Ten Things of Thankful – November 1 is Here Already?

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WOW!! Where did October go? Well, it’s November 1 and a Friday so that means it’s time for Then Things of Thankful or TTOT! Let’s get this party started!

1. Inktober! I made it through the month of October only late one day and I made it up, so that means 31 ink drawings for the month. Whew! Ink is not my specialty and I did this to show that you don’t need to worry about perfection, but just do it. It’s actually good for the brain to challenge new areas and my brain oughta be very happy about now. I posted the pics on Instagram and here is the LINK to see what I did. You will see other posts, too, but those are just to make you smile!

2.NANOWRIMO is ON starting today. I am grateful to have my working title ready for the book I have been wanting to do and have heard from others that I need to JUST DO IT! Here’s the LINK to my NANOWRIMO page. It’s writing 50,000 words in the month, but my measurement of winning is to be able to write every day.

3. 4. Turning it around! No matter what I do with my weight loss efforts, which is going well, I still have the gravity that comes with age. Here’s my little Acrostic about Migration on Six Sentence Story, thanks to Denise offering us wonderful prompts and I am going to call that gratitude #4!!

5. 6. 7. Caregivers Summit, New People, Resources – I was able to attend at least the morning session of the Caregivers Summit. It was very beneficial and I found some lovely resources and met a lady who I see at my coffee shop on a regular basis. I walked up and introduced myself and now we chat at the coffee shop. It’s nice to meet new people. And she gave me some very valuable resource information.

8. 9. Oh! I am already at 8 🙂 How’s that happen?! 😉 As I look out my window in the office, I am feeling like the luckiest, most blessed person. It’s a beautiful day and I have a lovely view. Would you like to see it?
It’s not super clear, but that’s my desk view. That’s my garden fairy, by the way, and she makes me smile. I don’t have a garden, but my desk is a good place to grow idea, so that’s something, right? That’s a 9!!

10. This is the place where you come online and say Hello! Perhaps you would like to join at the table and share a gratitude. Come on board!

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Ten Things of Thankful – October 25

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It’s that time again to reflect on all things one is grateful for and let’s go to it!

1. Exercise – I am grateful that I was able to exercise by walking outside this week. It is BEAUTIFUL out there and I won’t be long for it to be BOO-TI-FUL for Halloween.

2. Recipes – On Everybody Loves Raymond there is this one episode where Debra makes Ray some Beef Braciole – well I have never had such and decided to go to Mr. Google and ask for the recipe. It is now printed and I have all the ingredients for when daughter comes next weekend. I try to save special things like that for when she comes. Here is the RECIPE I love that I can go online and find just about everything in recipes.

3. Halloween fun! I saw this post and had to share. It’s fun edible Halloween party food. HERE

4. One year, at my church, we had a Halloween party and passed around food you could not see and you had to guess what it was. One was frozen grapes and they called them eyeballs. I am thankful for these kinds of goofy fun things and not taking everything so serious.

5. Chili Cook Off and Trunk or Treat for my daughter. She is at her church tonight participating in both. Doesn’t that sounds like fun?!

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6. Zoodles – Notice a food theme here? I made these delicious zoodles with some garlic along with meatballs n sauce for supper. I am grateful to be able to have these kinds of things to help me keep my weight down and my happy stat up.

7. I Write Her Challenge was especially a hoot this week. Here is my story LINK: Palomino Ponderings

8. Blog Group – I belong to a local group called Raleigh NC Bloggers and we get together in actual person and work on our blogs. It is so much fun to connect with others in person. We met last Saturday and got a lot accomplished and we are going to have someone talk to us about E-Books soon!

9. NANOWRIMO is coming in November. I have my title all set and started thinking about the layout. Right now it’s still a working title and I will share more about that in November. Gotta keep you in suspense. Here is a link to NANOWRIMO Anybody else going to join?

10. And lastly but not leastly is this place set for you at the Table of Gratitude where you can have a cuppa with us and share your happys. Hope you will come on in.

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Sandman Ponderings


Image Credit: Flickr – Brian Williams – Exsulto Corporation

Stay Strong

even under stress
sands will hold force together
appearances skewed

Keep Hoping

erosion beckons
foundations shaking hold on
facing certain hope

Awareness Comes

tides will come and go
washing up the new and old
bringing forth new thoughts


Today is really a combination of haiku and senryu, so take your pick.

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