Ten Things of Thankful-August 5 2022

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Happy Friday and first post for August! Let’s see how this week went:

  1. I worked on a phase of a project and completed it with approval. 2. Everybody in this household is back on the path to health. 3. I spent a co-celebration with my other daughter who calls my “Mumpley.” We discovered a little coffee shop in Apex and it was yummy. We had not seen each other since before my wedding and had a lot of catching up to do. 4. Grocery bargains YAY! 5. Grocery helpers YAY! 6. Nice people YAY! 7. I asked for help from someone I admire and they were so gracious to provide it. 8. People who I can count on, the ones who stay the path, are wonderful and I so much appreciate them. 9. Time when you need to have simply time. 10. You! What are you grateful for this week? Please share here or write up a post. You don’t have to come up with TEN!
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Dear Heart – Poetry & Other Writing Workshop

How would you like a workshop where you write a letter or poem to your heart? What is your Heart’s Desire? These are the topics for the “Dear Heart” workshop to be held on Tuesday, August 16 at noon EST.

Workshop attendance is not a requirement for the Call for Submissions for Dear Heart. This is a free-standing workshop designed to encourge creativity. You can learn more by going to the Event Brite link. There is a $1 minimum fee for this “Pay What You Can” style workshop.

To learn more about the Call for Submissions click on this LinkTree and select the first link.

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She used a soft white cotton cloth, laced with tiny blues, placed it in the book of love created for her infant Jude.

While he ran and played with friends, she kept her book on knees care bent, marked her place with a little spare sock whenever he had needs.

It seems her bookmark had variety depending on her task, a leaf when walking in the autumn, a violet which he presented at her ask.

When he grew up and left her home, to college he would go, she gave him a leather bookmark for love and luck, to keep his place.

Jude came home for winter break and lounged on the settee, when called for dinner he grabbed a pen and bookmarked at his place.

He learned just like his mom to use what was handy to keep his place, the leather bookmark gathered dust, it was not of his breeding.


This is my six line poem for the Six Sentence Story challenge word “Bookmark.” You can see more at Girlie on the Edge.



Ten Things of Thankful – July 29 2022

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Happy Friday and TTOT day! Yes, I am back again. I posted earler this week, but I took it down for reasons…don’t ask, please. This one sticks! The above photo is not mine but it kinda reflects my current state, a contrast between warm and mellow. And on the way to something taller.

  1. Happy One Month Wedding Anniversary to my beloved. I am grateful you are in my life.
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2. I am gradually feeling better. Yesterday was my big test for running errands much of the day and looking at a condo (no, did not buy). I got through it and was ready for bed early. Grateful I got through the day.

3. I got through and maybe still going through TBH this difficult matter with a person who does not see eye to eye…I consider it a gratitude that I am starting this new day with a fresh perspective.

4. Celebration of the book launch for Elizabeth last weekend and looking for to this weekend’s event with Sarfraz.

5. Having time off for healing gave me plenty of time to read and I am always grateful to read.

6. The Sealey Challenge is coming up in August. I have a whole stack of books to read and re-read. I am grateful.

7. Daughter is rocking her cane and has blinged it up on a regular basis.

8. The “Dear Heart” Call for Submissions is picking up speed.

9. I have a special treat lined up for #8.

10. YOU

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