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Ten Things of Thankful – October 23 2020

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Happy Friday and TTOT day! No, I did not move to the desert, but I ran into the photo when I was working on a project and just love the colors. So, what’s happening on this week? A lot, I would say, so let’s get the party started!

  1. You know I am going to tell you how excited I am about tomorrow’s event and I am thankful that we are getting there without too many hiccups. And you know I have to share about it! So, here it is. Ya know…it’s virtual, right? hint hint What it is to be a Woman

2. Another poetry book has been edited and produced for LaVan Robinson. I posted about it HERE

3. The Prolific Pulse Poetry Podcast is going well. I am learning as I go and the important thing is to be open to new things and positive changes. I am grateful to be learning. It’s good to challenge the brain.

4. Daughter has received fabric and patterns and is making scarves and bunnies for folks who are in need. I am so proud and grateful. She is also making masks for folks.

5. Remote controls. What did we do before them? Oh yeah, get up or leave it on the same channel. Daughter’s remote took a dive and I think it has resulted in an appreciation for such devices.

6. Animal photos. I love to look at cute animal photos. In these days of news blasts and political mumbo jumbo, it’s nice to watch kittens and puppies and other critters having fun.

7. Bravery of a sweet soul with coming forth about abuse. I am grateful that they found the courage and they know they have the support.

8. The ability to pray and send positives to those in need. There has been an upswing in these requests and I am grateful that I am asked to do this. It means somebody believes I do what I am asked and I do.

9. A sense of humor. We all need a good laugh and I get tickled a lot by my friend, Missy and her blog Midlife Margaritas. She interviewed this comedian and I think it is worth sharing. Be sure to view the video. Another Hilarious Woman in Comedy: Meet Tara Brown

10. YOU! So, are you coming to the table this week, because we always have something good to serve up! Let’s see what you have in your covered dish.

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Ten Things of Thankful – October 16 2020

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Welcome to another fantastic week and TTOT! Let’s get to it!

  1. Daughter’s sweet and cheerful personality helped her gain a new responsibility. Way to go!
  2. Energy of the season which always revives me. This is my time of year.
  3. Ability to learn new skills and help others with these skills.
  4. Tax Season has ended.
  5. Excitement about the upcoming poetry event. Wouldn’t you love to attend?

6. Daughter has received an abundance of fabric and is now making little bunnies for those in need of comfort.

7. Freedom to choose who I vote for and that I can vote. I already voted and confirmed receipt of my vote by the BOE

8. The courage of a person to come forward about an injustice. It took a lot to do so and I am proud of this person.

9. My freelancers who support one another. The emails we send to the group and the Facebook page are great ways to help each other become aware of opportunities, problem solve and more. We are not alone and I like that. TAF is awesome!

10. YOU! What do you wish to share about your thankfuls? Here’s an opportunity. It’s like sitting at the table and sharing pie, cocoa or coffee.

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Ten Things of Thankful – October 9 2020

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Happy Friday and TTOT day! I could not resist posting those sweet treats! If they were in front of me I would nom nom nom…

Things I am Thankful for from this week:

  1. Our dear family member was moved successfully to another residence.
  2. Daughter is working hard on her masks and we are all benefitting as well as sending some to grandma and uncle.
  3. Mailing labels. We get them because of donations, but I made some for our dear family member who moved.
  4. A close friend had a successful procedure.
  5. Writing sprints are helping me stay on task. Shut Up and Write has bunches.
  6. Completion of publishing a paperback and e-book for a client.
  7. Podcast is going well and more interviews scheduled.
  8. Getting to read the beautiful words of so many talented people.
  9. The right to choose what I want to watch in this world and what I can choose to tune out.
  10. YOU! What say you? What is just one thing you are thankful for? Want to join? Just go to the link and jump in!
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Ten Things of Thankful – October 2 2020

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Welcome October!!! And to TTOT! What’s new with you? I will tell what goodness has climbed up my doorstep in 3…2…1!

  1. This was published TODAY!! Curry Inspired Pumpkin Muffins I have such fun with Love of Food magazine and this is my first recipe to post!
  2. AND This was posted in the same magazine Pumpkin Spice Sure is Nice
  3. A dear relative is moving to a place that is going to be more appropriate for their needs. I am grateful for resources to make this happen and for people who pitch in and invest their time and energies.
  4. Daughter is back on the work schedule after a break.
  5. A nameless friend is getting much needed medical help and I am over the moon with joy!
  6. Another relative from another mother is healing well from a serious injury.
  7. My niece WON and got a lovely 1-year old husky named “K.C” for Kansas City as in sports teams.
  8. It’s Inktober and I am happy to get out my drawing pens and play. I’ll likely do a post periodically.
  9. Podcast is going well. I posted about it yesterday. I am not perfect, by any means, but it is fun to do these interviews and get to know other poets.
  10. YOU! It’s time to hear about what’s going on in your lives. So, let’s have it! What October happies are you stirring up in the pot of goodness and hope?
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Ten Things of Thankful – September 25 2020

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Good Friday Morning! It’s time for TTOT!! Let’s do this!

  1. It is raining. I am happy for it. Fall is here. I am happy for that. Yay Rain, Yay Fall! I read, while editing that in the UK “Fall” is called “Autumn” and in the U.S. it is called “Fall.” Who knew? I will still be variable in what call it, depending on what I am writing. With haiku, I can see how it would be beneficial to use either, depending on syllables. Let’s see… Autumn rains falling – Fall has arrived shaking leaves – Soon to mulch gardens
  2. Oil change and state inspection went well, no issues. Yay for that! I was not worried, but you just never know when Silvia the Silver Civic might feel needy.
  3. Playing pool – in our newly renovated clubhouse they added a pool table. Since there are no people around, we played pool. We do enjoy playing pool and it’s nice it was available in a socially distanced environment. We go to the clubhouse on the weekend and get a beverage, watch HGTV and now play pool. The fact that we can do this without people around is a plus. Otherwise, we would not do this.
  4. The poem I wrote last week for TTOT, I worked on it and submitted it, and it was accepted for publication. Here is the published piece: Seasons of Renewal
  5. Tomorrow is the Poet’s Connection Poetry Reading and I am grateful to have a platform where I can present for a free trial.
  6. I read, this morning, about the property manager’s daughter’s memorial which is tomorrow. They have a Facebook page. It is a way to do acts of kindness in the memory of this young lady. You might want to check it out. Here is the link: Love From Paisley 2020
  7. I may have mentioned this before, but I am still thankful for Shut Up and Write which I participate in all over the country, including meeting people from other countries. Each group is a little different. We did have a local group but I don’t see them on there anymore. Maybe they decided to take a break. Here is the link for Shut Up & Write
  8. Steps are increasing. Each week we do step challenges and each week we exceed the prior week. This week is finishing out strong.
  9. Sunday is a non-committed day. We try to keep one day open where we can rest. It’s been working well for us. That is likely the day when special breakfast shows up or not, depending on the cook’s energy.
  10. And I a thankful for YOU! Would you like to join us for TTOT? Just click on the link and add your post. If you aren’t ready for this, just reply with what you are thankful for. And have a beautiful week.

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