Baby Bubbles


Baby Bubbles

blowing bubbles free
releasing gases without
worries or concerns
such is the life of babies
are they really clueless, though?

carefree and happy
infectious smiles, freely shared
do they really know?
I’d like to think it’s truly
they know exactly what’s up

never doubt the meaning
of life so freely offered
it’s really a plan
grab people’s hearts with bubbly
giggles and boggles the mind

perhaps lessons learned
are about being freely
able to express
just like a drooling infant
brings forth the simple joys


Hang a Light on The Moon

full moon
Photo by samer daboul on Pexels.com

I just published Hang a Light on The Moon on Medium. Have a look 🙂

Hang a Light on the Moon

Keeping a close watch
eyes glazed from lacking true sleep
it’s the thing he does
watching each breath in and out
praising every moment

looking for the signs
wondering what happens next
never coasting hope
as the moon shines like a friend
shining to appeal his thoughts

appealing powers
please hang a light on the moon
giving energy
to the souls entwined here now
who knows when they will release

one thing is certain
moonlight is always shining
even if not seen
if the clouds should hide the view
knowledge is the assurance

backdrops shadows ’til the dawn
knowing soothing dreams
ever comforting slumber
souls hope for another day

when days turn to end
and forever rests come forth
comfort will be there
the soul no longer bottled
broken free for true release

This is in response to the Six Sentence Story Prompt “Coast”


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