Ripping the Soul

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Ripping the Soul

ripping apart the nucleus of love
tearing at the riptide of shame
pressing into the soul
oozing from the pain
seeping into the decaying brain
cells are left with no release
but to grow less and fester more
such is the diseased brain
such is the life with loss
there’s shame where there should not be shame
there’s blame where there should not be blame
there’s hate where there should not be hate
so much else dies with the loss
so much else goes with the pain of decay
so much leaves
so much goes away
never to come back
taking the time to release these pains
taking the time to allow healing
taking the time to promote growth
renews the soul

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Struggle – Six Sentence Story

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Entering her zip code, Elaine focused on the task at hand, knowing it was the most important job for which she would apply.

Counting the change in the bottom of her purse, Barbara placed the coins in stacks, realizing she had just enough for a round trip bus fare to the interview.

Entering the code in the key pad of her office, Jasmine knew she would have some heavy decision making to make about who she would hire for her personal assistant.

Calling the doctor’s office, Elaine entered the code which ensured it authenticated her, only to hear the answer she needed to know, the news, if bad, would be a nurse and the phone redirected to the nursing department.

Barbara walked into Jasmine’s office, ready as she could be for the job interview, she had a job, but she needed to supplement her income, due to the high bills from her husband’s medical treatments; Keeping him always in the back of her mind, after the funeral, she knew he would be there in spirit.

Elaine hung up the phone, went to her computer, emailed to Jasmine’s office, confirming her appointment, she needed this job more than ever, but she also knew it would offer her no promises in her life.
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Short Fiction

Every 1000 Miles

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Every 1000 Miles

Throwing the wrench to the gravel, Gloria wiped oily sweat from her brow, glared at Autrey and cried, “I’m just not getting this figured out, what’s the point if I keep doing this wrong?”

Chawing on his last wad of tobacco, Autrey spat out a bit, winked at his bride, and spoke, “Aww Glo, baby, you knows how to do this, just give yourself another chance, you’ve helped me many times, I know you got this.”

Sucking in a deep breath, then swigging her sweet tea, Gloria scratched her greased up nose and squatted by the pickup, “I just can’t seem to get that filter loose, it usually comes right off, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.”

“Lemme check somethin’, baby,” Crouching down on the ground, Autrey peered under the truck and looked around, sliding underneath on the tarp, he tapped around the filter and it came right off; All knowing that Gloria didn’t see him take the filter off, he slightly set it so it would easily come off, “it’s looking okay, babe, just give it another try, sometimes these things can be stubborn.”

Sliding back under the pickup, Gloria got the filter undone and completed the oil change, with no more hitches; gleaming at the thought of a job well done, she grinned at Autrey and said, “it just needed your magic touch, honey, thank you.”

And so it went every so often until it was time; allowing for the pain and resolution of life’s span they bantered over changing the oil, every 1,000 miles; until Gloria was on her own, when she changed the oil on the old pickup, she heard a tap, tap, tap and Autrey saved her, one more time.

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Rules of the hop:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
Use the current week’s prompt word.
Come back here on Thursday, link your post…
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