10 Things of Thankful – March 1


Artwork by my niece whose work can be viewed on Instagram: ks_montgomeryartist

It’s that time again to express my 10 Things of Thankful or TTOT.

1. So, I did this for another challenge called The Six Sentence Challenge. I thought it fit in the theme of gratitude. You can hop over to read my actual post on my blog. Today, I wrote about the word “Clear” and I am grateful to have memories to work with to tell my story.  You can read it HERE

2. Gratitude for the gift of second opinions and that this has moved me on the right track with medications.

3. My two nephews who were in accidents and are on the other side. I did a post about Cardinals and I am grateful for the signs of those who have passed. Here’s the LINK

4. Winning! I won a contest called “First Sentence Challenge” and I received my winning poster yesterday. You can see what it looks like HERE and my winning poem. Yay me!

5. I met a goal in my professional life and it’s going to help me do better.

6. I am almost done with taxes. The price mysteriously increased while I was doing them and I am not having that! So…time to call the tax people.

7. My blog friend, Jacki, who advises about finances. This is a huge interest of mine, since we have changed our lives to be more minimal and it’s really helped. Here’s her WEBSITE and I think it’s awesome! We used her website for a class in a meetup last week.

8. Humor! I turned on NetFlix the other day just to get relief from all the crazy! What a fun time just listening to comedy.

9. Connecting with people. It makes a big difference when we find people we truly connect with. This week I received a message from my friend who I promptly called, because texting was not going to work. I am happy that I chose to do so.

10. April 15th. I am grateful that it’s 45 days after today when that day comes.
Here’s the Blog Hop LINK FOR TTOT Why not take a look?



15 thoughts on “10 Things of Thankful – March 1”

  1. a good list. I’m proud of you for getting published. It is a very good poem.
    I’m behind o TToT, I didn’t do last week, just to bogged down with sickness in the house. Perhaps this week. I do have things to be thankful for. 🙂
    like messaging with you. talk soon.

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  2. When it comes to health concerns, second opinions are good to get. I got one this past week too.
    That is so interesting about cardinals paring for life and not being migrating birds.
    Your poem, Value, touched me deeply. Congratulations on the contest win!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m so glad you’ve joined in at Six Sentence Stories. I really enjoyed your post last week.
    Getting a 2nd opinion can be extremely beneficial. But you know that!
    Congratulations! It was a lovely poem.
    Life would be pretty scary if we didn’t have humor to temper it.
    Go on! Brag about getting your taxes done, lol. I knew there was something I forgot to do this weekend 😀

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