Eye of the Storm

Source Unknown


Searching Within

within the iris
deep within the calming soul
oceans stir to calm

Seeking the Source

taking task with life
opening the eyes for depth
waves within rush forth

Finding the Answers

bracing for the storm
what appears to be most calm
is stirring life’s force


Thank you to Susi Bocks for her dedication to the “IWH Haiku/Senryu Challenge”



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Past, Present, Future

person holding glass ball
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past present future
related or so it seems
surely leading forth
to find answers in our dreams
to know what is never seen

as it happened then
it was not known before when
there was just a thought
and it became more than what
would be a small idea

looking backwards first
looking at the moment now
looking forwardly
which way gives one the most pause
which way travels to our thoughts

does it matter not
if what was begat was got
casting doubts on what
was known not before it was
who knows but this old thought?

and on and on goes
the roll about of thinking
thoughts that had been thunk
when all along this playful
word thought process is folly

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True Hearts are Never Absent

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Alone was how she felt, regardless of his presence.
Betrayal felt strong as his eyes averted to the screens.
Somebody else seemed to occupy his focus more.
Every time she looked his way, his eyes were glistening.
Not understanding, she started looking for other signs.
Time ran out when she saw them thinking they were alone.


Absent from the days and nights
Although she saw his distant gaze
Nothing more to realize

And when she saw him, she would sigh
It seemed he would be gone for days
Absent from the days and nights

Even though he’d be in sight
His distance made him seem away
Nothing more to realize

As he’d bother not with lies
It was clear no more dismay
Absent from the days and nights

When she saw him hold her tight
He was bound to walk away
Nothing more to realize

He looked at her and said goodbye
When he left her on that day
Absent from the days and nights
Nothing more to realize


As she slept peacefully, he admired her, happy she was all in.
Believing in them, he could not wait to say: I do.
Selecting her gift, he wanted something of memorium.
Enlisting the aid of his work mate, she knew what to do.
Not spoiling the surprise, discreetly, he met her at a bar.
Taking the gift for his wife, giving a hug, he went home.


I did a triple focus on the same theme for the Six Sentence Story challenge.

The first is an acrostic of the word “Absent”

The second is a villanelle using “Absent” and the first time I have written in this form.

The last is an acrostic of “Absent” and if you look closely, there is another message vertically given at the end of each line. It’s not really a double acrostic, but just another play with words.

I was going for the effect of the last acrostic pulling the conclusion together.

Thank you to Denise for continuing to challenge us.

You can go to this LINK to learn more and perhaps participate.


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Tasting the Soul

tasting the soul

Sourche: Mari Malcolm


tasting with my mind
chocolate from nature’s pot
offering pleasure


graced upon my tongue
feeling pleasures to my toes
these kisses of soul


juices roll the tongue
tasting sweet nature’s nectar
a soul recording

Thank you to Susi Bocks for her interpretation challenges on “IWH Haiku/Senryu Challenge”perhaps you would like to join!

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Stairway of Life

stairs grayscale photography
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Stairs, when young were fun
adventurous as we crawled, then
ran up oh so fast
at four, I tumbled downstairs
it was my first memory

funny thing about
stairs, how they take us up and
down we go again
it’s kind of like life, you know
there are ascents and descents

taking the first steps
is such a challenge to do
also, to observe
cajoling along the way
making sure they climb safely

once they are alone
taking their own steps, choices
going up and down
how we want to be there and hold
hands out like we’re banisters

letting them go free
is one of the toughest things
but oh, so vital
to watch their independence
wishing they would hold your hands

holding them in hearts
keeping watch and being there
just enough to show
they have got this, and they know
you are going to be there

then there comes a time
when you’re not so much around
and they’re on their own
then you trust that all you’ve done
is enough and hope it’s true

and before you know
they are helping someone else
crawling up those stairs
holding hands and guiding them
it’s the circle of dear life

when you are the one
who needs help as you ascend
trusting they will be
holding you close in their hearts
and the world moves at your pace

you will know the life
as the descent comes for sure
where the light still shines
from the glow of your most dear
as you make that final climb