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Boisterous, Bowling, Being Together is a Blast

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Charlie bowled us over with his jokes.

Simone bowled so many strikes, she was declared the champion.

I was in the company of both people when Maureen brought a big bowl of popcorn.

We gathered some smaller bowls and helped ourselves to the delicious, buttery treat.

Harold could be spotted a mile away with his bowler hat, toting the sodas.

We all tried on his hat and had a fun, lighthearted time, full of snacks, fun, and togetherness.

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There you have it! My Six Sentence Story for this week. Hope it didn’t bowl you over, too much!

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Shades of Blue

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She searched for alternatives for the painting of her life. Her paper was beautiful with shades of blue. They ranged from the brightness of the sky to the stylings of The Thrill is Gone. She wondered if she liked brightness the best or if she had to choose.

When she dipped her brush in the water, ready to thin her blue, she paused. Reflecting about where her journey had taken her, she shook out her brush and poured a cup of coffee and smiled.


this is my six sentence story in response to the prompt “alternative.” Thanks to Denise of Girlie on the Edge for her weekly prompts.

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It was just a remnant in the bargain bin.
Tiny violets were printed on a tight leno weave.
I cut the facings and carefully handled the fabric.
The most delicate effort produced a baby dress.
Violets for sweet Violet, the baby new to us.
A grand star in the soft light of dusk.


This is my contribution to this week Six Sentence Story. You can add your story too. Just go to

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Short Fiction, short story, six sentence story


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Dusting, sweeping, window washing—the family readied their home for the presence of grandmother.

Oh, thought Priscilla, it’s going to be fun, I can hardly wait until she gets here. Giggling beside herself,

Priscilla picked out her finest dress and slipped on her sparkly slippers, and she even decorated Fluffy.

“You sure are excited,” Priscilla’s mother exclaimed.

Priscilla gave an impish grin; “I can’t wait to see the presents.”

This was when Priscilla had her first lesson about homonyms.


This is my response to the weekly prompt from Girlie on the Edge.

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