The Golden Mean – I think I got an A

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Taking notes in his class
was much like drawing pictures
diagramming the thoughts Father Figge expressed
was the best way of understanding
in my opinion
or so I think it was
Why do they give tests in philosophy?
Think about it
if you dare
I managed to explain the Golden Mean
and passed his class
I heard that the best learning
was in the after class gatherings
at the local pub
Not one to imbibe and shy of wheels
I had to learn another way
to make the Golden Mean
mean something


This weeks prompt was to write a philosophical poem. Here’s the Monday Poetry Prompt

Of course, I had to look up what exactly was meant so I looked up what a philosophical poem is. Here is what I found: What is a philosophical poem?


Waving Goodbye – The Sunday Whirl-Wordle 395

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1973 – the year
youthful fires had to be burned
giving a wave to the Midwestern sunset
silence eased her mind until it didn’t
looking to find her way
the sunbeam offered warmth
no garment could hide
the longing in her soul
setting her feet to new earth
mounting the bicycle
riding in the sun or rain
bowing to the elders
to survive
three months later
in order to live
running from the elders
riding with tears in pain
flinging the bicycle
she pricked her toes on sand burrs
raining in her soul
garments of southern threads
fall visited Midwestern farms
walking Chicago streets in the night haze
with drained mind and body spent
writing goodbyes to marine settings
her youthful fires burned
the year of 1973

These are the words which are to be included in this weeks The Sunday Whirl Wordle 395:


To learn about The Sunday Whirl here’s the LINK


Write Now! 2019 Triangle Association of Freelancers Conference – Coming Soon!

Triangle Association of Freelancers is holding their annual Write Now conference on April 27, 2019 at McKimmon Center in beautiful Raleigh, NC. With the setting at the NC State campus, this is a fitting location for learning new skills, sharing, networking and so much more. Where else can you in – just one day – pack in a whole lot of learning, meet best selling authors, make new friendships and meet with your old friends. Learning, fellowship, and fun is what I sum up my experience with Write Now. I always come away with more knowledge, practical skills, and an over all feeling of “can do” about my writing.

I cannot say enough about the value that I have personally experienced with Write Now. The comfort level for someone like myself is awesome. There is such a positive energy that it’s hard not to catch the good vibes!

Now…the nitty gritty… Here is the list of presenters and keynote speakers:

Write Now Presenters

I have been a TAF member for about three years. Meetings are held almost monthly and there is always such warmth with the group. There is a message board where we can share with trouble shooting, successes, challenges, resources and more. Even those who live far away remain TAF members. In the last meeting it was made possible to conduct a Facebook Live event. This is something that will be ongoing. After the meeting a post is put on the YouTube page. Here’s the presentation from the last meeting: YouTube

Recently, I wrote a blog post for the TAF blog. It was about mentorship. So much of what happens at TAF meetings is mentoring. Here’s the LINK to my post.

OKAY-Here’s the Link to Write Now Registration

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. Hope to see you there!

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Intro to Budgeting FREE Webinar Coming Soon!

My friend and fellow blogger Jacki Smith is presenting a free webinar called Intro to Budgeting.

Here’s the information: “30 minute free webinar with information about how to budget and what to do if you need added support. Great if you want to change your financial situation and have no idea where to start. If you’ve ever felt stressed or overwhelmed with your money register to join us live or register to be emailed the replay following the event.”

The event will be held online on Monday, March 25 at 7-7:30 p.m.

Although I am good at budgeting, I am going to attend and see what new things I can learn. Would you like to go? Here’s the link: Intro to Budgeting Webinar

Read more about Smith on her website Big Picture Budget

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Big Picture Budget 


10 Things of Thankful – March 15

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It’s been a busy week when I am just getting to my TTOT. What it is is an opportunity to reflect on the past week and remind myself about how an attitude of gratitude affects my whole point of view. Perhaps you would like to join in. Just go to this LINK and hop on the blog hop.

1. March 15 deadline is over for the corporate tax world and April 15 is now less than a month away.

2. I won a Saint Patrick’s shirt.

3. Sundays with sunshine that allow for a lovely stroll.

4. Events to celebrate such as St. Patrick’s Day. As I am part Irish – thanks to my great grandmother O’Brien – I like to celebrate. I wore my green, but I also have those green eyes of which I spoke in my 6 Sentence Story. You can see that HERE

5. Sleep. I had a great night of sleep last night. It was the bestest of the week! I think that it was because I had nothing set to get up for and I was able to just sleep. I was still up before 6, but I was in bed and quickly asleep before 9.

6. I am able to read. It has been fun to catch up this morning on all the posts. I love the variety of stories and thankfuls.

7. Chocolate.

8. D. Avery for telling about Serious Flash Fiction and March Mathness. She rocked my brain for a”muse”ment in a good kind of way. We blog hop on some of the same circuits and I am having fun! Here’s my Pi Day post 🙂

9. When somebody says I did a great job and this happened several times this week.

10. My varied writing communities. This week I want to recognize TAF as they are great for a lot of things, including problem solving. Check them out HERE


OK that’s my list. I kind of went quick today, but what’s done is done. No backsies…