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10 Things of Thankful – June 28

It’s time again to reflect on the past week and the many things for which gratitude can be expressed. Would you like to join us? You can go to this link: TTOT and join in! We would love to have you!

Photo taken at New Bern NC where I enjoyed more interesting patterns.

1. 2. Poundage is still becoming lessage 🙂 The pool helps.

3. Tea for health. When shopping with my errand buddy last week, she introduced me to a Numi brand Chai without caffeine. In the evening, I have a cup of tea to help me relax and this new one hits the spot! And there was a nice turmeric tea with some other spices, which helps the joints, so I added that. Yum to the tum.

4. Sleep. I have had a better week of sleep. Maybe the tea helped. I couldn’t get to the pool as much, but I got there some.

5. Throat Lozenges – I often have a dry throat and many things I cannot tolerate, but I found that these Ricola Lemon Mint Sugar Free lozenges help. I don’t know why my throat gets this way, but I’m just grateful there’s some relief.

6. 6SS – Yep – I am still going strong with the Six Sentence Story. This week’s story is about simplifying life. Maybe you would like to read it. I am happy for a simpler life. Here’s the LINK

7. Poetry – I am excited about this coming Sunday’s event which I have been promoting. As one of the editors of this phenomenal poet Aruna Gurumurthy’s last book as well as the current book she is working on, I am fortunate to gain so much from this experience. Here’s her most recent book:

8. Pathways – So much in life involves decisions about which path to take and sometimes revisiting old paths for a different perspective, maybe with more mature eyes. I am grateful for the many pathways I have traveled and for the ones I have yet to explore.

photo of a pathway in a forest
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9. My dear friend who has had a pickle of a time with illness and for the glimpses of goodness she experienced this week. I pray more than glimpses come to her this week.

10. This came yesterday. I actually stalk my mailbox for this magazine. Yes…I love it that much!

So, there you have it! My 10 and I bet you have 10 too! Disclaimer: While I may edit many works I do not edit my TTOT posts, so have mercy on me.


Ten Things of Thankful – May 24


A picture I took at New Bern NC Tryon Palace grounds.

Good Morning and Happy Ten Things of Thankful Day!!

american flag close up design flag
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As we go into Memorial Day Weekend I am thinking of those who did not return from wars. As I am not certain of my complete family history, I don’t know who did not return. I wish I had done better about keeping track of things. Mom would know, but she’s on the other side. One thing I do know is that when you have people away fighting wars, as I do remember that part of it in my family, it is scary. My Grandmother Hall had a rough time of it when her boys were fighting WW II. They all came back, but every time Grandma would hear something about the war she would be so afraid that one of her sons was affected. I don’t remember hearing what it was like for Grandma Tomey, but I know she had all of her sons in the war. Both would have been a Blue Star Mother which was started during WW II. I remember a letter stating this for Grandma Tomey.

Several years ago, we attended the wedding of a sweet couple. He was in the military and going back for another deployment. After the wedding they took off on a honeymoon, cherishing the time they had together before he had to return to duty. Sadly, he did not return. He died a hero, putting himself in the protection of his troops. I only met him at the wedding, but I know his wife, who was my co-worker, and I remember their devotion to each other. His loss cut to my heart for the pain she endured and I am sure there are still those pains, for her. Love has no end when we lose those we love, it lives on with memories and with the impact we make in our lives. Such a person that she is, that love does live on.

So, it’s only natural that my #1 Gratitude is for those who have sacrificed for our freedom and those left behind who have supported them all the way.

2. Last year I posted a story about suicide and I just this week was asked to contribute to Noteworthy Journal, a part of Medium. Here is the POST I am grateful if this can reach more people, the whole purpose of accepting this honor, as this is a most important topic, close to my heart.

3. Six Sentence Stories – I am still keeping up with this weekly effort. Here is a LINK to a recent one. These have helped me to be more concise wit my writing.

adult african american black women blond hair
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4. Research Triangle Writers Coffeehouse – This is a monthly group of a variety of writers who come together for a common cause which is to accomplish writing tasks. We share, problem solve, offer encouragement, genuinely supporting each other in our efforts. We meet at the Quail Ridge Bookstore in Raleigh NC the second Sunday of each month. Here’s the Facebook page if you are interested.

The one I am listening to.

5. Luther Vandross – Because I can only be grateful for such a sweet soul, gone too soon. Listening to him now.


6. Our cousin Cheryl is visiting (in Charlotte) and helping her bestie sort stuff and sell such stuff as her friend is moving to Florida. I am excited to get to visit with them. She comes to NC maybe once a year, sometimes more, but this is the last trip to NC. She lives in Iowa. It makes me sad to know she won’t be back this way, but it’s important to think of the time we do get to see each other. This picture is from last year.

7. The pool is soon opening! As I sit here, I have learned that the pool inspector is coming today and we will get to swim this weekend! I cannot wait! We love to swim! Can you tell?

animal cat face close up feline
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8. Sleep – The insomnia bug is back to crawl in my brain Shoo shoo! I am grateful for when I can get sleep and for tools to help me get what sleep I can.

vegetable salad on white ceramic plate
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9. Food – Yes, basic needs must be met and my clean eating efforts are paying off as I see the scale keep dropping.

10. Secret Projects – I am on another secret mission and will be able to reveal once I have cleared it with the powers that be.

So, there you have it! Those are my 10! How about you? Why not join in by going to this link: TTOT


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Goalie – Six Sentence Story

sport game competition net
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 Goalie – It’s an Acrostic Six

Getting into position, staying at their post for 60 long minutes, spanning over time.
Only one place to hold, that place requires several movements unbelievable to the       common person.
All of at least seven points of view, this important player must maintain a stance.
Leaning forward, backwards, sideways, sometimes upside down, acrobatic skills are a   must.
Ice turning into slush, grating under the blades, taunting the slide into chunky     challenged glides, all while preventing a score.
Ending is the beginning of success or not and the goalie has one more important thing to   accomplish and that is to breathe a sigh of relief, either way they are done for this day.

There you have it! That’s my Six Sentence Story for this week. It has been a busy week, so this is running close to the goal line 😉 Better late than never, right? Go check out this PAGE and join in!



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Ten Things of Thankful – May 3

I looked for images in a sidewalk crack photo and this is what I ended up with. Since then, I have taken more photos of sidewalk cracks to create more pictures.

It’s that time again to express Ten Things of Thankful!

Want to join? Go to this LINK

1. TAF Write Now Conference was last Saturday. It was an awesome conference. Highlights were: a class on documentary poetry with Jaki Shelton-Green  Jean Claude Bemis  Joe Finder  and Erika Hoffman  I learned a great amount and left with enthusiasm.

2. I finished out National Poetry Month, writing a poem a day. Here is my post about that: I Am Possible

3. I am on Page 31 of this book as a contributing writer:

4. Yesterday, a fellow poet and friend and I went on an art day at the NCMA. It was such fun to go out and take in the wonderful works of art. Here’s their website: NCMA I particularly liked the Wim Botha collection. That sculpture appears to be made of carved books.


5. I have time (a break) to create art and write. The picture for this blog post is one thing I made using images I saw in sidewalk cracks. This is part of a video class called Sketchbook Revival

6. Six Sentence Story is still going strong. Here’s this weeks post Say I Do

7. New poetry forms. I mentioned sestina before and I am working on one which is very challenging and LOVING it! You won’t see it on my blog as it is going in my book. Maybe a sneak peek, maybe…

8. I am now officially working on my second book of poetry and adding short story pieces. There was a target date, but I decided to leave it open. There is another writing project I’m working on and it’s caused me to slow my roll, in a good kind of way. It involves zombies and other characters and wouldn’t you just love to know…

9. My son, from another mother, is going to Spain with his beloved wife and my sometimes partner in crime. I am so happy for them and interested in hearing all about their trip. They are hiking there, well, not TO there, but while there. My younger self would have been all up in that activity! My older self says ouch!

10. It’s so beautiful outside!! Even with the achoos, it is so spirity out there! It’s like the spring fairies have danced around and blessed my days. OKAY… well, you get the picture…

10.1 Samesies on the weight this week, but that’s AOK because it’s normal to have a hiccup when you lose weight. So, hiccup n then back to dropping it like it’s hot.

10.2 Remember that secret project I spoke of last week? Stay tuned!

Still here? Why not join in? Go HERE and check it out!!

Have a beautiful week!!

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Say I Do

man and woman silhouette
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Say I Do

She gazed into his hazel eyes and sighed.

Tenderly grazing his face with her finger she closed her eyes.

Asking for silence, she memorized every feature.

Beating as one, their hearts united.

Leaping for joy, they jumped hand in hand.

Ever more to be as one, they made the leap for love.


That is my Six Sentence Story – I tried another acrostic. Join us HERE with your own, why don’tcha?

Rules of the hop:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
Use the current week’s prompt word.
Come back here on Thursday, link your post…
Spread the word and put in a good one to your fellow writers 🙂