Facing My Inner Dragon to Discover the Emotional Heart of My Novel

Writers need to read this.

KJ Martin

Eleven months ago, I took a year off to write. I was dedicated, determined, and had declared victory over the three dragons that I believed stood between me and publishing my first novel: family support, a tight but survivable twelve-month budget, and time. A whole year’s worth of time. Little did I know then that my quest to become a children’s middle grade author would ultimately lead me to face the biggest dragon of my life. After the first seven months, I felt so confident, so sure of the path I was on. My goal was within sight. Then out of nowhere, a gigantic, camouflaged dragon appeared, and knocked me off my path into a raging river of doubt. I’ve been battling this dragon for several months. My question to my readers is this: How do I fight a dragon after I realize the dragon is me?

It’s the last…

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Ken Gierke


I Write Her

Fabio Jock – Unsplash


Well worn,
our path together,
though not

Our destination
nowhere near

the one we chose.
Where we parted,
all that remains

is a milestone
of what once was
our life together.

Reading Between the Lines


Fine lines, creases
Framing the lips
Corners of the eyes

Within those eyes
A gleam of enthusiasm
The dull shade of weariness

Regarding those lips
The glimmer of teeth
A solemn line of doubt


A gleam in the eyes
Taken for joy
Or is it anger?

Teeth shown in anger
Or is that a hint of laughter?
The lips might say

Or is it all weariness?
The answer lies in both
Behind the mask

Shorter Still

Far from brief, the time left
when viewed in the past.
A lifetime to shape a future,
with no end in sight.

Shorter now, it seems.
The slideshow of bygone images

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Reena Saxena


I Write Her

Evie S. – Unsplash


I am no Midas
yet everything I touch now
acquires new meaning
Is it an artist’s vision
or a poet’s call and yearning?


change seeps in
itself in
deep psyche layers
mirrors lie with the same face


memories unfold
-a pressed flower in the book
crushed before its time
I strive to read stories etched
on petals, not the pages


rainbows show
multiple layers,
complex truths
in seven
predefined colors
-I look for what lies beyond


Reena Saxena is a former banker, coach, and writer from Mumbai, India. Published works are available on Amazon – When Time Stopped (Fiction), Com Pen Di Um (Poetry Anthology), Life As It Happens (Poetry Anthology), Basic Banking for Debt Recovery Agents, and E-books on Money Psychology available on the MoneyGoalz website. This is Reena’s first feature on

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Lisa Tomey

Thank you so much for publishing my poetry, Susi.

I Write Her

Roman Kraft – Unsplash

Memories Sweet Taste

Taste the memories
Harvests after sweat and spade
Earth has its own soul

This Thing About Trees

leaves tangle in her hair
from aging trees
roots locked
in shared vibrations

spring brings growth
rings stretch the girth
age is crowned with colors
changing in time

sangria scented lips
tease in her shade
youth finds folly
yet, the wisdom
of the sage

there is no way for youth
to escape the elder court
its shadows and arms
hold all there is to know
about the beating
of the drum
of the heart

There Was A Night in Raleigh

Twinkling little lights
captured my attention
stars about the night

A celebration
clinking glasses
over charcuterie

I walked to the window
once formalities are done
I gaze downward

My eyes are drawn
to the thrift shop
on the corner

Bright lights spill
to the…

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