Ellie Has Positude – 6 Sentence Story

Artwork by my niece, whose work can be viewed on Instagram @ks_montgomeryartist

Unless she had a stubbed toe, Ellie always smiled, even with a stubbed toe, she didn’t take long to get past the grimace.

Ellie had only one complaint, easing into the fast lane was more difficult with her girth, but she proudly moved forward, knowing she had just as much right as any to do so.

When others teased her because of her size, Ellie just turned around, splashing her tail into whatever was in her way, doing a dance or perching a fence, all showing she was just as capable as anybody else.

Ellie found that her friends would betray her for someone else, once they assumed that she would not fit in with their plans, allowing no consideration for her sweetness, they chuckled on and went about their nasty business.

Ellie, despite the teasing and ignorance of others, came through with flying colors as she knew she was one fine lady, confident because she learned from her parents that obstacles were not blocks, but opportunities for growth.

There was no hall of fame for any of her efforts, no prizes for being who she was, there were no ribbons or parades, no celebration was needed for Ellie, as she was who she was, happy to be herself.

Rules of the hop:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
Use the current week’s prompt word.
Come back here on Thursday, LINK your post…
Spread the word and put in a good one to your fellow writers


20 thoughts on “Ellie Has Positude – 6 Sentence Story”

  1. the best and the worst about human nature.
    I would submit that had Ellie demonstrated an attraction to ribbons or awards she would not been the kind of person (I might used the word character, but then this comment would lurch into novelette territory lol)… who could have accomplished what she did.
    (couldn’t resist…) nor do I subscribe to the school of thought that holds, ‘adversity is good for the soul/develops character’ That view usually comes from the people who would look to have their cruelty justified.

    …oh yeah, Good Six!

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  2. Although I didn’t write a SSS this week, thanks to your link in your TToT post, I made here to read yours. What a great SSS and I love the painting!

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