Ten Things of Thankful – March 12 2021

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Happy Friday and TTOT time! Let’s hop to it!

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up so I took the liberty to use a picture to depict this day! What do you do for Saint Patrick’s Day? My dear, late sister would have a green dinner, with mostly green foods. It was always tasty and fun.

Time for some thanks!

  1. There is a coffee cake in the oven and bacon is ready and coffee brewed.
  2. I meet the most interesting people when interviewing for my podcast.
  3. Tax changes which help my unemployed friends and others.
  4. Stimulus help for folks is on its way soon.
  5. More vaccines may be coming soon.
  6. People are still wearing masks, THANK YOU!
  7. Goodberries and that they have sugar free options and fresh berries.
  8. The fish market has real, fresh fish.
  9. That we can have all the foodies treats mentioned.
  10. YOU – What are you thankful for this week? You can comment or do a post. Your hope becomes our hope. Burt the Bull wants to know!
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Ten Things of Thankful – March 5 2021

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It’s already March! No way! Well, let’s hop to it before all of a sudden it’s April!

  1. Grocery specials-LOVE even more when it is coffee!
  2. Enthusiastic People-LOVE when I ask someone to help me and they don’t hesitate to say YES
  3. Pleasant Surprises-Daughter gave me some pretty decorative papers I can use for projects. She received them from a friend who had more than she needed.
  4. Sketchbook Revival is coming this month and daughter and I will participate in the program like we did last time. Click on the name up there and check it out and it is FREE!
  5. It is both Woman’s Month and Reading Month and what a lovely combo! I am looking forward to National Poetry Month, as well. So, I am thankful for these moments to celebrate!
  6. We had a package arrive and it took us a good while to order it because of all the specific details, and when we got it – it was all wrong, so wrong that it would cost us more money to resolve the issue, so we called customer service and returned it in the blink of an eye. I am grateful there was no drama.
  7. Health goals are being met.
  8. Writing goals are being met.
  9. Connecting with people who share a spiritual belief, simply for the assurance that hope is real
  10. YOU! What are you thankfuls? Come share… Rusty wants to know… In fact, he’s all ears!
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Ten Things of Thankful – February 26 2021

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It’s TTOT time and let’s get to it!

  1. What do you mean? February is over ALREADY? I mean we still have two more days, but whew! BUT it was a very productive month, despite challenges and let’s just jump to the results, they are why we are here, right? So my first thankful is that I have had the poem, “To Write” published.
  2. People are so supportive! My fellow poets are coming forward to help put together Coffee Table Talk for April. More about that in a future post, but suffice it to say that all spaces are filled and filled up fast!
  3. Daughter has been helping a friend with some projects and I am grateful that daughter is able to help and that she has such a nice friend.
  4. Daughter and friend brought us supper so I did not have to cook! I am so happy when that happens.
  5. Blessings that just come for no reason at all. You know, the ones you didn’t ask for but surely needed.
  6. A book of which I edited is being offered for Free on Kindle today and tomorrow. Don’t you need a book of love poems? I am happy to be a part of this book Love’s Anticipation.
  7. With zoom and other meeting apps we are able to reach so many people.
  8. Collaborations are fun and I am working on one.
  9. Saving one of the bests for last is this weather has brought on the breath of spring!
  10. What’s your thankful? Let’s hear it in the comments or how about a post? Esther is nosy to know, too!
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Ten Things of Thankful – February 12 2021

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Happy Friday and TTOT Day! And Awaaaaay we go!*

*Jackie Gleason

  1. Today is my beloved daughter’s birthday!


3. No snow.

4. Exercise is happening.

5. YouTube is going well. Check it out!

That’s my channel 🙂

6. Grocery delivery is really becoming my thing.

7. Technical problem solving is becoming a skill. At least, for me, but I am not putting out a shingle, nope, no way… it’s just a way for me to get back to what I love to do.

8. Flash drives. Whoever invented them, THANK YOU!

9. Do you ever put on your headphones and not have any music? I call it my Sounds of Silence. It helped me to stay focus. Thankful for headphones which really do cancel out noise. And if you want to listen to beautiful music, I suggest checking this out:

10. You! What are you feeling warm and fuzzy about? Let’s hear it.

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Ten Things of Thankful – January 22 2021

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Good Morning and Happy Friday and TTOT day! Well, it doesn’t have to be today, but to get the party started I already inserted the above blue bar in case you want to get a running start to join in! Let’s get to it!

  1. Notice the picture of the cabin in the woods? Well, that’s not mine. And as much as I love the pictures of the pretty snow, I am not seeing any and I am grateful, because I like to see the roads stay clear. However, if I were in that cabin, looking out at the snow, having ability to write, and having hot foods and drinks to sip, I would not be ungrateful. So, there’s that.
  2. I received approval for my injection so expect that to happen on Thursday. So, that is the injection for my knee and I am very grateful.
  3. Many of you know that I am putting together an anthology of poetry. I am happy to report that the edits are done, just waiting on a handful of people to confirm all looks okay. I am grateful that people have been quick to get back to me.
  4. I learned a much needed new skill and I am grateful for YouTube videos. I suppose I should give credit to the person who created the video, as well. Otherwise, I would be continuing to have much confusion.
  5. Coupons from the drug store for being a loyal customer helped pay for a good portion of my big purchase yesterday.
  6. Grocery pick up options when it’s just too hard to manage navigating the store. And friendly, helpful people who bring them to the car.
  7. Poetry Critique group from Living Poetry helps me to improve my work and I am so grateful for such a nice group of people.
  8. My helper/daughter when grocery shop. She insists on managing the trunk placement and helps carry and put things away. She used to bag groceries for her job as is very good at this skill.
  9. Neighbors who are quiet.
  10. YOU! So, tell us what’s up with you!
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