Stolen: One Heart

close up of padlocks on railing against sky
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Stolen: One Heart

Not being the type
to take anything
not mine
I was surprised
when it happened to me

one perfectly functioning heart
blood pumping
veins working
body moving
one heart stolen

Who knew
when a person takes a walk
or writes a story
or reads a book
their heart can be taken

In this case
innocently stricken
I lost my heart
but the weird thing is
it was all my fault

Vulnerable and needing
love’s warm feels
my heart was stolen
only to be healed

Take it again
and again
it’s yours


Today, I decided to combine my prompts. Here is my poem of the day for National Poetry Month and my Six Sentence Story. Who says you can’t play with the rules? I guess you can say I stole them and made them my own.

My daily poetry prompt came from Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides Blog: “For today’s prompt, write a stolen poem. And no, don’t steal anyone’s poem! But you can write about doing such a thing. Or stealing hearts, stealing time, stealing minds. Or steeling your mind (remember: I don’t care if you play on my original prompt). Steal away into a comfortable place to write and break some lines today.”

The other prompt comes from Girlie on The Edge’s Six Sentence Story Blog

“Rules of the hop:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
Use the current week’s prompt word.
Come back here on Thursday, link your post…
Spread the word and put in a good one to your fellow writers 🙂



10 Things of Thankful – March 22


1. April 15 is getting closer.

2. Spring is here.

3. I wrote this in 6 Sentence Story as an experiment, go see: “Henpecked”

I also have been playing around with some other writing challenges such as the Wordle

4. There is such a variety of vegetables that my salad days are far from boring. And I need salad days.

spinach chicken pomegranate salad
Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

5. I lost 2.5# this past week, because of #4.

6. My dentist called and will see me next week which makes me smile to know my teeth will be better soon.

7. We went to the JC Raulston Arboretum yesterday and enjoyed the new blooms. I have used one of the pictures as my header picture today.

8. I got new walking shoes for a good price and am very grateful as the others were getting slickery.

9. I got maybe 3 of 7 nights of good sleeps, which is good for me.

10. Yesterday, I finished reading this book and it made me smile. It’s about family, to me, and adoption of the heart. As an adoptive parent, I liked the message. Here’s the LINK 

Want to join in with your gratitudes? Go to this LINK


10 Things of Thankful – March 1


Artwork by my niece whose work can be viewed on Instagram: ks_montgomeryartist

It’s that time again to express my 10 Things of Thankful or TTOT.

1. So, I did this for another challenge called The Six Sentence Challenge. I thought it fit in the theme of gratitude. You can hop over to read my actual post on my blog. Today, I wrote about the word “Clear” and I am grateful to have memories to work with to tell my story.  You can read it HERE

2. Gratitude for the gift of second opinions and that this has moved me on the right track with medications.

3. My two nephews who were in accidents and are on the other side. I did a post about Cardinals and I am grateful for the signs of those who have passed. Here’s the LINK

4. Winning! I won a contest called “First Sentence Challenge” and I received my winning poster yesterday. You can see what it looks like HERE and my winning poem. Yay me!

5. I met a goal in my professional life and it’s going to help me do better.

6. I am almost done with taxes. The price mysteriously increased while I was doing them and I am not having that! So…time to call the tax people.

7. My blog friend, Jacki, who advises about finances. This is a huge interest of mine, since we have changed our lives to be more minimal and it’s really helped. Here’s her WEBSITE and I think it’s awesome! We used her website for a class in a meetup last week.

8. Humor! I turned on NetFlix the other day just to get relief from all the crazy! What a fun time just listening to comedy.

9. Connecting with people. It makes a big difference when we find people we truly connect with. This week I received a message from my friend who I promptly called, because texting was not going to work. I am happy that I chose to do so.

10. April 15th. I am grateful that it’s 45 days after today when that day comes.
Here’s the Blog Hop LINK FOR TTOT Why not take a look?




10 Things of Thankful – February 22

It’s that time again to express my 10 Things of Thankful or TTOT.

1. So, I did this for another challenge called The Six Sentence Challenge. I thought it fit in the theme of gratitude. You can hop over to read my actual post on my blog. It was a lot of fun to write and I tried to put myself in Ellie’s “shoes.” I am thankful that my niece created the painting as a special request from me and it inspired me to write the story. Ellie’s Story

2. Gratitude for adjusting to the new medication. Hopeful that this will help.

3. Daddy and Jeffrey. Daddy’s will be gone 12 years as of February 25 and my brother Jeffrey has been gone since February 17, 1969 Here’s montage of pictures my sister created of Jeffrey and you can also see Daddy giving him his bottle.


I am grateful for these fellows in my life, more than words can express. And even if they were not long enough here, I am grateful for when they were. And I am grateful for when I see reminders of them. Daddy lived to be 86 and Jeffrey to be 9. Here’s another picture of Daddy. Isn’t he handsome?


4. Philatelism… I developed an interest in stamp collecting many years ago. While I haven’t touched them in a good while, I still save them with the thought that I will work on them in my old age. It’s interesting to learn the stories behind stamps, especially the history. Here’s a picture I keep by my desk.


5. The ability to learn new things. The past couple of weeks I have been learning a new task and it’s caused my brain to hurt. My mind gets foggy as it is, so I am grateful that I can take some time to learn this.

6. Food. I am glad to have it to eat and glad they make it so I can eat it. There are certain things that my tummy doesn’t like a whole lot, so I am grateful for choices.

7. My blog friend Stacy. She writes a lot about gratitude in her blog. Here’s the latest! NegativeSpacey

8. Humor! It takes a good dose of smileage to get through each days mileage. I just made that up!

9. Writing! I have been working on my next book, except I figured out a different focus and it’s helped my brain cells to get excited.

10. Rest. I am working hard to get my sleep intact and while it is challenging, I made it through last night until about 3 a.m. Since I went to bed at 8 I am calling that a WIN!!

Here’s the Blog Hop LINK FOR TTOT Why not take a look?