The Short Of It – Volume 2 – Cover Reveal

I am so excited that I get to talk to Susi Bocks today about this publication!

I Write Her

The latest volume of expressive micro-poetry is in process! Look for the publication date to be early April or sooner. I’m excited to showcase all the wonderful contributors from the past year in this volume. 47 in total! They gave us a lot to ponder and many things to understand with their creativity and expressive works.

Accidentally Poetic, Aishwarya Saby, Akhila Siva, Amee Redden, Amrita Valan, Anita Neal,
Bartholomew Barker, Bradley Ramsey, C. Adebayo, Candice Louise Daquin,
Carolyn Crossley, Carrie Levine, Chanah Wizenberg, Charles Randolph, Cheryl Wood,
Duane Herrmann, Eugenia Hoffman, Franca Basta, Freya Pickard, Goutam Dutta,
Heather Carr-Rowe, Ivor Steven, Jane Seaman, JeanMarie Olivieri, Joan McNerney,
Joe Wells, John Collins, John Grey, Joni Caggiano, Katey Sutherland, Ken Gierke,
Kritika Maheshwari, Laurinda Linda, Layla Todd, Lisa Tomey, Lorraine Lewis,
Marisela Brazfield, Marjorie Maddox, Radhika Puttige, Reena Saxena, Scott Richmond,
Skye Genteen, Stephen W. Buchanan, Sylvia Simmons, Tahlia Friedmann, Timo Schmitz…

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Ka Mua Ka Muri

Rich story. A thinker.

Fictive Dream

by Sandra Arnold

IT WAS HARD to see on this road in the clinging dusk. She could barely make out the silhouettes of the old pit heaps towering above the rooftops in the distance. They had once been familiar landmarks in the district before the coal mines were closed and the heaps demolished and recycled into road construction. Though not before one uncle had died of silicosis and another when the mine shafts collapsed. She used to have a ritual when she was young, peering out the window from the upper deck of the bus on her way home from school. As soon as the bus reached the top of the hill and the pit heaps became visible, she closed her eyes and made a wish that she could grow wings and fly over their peaks, over the landlocked town with its soot-blackened buildings, over the forests and oceans to…

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Author Organization: Writing Down Your Ideas

Great ideas!

The Writers Circle

Author Organization: Writing Down Your Ideas

Writing down ideas, what is that? I know most of us rely on electronics to keep up with our ideas, schedules, contacts, basically our lives.

Call me old fashioned, but there is something about writing down ideas that helps me stay organized. I always have a little notebook that I carry with me so that I can write down any ideas I have while I am out and about, pertaining to the book I am writing or project I am working on.
You never know when an idea will come to you. If you don’t have a notebook handy, by all means, make a note on your phone. But be sure to transfer the info to your notebook later. Having all of your book information together in one place will benefit you in the long run. You can refer back to it or add on to it as needed.


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Aishwarya Saby

A lovely collection 💜

I Write Her

Dennis Klicker – Unsplash

Delicate leaf

delicate last leaf,
succumbs to strong gust of wind,
as a new leaf springs.

Spring Beauties

bees dance eagerly,
around vibrance of roses,
stashing up nectar,

cuckoo’s joyous song,
calls to open summer blooms,
melody’s rhythm.

Summer Relief

crows pause awhile to,
seek elixir of life, those,
endless summer days,

colours splash across,
as rainbow draws curtain to,
a much awaited spell,

orange flowers,
brighten up dull city roads,
long past summer days.

Winter’s round the corner  

as lakes fill up, seek,
refuge from winter at home,
migratory birds,

brightest star takes break,
and darkness hurries to dawn,
know winter’s around,

remnants of fire,
warming up memories from,
a cold winter night.

An Emperor’s Penance

journeys into middle of an ice-filled
landscape, guards an egg, his very own,
freezing, battling unearthly climes,
in company of his men,
journey to fatherhood,
after lady lays,

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