10 Things of Thankful – February 22

It’s that time again to express my 10 Things of Thankful or TTOT.

1. So, I did this for another challenge called The Six Sentence Challenge. I thought it fit in the theme of gratitude. You can hop over to read my actual post on my blog. It was a lot of fun to write and I tried to put myself in Ellie’s “shoes.” I am thankful that my niece created the painting as a special request from me and it inspired me to write the story. Ellie’s Story

2. Gratitude for adjusting to the new medication. Hopeful that this will help.

3. Daddy and Jeffrey. Daddy’s will be gone 12 years as of February 25 and my brother Jeffrey has been gone since February 17, 1969 Here’s montage of pictures my sister created of Jeffrey and you can also see Daddy giving him his bottle.


I am grateful for these fellows in my life, more than words can express. And even if they were not long enough here, I am grateful for when they were. And I am grateful for when I see reminders of them. Daddy lived to be 86 and Jeffrey to be 9. Here’s another picture of Daddy. Isn’t he handsome?


4. Philatelism… I developed an interest in stamp collecting many years ago. While I haven’t touched them in a good while, I still save them with the thought that I will work on them in my old age. It’s interesting to learn the stories behind stamps, especially the history. Here’s a picture I keep by my desk.


5. The ability to learn new things. The past couple of weeks I have been learning a new task and it’s caused my brain to hurt. My mind gets foggy as it is, so I am grateful that I can take some time to learn this.

6. Food. I am glad to have it to eat and glad they make it so I can eat it. There are certain things that my tummy doesn’t like a whole lot, so I am grateful for choices.

7. My blog friend Stacy. She writes a lot about gratitude in her blog. Here’s the latest! NegativeSpacey

8. Humor! It takes a good dose of smileage to get through each days mileage. I just made that up!

9. Writing! I have been working on my next book, except I figured out a different focus and it’s helped my brain cells to get excited.

10. Rest. I am working hard to get my sleep intact and while it is challenging, I made it through last night until about 3 a.m. Since I went to bed at 8 I am calling that a WIN!!

Here’s the Blog Hop LINK FOR TTOT Why not take a look?


Ellie Has Positude – 6 Sentence Story

Artwork by my niece, whose work can be viewed on Instagram @ks_montgomeryartist

Unless she had a stubbed toe, Ellie always smiled, even with a stubbed toe, she didn’t take long to get past the grimace.

Ellie had only one complaint, easing into the fast lane was more difficult with her girth, but she proudly moved forward, knowing she had just as much right as any to do so.

When others teased her because of her size, Ellie just turned around, splashing her tail into whatever was in her way, doing a dance or perching a fence, all showing she was just as capable as anybody else.

Ellie found that her friends would betray her for someone else, once they assumed that she would not fit in with their plans, allowing no consideration for her sweetness, they chuckled on and went about their nasty business.

Ellie, despite the teasing and ignorance of others, came through with flying colors as she knew she was one fine lady, confident because she learned from her parents that obstacles were not blocks, but opportunities for growth.

There was no hall of fame for any of her efforts, no prizes for being who she was, there were no ribbons or parades, no celebration was needed for Ellie, as she was who she was, happy to be herself.

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