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Lost Weekend

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Lost Weekend

Elizabeth drove away to where nobody knew her.

She did not share her destination, nor photos upon her return.

Once her feet warmed to the sand and cooled by the surf, she was home.

She sat on the beach and pondered until the sea breeze pondered her.

Swept away, her thoughts were no longer needed.

Three days later, she woke in her beachfront room and sighed, renewed.

This is my response to the weekly Six Sentence Story:


Ten Things of Thankful November 27 2021

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Happy Thankful time! Whew! Where does time go? Speaking time-well you saw it <<<–

See that blue bar? That’s where you can post your thankfuls or you can leave in comments!

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Here we go!

  1. I am looking out and seeing sunshine. This means plants will get they need, people will be warmer, critters will also be more cozy, batteries of life will perhaps be charged.
  2. I am grateful to be looking outside, but not living outside.
  3. Daughter is doing leaps and bounds better. She is not actually leaping and bounding, but she is managing much better.
  4. Home improvement shows to get the mind off the news.
  5. We have been watching movies early evening, kinda like Hallmark and on Netflix, I like movies that have a real meaning and am finding some nice ones.
  6. I won’t go through the food menu for this week’s events, but I will say I am grateful for mashed red potatoes, lumps, peels and all. YUM
  7. I am grateful for the power of prayer for many unspoken reasons.
  8. The truth will eventually prevail.
  9. Finding inspiration in spontaneous life matters.
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Ten Things of Thankful – November 19 2021

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It’s TTOT time so let’s make a splash!

  1. Autumness in the air, pumpkin spice on my sweet potatoes, deals for the big event.
  2. Daughter able to get more help for pain with an injection.
  3. Completed projects and more projects to complete.
  4. Signs of a good future when work is considered a good thing, and it is.
  5. The light times post the busy times of tax season.
  6. A place to place my head every night.
  7. I can look up and see the beautiful colors of the season.
  8. Home improvement shows and comedies to keep the mind from super focusing on ughs.
  9. Documentaries for when I want to learn more and be inspired.
  10. YOU – What’s your thankful?
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six sentence story

Blanket Statement

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Blanket Statement

She curled up against his warmth, reaching her zen

Blanketed in her faux fur wrap, pleasures of Saturday morning

Coffee at reach, book in hand, it was a perfect day to just be

He brushed against her long, golden tresses, nuzzling for attention

Then, she heard it, the full out demand for her focus

She pattered across the cool floor to the fridge, then poured him a bowl of cream

This is my Six Sentence Story/Poem for this week. Thanks to Girlie on the Edge for the prompt word “Blanket” and for keeping the ideas coming.


The Short of It Pushcart Prize Nominations

I am over the moon! It is such an honor to be nominated for the Pushcart Prize. Thank you to Susi Bocks AND Congratulations for all those who made the list.

I Write Her

carte blanche - Pushcart Prize News! - carte blanche

Since the beginning, my goal has been to promote the work of poets and writers with a gift for expression in a minute fashion. I’m thankful that this reputable organization exists to help further that effort.

I am very happy to announce the following poets’ pieces were submitted to the Pushcart Prize Committee. Those selected were nominated for their contributions to the Sound of Brilliance Anthology—a collection of the best featured on the online publication. It was so hard to trim it down to only six pieces as the contributions were already the best of the best!

So, please give a round of applause and wish them the best!

Scars by Goff James

Silence by Lisa Tomey

Sailing by Freya Pickard

Thunderstorm Conversations by Ali Grimshaw

Fulfillment by Marisela Brazfield

A Monarch Task by Anita Neal

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