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Coming up on Monday!! Coffee Table Talk

Poets Coffee Table Talk

Monday, Apr 12, 2021, 6:00 PM

Online event

9 Poetry Lovers Attending

Just like in the old days when poets came together, perhaps imbibed, or had some coffee, and talked about the problems of the world and how they would use poetry to speak their minds. This is a Coffee Table Talk. We will have a select group of panelists: Arlene Bice Marcella Remund Zan Johns For this event we will be talking about anthologies of po…

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We will be talking about anthologies, sharing poetry and talking shop. Come join us!

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Book Review – “Different Sides of the Same Coin”

You can listen to the review of this wonderful book on the Prolific Pulse Poetry Podcast

AND it is also viewable of YouTube. I am amazed with this book, the more I hear the poems, the more I read, the more I am emotionally charged with an awareness. Chyrel J. Jackson spoke at the recent Coffee Table Talk about social justice. Her message was spot on and prolific. I highly recommend this book. Two sisters, two different styles of writing, two passionate poets, who bring it more than 100% They are a formidable force and I suggest that you pay attention to them. These ladies are meant to be heard. Check out this YouTube for my review and there’s an Amazon link should you decide it is a must have in your library.

Amazon Link to purchase “Different Sides of the Same Coin”

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Ten Things of Thankful – April 9 2021

Happy Friday and TTOT day! I found my graphic for National Poetry Month. I has saved it and couldn’t figure out where and there is was in a special folder for April. Duh… Let’s see what’s on the thankful meter…

  1. I found said graphic. Isn’t it pretty. This month is all things poetry. It’s been busy already, but I always look forward to it.
  2. The say to not stare at the sun because it can mess up your vision. After the good news I could not share, I looked at the shadows, the clouds and saw some glimmers of silvers linings which showed me that, a too bright sun can shine the light but you have to pay attention to the clouds. That’s the silver linings part, the clouds showed me that the news I could not and still cannot share was not to be and I am thankful that I was able to make a choice about the decision.
  3. The Poets Coffee Table Talk turned out beautiful. It was well attended and the sharing, the poetry, the important messages about social justice all came together to what I think is an increased awareness.
Susi Bocks shared about her anthology and some of us read contributions.

4. Heart Beats is published and there are two poetry readings on Saturday. These will be by contributors to the anthology. I am thankful how this is all coming together and I am excited to bring all this talent together under one virtual roof. And I am grateful for all the poets for their contributions. Here are the links if interested.

Poetry Reading by Contributors to Heart Beats – Anthology of Poetry

Saturday, Apr 10, 2021, 10:00 AM

Online event

6 Poetry Lovers Attending

Heart Beats Anthology of Poetry was published in March 2021 This is an opportunity for contributors to share their poetry and celebrate the publishing of this book of poetry.

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Poetry Reading by Contributors to Heart Beats Anthology of Poetry

Saturday, Apr 10, 2021, 7:00 PM

Online event

4 Poetry Lovers Attending

We want to celebrate the publishing of Heart Beats Anthology of Poetry. Come celebrate with us as the contributors read their beautiful contributions to this anthology.

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5. I had my annual physical and my numbers were pretty decent. A couple of tweaks needed, but over all, it is not bad. And I have shot number two out of the way. I have a lot of tiredness from it and soon this will pass.

6. The collaboration is coming along nicely.

7. I have been reading a lot of poetry and doing reviews. How would that not be a huge thankful?!!

8. I have contracted again this year for judging a competition. I am grateful for this opportunity.

9. I am grateful I don’t have to go out in the pollen. Not everybody has this choice and I pray for them to be able to manage each day.

10. YOU! What’s your thankful? Please do share either in comments or by posting a blog post. We love to hear good news. Bernie is all ears!!


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Poet Talk with Michael Poage

Poet Talk with Lisa Dailey by Lisa Tomey Prolific Pulse Poetry Podcast

Lisa Dailey is the owner of Sidekick Press in Bellingham, Washington. Her indie publishing house focuses on memoir, anthology, poetry, as well as selected works of fiction. What started with a handful of poets writing COVID-19-related poetry and the effects of being in quarantine during National Poetry Writing Month in April quickly evolved into a desire to combine the works into an anthology. Red Wheelbarrow Writers’ third publication and first book of poetry, This Uncommon Solitude, was published by Sidekick Press on October 15, 2020. This Uncommon Solitude captures the myriad and diverse experiences during these times of quarantine and the COVID-19 pandemic. For many of us, poetry has helped connect us, one to another, as we share experiences and insights, express our grief and sadness, fears and pain, gratitude and hope. Encouraged by poets Susan Chase-Foster, Victoria Doerper, and Joe Nolting, typical prose writers in the Red Wheelbarrow Writers’ group took up the challenge to harness their inner poets. This Uncommon Solitude is the result of a true collaboration, created with tenderness for a tender time in history. Here is the link for the launch event. Also, if folks want to hear more reading from This Uncommon Solitude, they can do so here: — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. — Send in a voice message:
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