Interview with Comedian Karen Morgan!

We need to laugh more and this is a great article. You might want to check out this comedienne!

Midlife Margaritas

Recently I had the awesome opportunity to interview a real-life standup comedian! I have to say I was nervous. Would I ask the wrong questions? Would I sound like a fangirl? Would she be able to tell I was slurping a margarita? Let me tell you Karen Morgan is the easiest, friendliest person to talk to. She had me laughing during the whole interview! Whew!

I had seen her videos and had her on my list of top women comedians. My last post had one of her video clips too. Did you know she used to be a trial attorney? I guess that would lead me to standup too. She’s a mom and wife from Georgia but now lives in Maine. I asked her if her family ate lobster often (insert eyeroll here) to which she replied, not really. Mostly when we have out of town guests. (Most people who…

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Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!

A great challenge. I’ve been participating in this for a good while. Won’t you join us?

GirlieOnTheEdge's Blog

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge and Sunday’s prompt word reveal for Six Sentence Stories! Hello, hello, hello!! What time is it? Why, it’s any time you want it to be when it comes to writing a Six Sentence Story. Time period is irrelevant, country of origin entirely up to you, topic as wide and varied as your imagination and the genre? Entirely at the author’s discretion. Each week, here in the halls of Six Sentence Storydom, we are privy to reading some of the best creative writing on the planet. And the best part (if not the most challenging), is you only need 6 sentences! Poetry, memoir-ette or the latest in an upcoming WIP, all are welcome. Come, share your creative selves at the ‘Edge this week. We’d love to see where your imagination has taken you 😀

Rules of the hop:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No…

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Daisy Green

Take a walk through this lovely pathway of poetry.

I Write Her


I see the candle flickering in the shadows, the sweet smell of jasmine arouses my thirst for sensual lovemaking. I sit alone in this dark stone cottage nesting in the hills of autumn. The trees are shedding the security of their warmth, of the cold winter that is approaching. I sit all lazy and dazed. I dream of walking hand in hand with the beautiful man I adore, step by step, crunching and crushing the red, brown, and orangey leaves.

The sound of the lambs
The tweet tweet tweeting birds sing
From my garden swing

Embrace the Reality

Today I feel alive. There’s someone at my door. My heart joining the tapping of every knock. I open the door wide just like the look in my eyes. It’s him, he is here, he’s finally come. I wrap myself around him and embrace him tenderly. We are lost in…

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Our Virus

This poet said it so well. Have a read:

Bartholomew Barker, Poet

corona-5184533_1280Our Virus

We must eradicate this virus
infecting our nation.
It is dangerous, pervasive
and has killed far too many.

We know how to fight
but intentional ignorance
and tribal chest pounding
has prevented progress.

Science can lead but will we follow?
Like an alcoholic, we need to admit
we have a problem and detoxify
because there’s no vaccine for racism.

We are the antibodies. We must overcome
before the patient, our country, dies.

Happy Juneteenth!

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