10 Things of Thankful-January 29 2023

Happy TTOT time! Yup. That’s me as a zoombie. This is what happens when the zoom freezes.

Let’s zoom to the top ten list:

  1. It’s still early tax season when we have a whole weekend.
  2. Pleasant weather.
  3. Books and the Poetry Book Club.
  4. Nutritional guidance.
  5. Smoked salmon.
  6. Book Launch joy!
  7. A1C results rock!
  8. Blood Pressure results rock!
  9. Chair yoga.
  10. You

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Poet Talk with Rebecca N. Herz

I met with Rebecca Herz to talk about her debut poetry book “Homecoming and other poems.” Take a look ‘n listen.

Wasn’t that fun! AND to add to the joy, here is the Book Launch video:

Would you like to get a copy of Rebecca’s book or even an autographed copy you can go to:

You can find all her links by going to this link: Amazon: or go to the Prolific Pulse Rebecca N Herz Page for more options.

Wants an autographed copy of Homecoming? Send an email to and Rebecca will be glad to send you a copy.


Author Organization: Writing Down Your Ideas

Great ideas!

The Writers Circle

Author Organization: Writing Down Your Ideas

Writing down ideas, what is that? I know most of us rely on electronics to keep up with our ideas, schedules, contacts, basically our lives.

Call me old fashioned, but there is something about writing down ideas that helps me stay organized. I always have a little notebook that I carry with me so that I can write down any ideas I have while I am out and about, pertaining to the book I am writing or project I am working on.
You never know when an idea will come to you. If you don’t have a notebook handy, by all means, make a note on your phone. But be sure to transfer the info to your notebook later. Having all of your book information together in one place will benefit you in the long run. You can refer back to it or add on to it as needed.


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Book Launch! Homecoming by Rebecca N. Herz

We are happy to announce that we will have a Book Launch for Rebecca N. Herz and her debut poetry chapbook “Homecoming and other poems.” The event will be held on Sunday, January 22 at 2 p.m. EST and will include guests Zaneta Varnado Johns and Jill Sharon Kimmelman, both published poets with international recognition.

You can find links to Rebecca’s book by going to this link: Rebecca N. Herz-Homecoming

We are having a .99 ebook special on (accesssible by abovementioned link). This runs until Saturday, January 21.

You can register for the Book Launch on Event Brite:

Rebecca N. Herz was recently featured on The World Inkers Network.


Ten Things of Thankful-January 6 2023

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Have you ever played Scrabble? It is one of my favorite games! My sister and I love to play it and then when Words With Friends came out, we played that often. I miss her and the many discussions we had. As well as the sister movies. But it is time to move to TTOT, but it is AOK if I start with how I am thankful to have has a big sister and I know she isn’t far away, she is in my heart.

I am thankful for my sweetheart and we are celebrating his birthday! He asked me to cook him a prime rib and I am glad to do so.

Get this! I already completed my tax accounting and gave it to my sweetheart. I may have broken a new record!

Daughter created a cool holster/sling for her water bottle. She did it completely out of her imagination and we were WOWED at the end result.

Since I had some time over the holidays, I focused on some reading outside of my usual readings. Also, I am working on an art project. This is always a great way to get to my other happy place. When I get an idea, my brain keeps conjuring up ways to make it happen. It is great to have a shot of enthusiasm and time for what makes me happy.

Daughter has been furnishing me with supplies to help me with my project. And a friend is helping with feedback. It is all coming together.

It has turned into some lovely, warmer weather and the repairs of the sprinkler system has been completed. Just have drywall folks to wrap it up. I suppose that will be next week. Given the demand, I am grateful it was resolved.

I hope you all have many thankfuls this week. Feel free to join us each week as we share how ever many thankfuls we want to share. Ten is just a number, not a demand. Here is the link to join us:

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