Ten Things of Thankful – October 15 2021

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It is TTOT time and time for the Top Ten Thankfuls, so let’s do this!

  1. Pumpkin Everything Continues
  2. Figuring out answers to the questions which keep us up at night.
  3. Quilt Show! Daughter is going to a quilt show all because her dear friend is taking her and providing a wheelchair so she can enjoy it without discomfort.
  4. Daughter is becoming more active and making cards. She had the ladies at the clubhouse this week. They do this once a month so she can participate in the card making group.
  5. Projects getting done one by one and helpful tools to make things even better.
  6. Tax Season is over!
  7. Pizza. I have a new found appreciation since it is impossible to order from a favorite pizza place where they make vegan pizzas which are amazing. I will have to make my own, but I believe I am spoiled.
  8. Grateful to find so many healthy choices in this effort and that it is helping with health concerns.
  9. Podcasts for when I need help going to sleep. They tend to lull me to sleep more than music. It is the voice tone which lulls me. There is even a podcast specifically for sleep. It is also fun.
  10. YOU! Let’s spook up some fun!
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six sentence story

Video King

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He loved his video tapes, keeping them, cherishing every single video. There were sports videos, taped from favorite events, movies he favored, and even videos of personal recordings. When he moved with his family, he tossed out clothes, good ones too, even a wedding dress, to make room for his videos. His wife teared up when she found out that her mother’s red sweater was tossed aside to make room for videos. Now, he no longer has videos nor a video player. It has all turned to digital and so did his wife.


This is my contribution of sorts to the Six Sentence Story of this week with the prompt word VIDEO

Thank you to Denise of Girlie on the Edge for keeping us well supplied with thoughtful prompts.


Ten Things of Thankful October 8 2022

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it’s TTOT time! Let’s go!

  1. Acorn squash tonight.
  2. Compiling poems.
  3. Creating inktober fun pics

4. Lovely weather

5. Tax season is close to over

6. Emerge n C for impending yuckies

7. Elder years

8. Life

9. Opportunities to share with others

10. You

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six sentence story

Peace Fountain

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Committees were formed to make ways to peace. Division still happened when many found peace to be complicated. Not that they fought but mainly went their own way.

The hotter than hellacious days drew every bit of energy. The city fountain was the only respite. As people stood side by side, drinking and feeling the coolness, filling jugs for the elders and infirm, this fountain became Peace Fountain.


that’s my six sentence story. How about sharing yours?


Ten Things of Thankful – October 1 2021

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Is it really October? WOW! This year is flying by. I hope it brings happy bats and boos of the friendly kind. So, what to be thankful for? Well, I may have a thing or two. See if you can conjure up some of your own and share.

  1. Thankful for Dyanne for providing us the codes and keeping us going, showing us off so others can be mindful of an attitude of gratitude.
  2. Speaking of an attitude of gratitude. There has been talk in the interwebs about toxic positivity. I just want to say the this TTOT deal is not about that. I can only speak for myself, but the difference is that with toxic positivity people are led to believe that they must always be positive or happy or something must be wrong with them. I am here to tell you that if that is the case, this is not me. I believe is expressing emotions in a healthy as possible way, all emotions so they don’t tear us apart. I have the wounds from the belief that I must always put on that smile and I do not support such beliefs. It is a shame based way of thinking. That’s my two cents worth and I am grateful I no longer live with that kind of mindset. Here is a link to explain Toxic Positivity.
  3. I am grateful that my Garden of Neuro Sisters and I have completed submissions to the upcoming anthology of poetry and art. I will sure be linking it when it is published.
  4. Daughter is now in aqua therapy and session one went well. We speak with the orthodpedist today.
  5. Tax season has 14 more days.
  6. It is so nice outside. This is my kind of season.
  7. Now that I have been doing some dietary elimination to try to detect the cause of some medical issues, I am finding that something I like is not agreeing with me. Maybe it is time to make another decision. And it is not coffee which actually benefits me. The thankful is that I can make choices to feel better. And sometimes those choices are to feel just okay so I can have something I like.
  8. Pumpkin everything.
  9. Tiny house on free tv. It makes my glooms lift. No. I won’t live in one. Yes. I would stay in one for a vacation, but I will not climb into a loft. I need my bed on the ground floor. And toilets that flush into the sewer.
  10. YOU – here their Pumpkin! What’s your thankful?
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