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Road Trip

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Road Trip

Acrostic Poetry

Refresh apps
Organize vehicle
Arrange refreshments
Download map
Top off fluids
Refresh home apps
Inventory that all is ready
Pray and have fun


With this being a long weekend for many, this is my acrostic in response to the Daily Prompt for the Poetry Circle of the Garden of Neuro.

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Never Alone in This Journey

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Rolling along the highway with Journey’s “Faithfully” cranked up, Shandy reminisced about her life with her beloved husband, now gone to the other side and Shandy on her way to a new life.

“Wheels go round and round, you’re on my mind…” The player kept her company and her memories rolled with each bit of rubber pressing the pavement.

Pulled over to a truck stop, Shandy pumped her tank full of gas, then went inside to get a hot meal and find out the best motel around, for her budget.

With the drawl of a true southerner, Belle, the waitress, looked Shandy over with a glance, and responded to Shandy’s inquiry about a motel, “honey you best mosey on down ‘bout an hour from here, there’s a nice town and you can safely stay there at the Motel Merrion and tell Merry that Belle said hello.”

“Thanks Belle, I’m grateful for people like you, looking out for my safety, and, well, I sure appreciate your concern, it’s a journey I need to take and it’s nice to know I am safe to go it alone, with people like you who care.”

This is my response to the Six Sentence Story and the Prompt Word “Journey.” Go Check it Out!


I Am Jealous of Leo

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I Am Jealous of Leo

Brothers, sisters, this is true
I have a story to tell to you

Years ago I learned of love
from a soul who has moved to places above

Leo Buscaglia is his name, a man of fame
He’s known for the Love books and lectures he gave

It was quite the movement so many years past
Love is truly something that lasts

Aside from his story of letting go and loving
There’s another one written that I find so moving

The name of the book is The Way of The Bull
There’s nothing quite as moving as the places he’d go

You see, Leo traveled to Asia, but not by tradition
No fancy hotels or sites of illusion

Leo traveled the way of the bull
In the spirit of Zen on these trips he would go

To gain such insight of the way of mankind
And finding the nature of man to unwind

The wealth of the story, although it’s not long
Is taking the chance to release your big strong

Allowing the moments of life to unfold
For truly the best things of life are not gold

It’s walking barefoot because they’ve no shoes
It’s sharing your undies when they gave you foods

It’s longing for loving and not for the junk
It’s giving your all with cheer and with spunk

So, yes I am jealous of Leo, it’s true
For to travel abroad such a way I’d pursue

Maybe one day, when I am old and gray
Nary much time left, I best find the way

Then again, when I look at my land of milk and honey
I needn’t travel far to see what is of plenty

So, jealous I am, but unable I’m not
It’s finding the joy in what is in my lot

So, there you have it! This is Day 7 of National Poetry Month and today’s prompt from Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetry Asides:
For today’s prompt, write a jealous poem. Maybe you’re jealous. Or maybe someone else is jealous of you–or someone else. Whether envious of another or suspicious of a partner, dive deep into this emotion today.