Color My World – National Poetry Month April 10 2020

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Greetings Poetic Warriors! It’s Friday and Day 10 of National Poetry Month. That makes 10 days of writing poetry and 1/3 of the way to the end. I’ve been having fun, but also challenged with the prompts. This picture up there is one from maybe last year or before.

For today’s prompt let’s write a colorful poem. It could be a poem about a certain color, color in general, a favorite color, what color means to you, etc. The blue sky is the limit, even if you paint it green! As we are getting close to weekend, let’s hop to it!

There are several other prompt sources and here are two: Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides and NaPoWriMo.

Looking forward to seeing your poetry in comments!



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Retirement is an interesting term often used for people when they are older

Enlisting in new adventures can be fun and educational as well as uncomfortable

Taking each day as it comes helps when you have the luxury of such a treat

Instead many retirees are facing less than plentiful resources and need stimuli

Restlessness may come about when someone has less to live on than a dollar

Enrolling in programs is challenging and it matters to have help to console

Despite attempts to act as if all is well it is important to find means to the end


This is a double acrostic, meaning the beginning and ended of each line is of the same letter. The read down view on either end is “retired” also the name of the poem, not that it has to be for any “rules.”

This is in response to the poetry prompt for this day #9 of National Poetry Month. You can see the prompt HERE



I’m Tired-So Very Tired – National Poetry Month April 9 2020

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Today’s Poetry Prompt is: Let’s write a tired poem, it could be about how tired you are, observations of tiredness, hopes of being retired, re-tiring the car, or any other tired or wordage therein.

You can always check out Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides or NaPoWriMo, maybe even combine them with mine. Mix it up, ya know 😉

Please do share if you use the prompt!

Happy Writing!


Busy Poem – National Poetry Month April 8 2020

As so many of us are staying home these days, let’s try a busy poem. This could be about all the things to keep a person busy or maybe unbusy. It could be about doing a lot or nothing at all or somewhere in between. As always, it’s your poem and you can create whatever this means to you. Let’s get busy! Please do post in comments. I want to read your words.


If you would like to check out what some others are doing for National Poetry Month you could check out Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides prompt or you might want to check out NaPoWriMo where each day is interesting, as well. Lots to keep busy with.


The Spirit of Music Plays On

Piano Image by MartyNZ on Pixabay

The Spirit of Music Plays On

As I look at the tan shaded keys of the piano

Crackled dingey and peeling

Melodies are now memories

Of the time when elegance was about tea and piano time

When we all dressed proper and sang deep from the soul

Just as when we faced the hurricanes

We gathered at the farm

Secured the property

Gathered by the waiting piano

Until the master touched the keys

And all worries of wind and rain

Were belted out to calm the storms

And we survived

Our dear piano survived

Always leaving us with peace

Each day was another day of hope

Ballads and nursery tunes alike

Grew the spirit

Another moment to survive

Another moment to love

And as we faced the pandemic

The old soul piano was still there with us

Some have passed on

But the music remained

It comforted us as we once again gathered

And realized that all the riches of the world

Could not do more than the riches of knowing

We had each other

We still had music

We still had soul

Looking at the old piano

Abandoned by time and loss

I leave a yellow rose of joy

For time has leant more than anything else

And I am grateful for the song

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