When it comes to the holiday spirit, I believe that thinking outside of ourselves is one of the best ways to get that spirit pumping.

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Making Christmas Merry by Helping Others-Check out this fund raiser to help people affected by California fires

Fund raising is on the upside, during the holidays. It’s a good thing, when people can help other people with their most important needs. As one who is familiar with the call center end of fundraising, I can tell you that the phones are steady.

You can’t go to any form of media without noticing that there have been many fires in California. One organization providing outreach is Direct Relief. Based in Goleta, California, Direct Relief is distributing particulate masks for those with asthma and other medical conditions worsened by smoke and ash from the California wildfires. This is a great organization.

I learned about the group from Michael Venutolo-Mantovani, a Chapel Hill, North Carolina fellow who recorded with members of Alabama Shakes and John Paul White’s backing band, Christmas music cut at Portside Sound studio in Muscle Shoals. What does this music have to do with Direct Relief? From now until Christmas day, they will donate all proceeds from the digital single to Direct Relief. How awesome is that? Here’s the link:  The Happiest Man on Christmas Take a listen and if you feel so inclined, throw money in for this worthy cause.

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Cheers to Michael and his fellow musicians for making this happen!


Peace and Joy to You and Yours

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May this season of peace, joy, love and happiness be all that it is meant to be. There have been many ups and downs in the world. Many things are out of our control. As we reflect on the past and look to the future may we be mindful of the many ways we have been fortunate. Let’s take the spirit of the season into the new year. This is something we can do.

Blessings and Peace to You All



Angel Card Project


Thinking about the meaning of the spirit of Christmas, to me, it is not about presents, but about presence. Looking at what it means to those who don’t have families or friends close by, it saddens me. For several years, we have supported the Angel Card Project. It is a wonderful way to reach out to people who otherwise might not have a cheerful holiday season. Reaching out with a simple Christmas card and nothing else, has been shown to make the days of the recipients.

As part of this project I learned that the person who started it, Mark, began this over 20 years ago and has kept it going as a way to reach out. He has done marvelous thing to help thousands of others through the project. As part of being on the team to help others, it is only asked that a card be sent, nothing else. However, there may be some special needs you learn about, mentioned on the list of people. An example might be that somebody has had a job loss, a fire, hurricane, etc. And if-and only if-a person wants to do more, it is up to them. Some people send gift cards or other gifts.

Our daughter likes to make cards and last year and this year has made cards for the Angel Card Project. It warms my heart that she is so involved. She asks about it every year. In fact, this year she made it a group project.

For our family, we buy a book of stamps and shoot for that many cards. Sometimes we hear of special needs after the list has been sent and we may send out a few more.

It’s very simple to sign up to participate in this project. Here is the link to sign up or learn more. It is our sincere hope that you might consider being a part of this project.

Have a very blessed and peaceful holiday season.