Schedule Me Some Relaxation

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Schedule Me Some Relaxation

People all across the nation
talk about their relaxation
catching up on TV shows
baking cookies and eating dough

Netflix Disney all the rage
when I find time I turn the page
but that is usually when
it’s time to sleep and sleeping wins

Now make no mistaking this
I find the time for walking bliss
but when it comes to relaxing
my day’s are full of many things

Nonetheless this lesson’s true
always take some time for you
even if it’s helping other souls
being good to yourself is an important goal

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Today’s Prompt was to write a relaxation poem. Hope I did it justice!


Making Christmas Merry by Helping Others-Check out this fund raiser to help people affected by California fires

Fund raising is on the upside, during the holidays. It’s a good thing, when people can help other people with their most important needs. As one who is familiar with the call center end of fundraising, I can tell you that the phones are steady.

You can’t go to any form of media without noticing that there have been many fires in California. One organization providing outreach is Direct Relief. Based in Goleta, California, Direct Relief is distributing particulate masks for those with asthma and other medical conditions worsened by smoke and ash from the California wildfires. This is a great organization.

I learned about the group from Michael Venutolo-Mantovani, a Chapel Hill, North Carolina fellow who recorded with members of Alabama Shakes and John Paul White’s backing band, Christmas music cut at Portside Sound studio in Muscle Shoals. What does this music have to do with Direct Relief? From now until Christmas day, they will donate all proceeds from the digital single to Direct Relief. How awesome is that? Here’s the link:  The Happiest Man on Christmas Take a listen and if you feel so inclined, throw money in for this worthy cause.

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Cheers to Michael and his fellow musicians for making this happen!