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Release Me, Please – Six Sentence Story

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Release Me, Please

Muscular release from the wounds of life, not brought on by anything other than daily living an anthem to the whole living life fully thing, which means on same days the act of placing one foot in front of the other.

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Massage feels wonderful, when applied, by a skilled therapist, well-studied and devoted to their work and I am most grateful when I experience recovery, even if for a little while, because it makes my life tolerable.
It is interesting to me how some people look at massage at a treat or a luxury item and this makes me sad, when it is someone who I know would have a better life for having a massage, it’s what kept me going when I had nothing to go on and I mean nothing.

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Saving money is a challenge when you have so many demands on your life, however it is money well saved that goes to the benefit of massage and other forms of treatment not covered by health plans, such a shame that these are not covered since they help life be more tolerable and I have to wonder about the sensibility of all this.

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Once, I wrote an article about the benefits of massage and it was published by a client, many moons ago and I wonder if it affected the lives of the readers, granted the article benefited getting potential clients, but that only added to the benefit because someone might be enriched by the experience, good, I say.

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Not everybody can reap the benefits of massage, especially if muscle trauma and muscle memory has been affected, and this makes me sad, but there are other things outside of massage which may help and I encourage people to seek alternatives, as one who has benefited from acupuncture and other alternative treatments and, oh how I do not love the word “alternative”, but I don’t write the rules or make the language as I just say what I say and so be it; Have a releaseful day!

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Spaghetti and Meatballs – 6 Sentence Story

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Spaghetti and Meatballs

Exercising his right to a trial, Heathcliff leaned to his attorney, with heated garlic breath, “I will get off, just wait ‘n see.”

Slamming his briefcase on the table, the accuser tossed in his papers and stormed out of the courtroom, breathing hard, “just wait, you idiot, I will nail you to the wall.”

Heathcliff’s attorney whispered, “what do you think you can prove, Heathcliff? You know they caught you red-handed.”

“If they think they can just push me around like some pile of spaghetti, they’ve got another think coming.”

“How ‘bout you sauce your mouth, ‘bout now, ‘fore you end up in jail.”

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Rules of the hop:
Write 6 Sentences. No more. No less.
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No Negativity Here

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No Negativity Here

Trying to find the worse in you
makes finding the best even better
It’s hard to find what is not there
so does it really matter?
Calamity even has it’s perks
so why bother trying to turn this?
Just live life as it offers up
and accept that it truly can be bliss


This is response to the Wednesday prompt from Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides

For today’s prompt, write a negative poem. In this poem, maybe everything goes wrong. Or maybe everything could go wrong. Perhaps, this is a poem about subtraction. And remember, positive poets: a double negative makes a positive!


Ten Things of Thankful – April 12

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It’s time to reflect on the TTOT gratitudes of the week. I have several gratitudes and will do my best to share.

1. April 15 is 2 days away!!

2. It’s raining. I live in North Carolina, which seems to be the pollen capital of the world. I am grateful for the rain to wash the pollen off the car and clean up the area. Realistically, it’s just going to be more to come, but allow me this bit of joy.

3. Trying new things. I was invited to a virtual art workshop this week and was able to get in three days of the five. In those days I created some artsy pieces. We just took 30 minutes, starting with breath work and then focusing on our individual intentions for the day. It was in the morning, so I was able to start off my day on the right foot. Here’s the link to the website of the leader. I find her emails to be very nice. My intention is to make this a daily practice.

4. National Poetry Month. I have been successful with getting my one poem per day accomplished. Here’s my most recent one: Views of Nature

5. Six Sentence Story has been a fun trial and I am grateful that I am able to keep up with this one on a weekly basis. Here’s the last one I posted. No Contest
6. I lost 2# this week. This is really working!

7. Yesterday, I interviewed a fellow poet. It has been years since I have done anything like that. It went very well as we had a relaxed, conversational tone. Once the video is ready, I will share.

8. Friendships. I have many people I call my friends. Many are nowhere near my location, but I have kept up with them, sometimes for as long as Junior High. How I wish that I could reach out more than I do when I know a friend is in need. There’s something about presence that helps. It’s not always possible, so I reach out as I can and sometimes send a card or gift to let them know they are cared about. I’m often left with feeling like I don’t do enough. This didn’t mean to come across as sad. I am mainly stating that I am grateful for friendships and friends who become family.

9. Birthdays. One of my brothers turned 71 this past week. How is that for one big happy?!!

10. Writing community. It seems that my writing community is growing. I am most grateful as I find that having others sharing in this makes my days much nicer.

What’s happening with your week? Please come share on TTOT!