Somewhere over the Rainbow. It’s a 6.

Denise went above and beyond and-YES-listen to the music, please.

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Staring out and through the lens of a clear window pane, what confirmation have we that what we see is a reflection of the present and not the past mocking us… 


I’d spent the entire day beginning 8:00 am searching the Greenwich Village area of the city, straight up 8th Ave to W 14th street; and wandering further, the immediate streets surrounding the Flatiron Building.

Pipe smoke gray sky served as blank pallet for seasonal storm clouds and had spread like a child’s finger painting, I didn’t like that they looked as if they’d come to stay; all the while questions riddled my brain silly – was I fooling myself.. was this an insane idea, a misguided attempt at self redemption.. who was I really trying to save?

The kid was a 30 year old adult who, in all probability, wouldn’t consider talking to me let alone accepting “life…

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Carl Scharwath

Take some time for these words…

I Write Her


For a moment,
Frozen in the window of my soul.
Immersed in a disquieting vision.
Knowing I will never see you again.


The moon quivers in the morning ecstasy
Red roses dance with reflective dewdrops
Heaven’s knowledge and eternity held
In the rapture or a wanderer’s anguish.


The passion shall escape
While the past,
Flickering hungry
Is bleached invisible.

You gaze at
The unfeigned light
Walking out determined
From your world.

Knowing how it feels
To be broken
And have a black hole
On your timeline.


Living between all boundaries
the light is always within grasp
winding through the face of another.
Entangled in the capsule of darkness
waiting to move forward in love
and paint a new beginning.


Carl Scharwath has appeared globally with 150+ journals selecting his poetry, short stories, interviews, essays, plays or art photography. His photography was featured on…

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Ten Things of Thankful – August 7 2020

Photo by James Wheeler on Pexels.com

Happy Friday and TTOT! Let’s get to it!

  1. Rain for the many, many vegetable gardens I see posted! Tomatoes seem to be especially making an appearance this year!
Photo by Julia on Pexels.com

2. Today is my birthday so I am grateful for 66 years of life and look forward to 66 more! Hey, a girl can dream! Here I am as about a one year old.

Lisa Tomey Wiesbaden Germany

3. Friendships from writing experiences. People who became friends for life. We lost a good one and I celebrate Fred Tarr. I found out when posting a message to him about his book, my book of choice yesterday for The Sealey Challenge of reading a poetry book a day. I will be writing up something more about my dear friend, later.

Fred Tarr 2016

4. Daughter got creative and made envelopes. She makes lovely cards. She has made so many that we have a surplus. I saw on Facebook where a friend made envelopes, so I suggested to daughter that she make some, too. She jumped right on it. She made the pattern from an envelope she took apart. Here is one of her envelopes. See how the inside pops! She used two sided paper.

Jodi’s Envelope 2020

5. I read 25 books in July. Oh yes, I did! And I am reading 31 books in August. The August books are poetry books. The July books were mainly non-fiction. I will probably post about my poetry book reading after all is done.

6. My godchildren have accepted an offer on their house. YAY!!!!

7. My good friend and sister from another mister was able to get moved into her new place this week. I am so happy for her as it has been a long time coming. Perseverance and all!

8. Sometimes I just want to pinch myself for all the wonderful blessings! I am going to be one of the editors for a publication, starting in September. It is an honor to be asked.

9. I have had another poem accepted for publication. With all the increased writing, I am surprised. There are so many people sending out their poetry.

10. Here’s the part where I have to ask…are you wanting to share your thankfuls? Well, we sure would love to hear your words. Supposing you would like to share, you can go to the blue link and presto-chango! You are going to a page where you can pop your link and share with us! Hope to see you there!

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

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Not Just Another Karen!

We could all use a good laugh and Karen delivers! Thanks to Midlife Margaritas for a great interview and introducing us to Karen.

Midlife Margaritas

Karen Mills

If we are going to name more essential employees, I think we need to add comedians to the list. We need humor now more than ever. Did you know that lots of comedians are out of work? They can’t do clubs right now and if you watched the late night talk shows with no audiences, you know that’s not funny either.

So I am trying to get the word out about the best comedians out there. This week I have the funniest phone conversation with popular comedian Karen Mills. She’s not just another Karen either.

We had an 11 am phone interview set up and a little after 11 she called and said she was sorry for being a little late but she swore she thought I was calling her then realized she was supposed to call me. We laughed because you know that is reality now days!…

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