Ten Things of Thankful – October 11

Good Morning all my thankful people! It’s time for TTOT! Let’s get the party started!!

assorted color sequins
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1. Kristi, the wonderful person who keeps us going on here, and I have been communicating outside the group. Yes! And I really enjoy chatting with her. Such positive energy! AND AND AND She went to my old town where I lived for 22 years (other than a couple of short leaves and returns). She even took a picture of the house I lived in from 1977-1992. Isn’t that such so sweet of her?

2. Inktober! It’s keeping me on task to do a post every day to respond to the themes. I am grateful for the opportunity to use my drawing skillz and to allow myself to fumble. It is important to me to not spend too much time on these drawings as I am trying to practice acceptance and it’s working, for the most part. There are some I spend more time on, but it’s usually because I change my mind in the middle of drawing. Here’s my weeks worth.


3. Weekly Art Group – I started back to going to the senior group for painting. We do a variety, but mostly watercolor. It’s a lovely group and a great way of getting a happy shot in the arm. I’ve been trying to get back to this group and it’s now possible since I made some significant changes in my life. I created some background art for blogging and such. Here’s a sample:


4. Super Short Story success! I have been trying to get these stories in the right hands and the two I submitted this week were both accepted. Here’s the first one and the next one will come out next Friday.
Saving Dad
I will also be posting this on my blog later for those who prefer not to view on Medium.

5. Lately, I have been having sleeping issues and I started having my Kindle read to me. It’s working 🙂 This week it has been a lovely book of short essays and I enjoy them so much. They don’t put me to sleep, but the Kindle lady voice is soothing me. I do go back and replay where I remember leaving off. This is the book in case you want to have a look.

6. Weather – It has been so beautiful this week! It’s needing to rain, so they say, but I am enjoying the sunny days and cool nights. It can stay this way for a little longer.

7. Unsplash is an awesome way to get pretty pictures for blogs and such. It’s free and a nice courtesy to credit the photographer. I love it! I am so grateful for this. I use some of the photos for inspiration and color guides for painting. Here’s a pretty fall one:
photo-1474553655868-3a63d59db452.jpg Cayla1

8. Six Sentence Story – I have not mentioned this lately and it’s something I keep up weekly. Here’s the latest: Notes of the Night I am grateful for Denise and her devotion to keeping this going.

9. Daughter finished swimming lessons and is now able to navigate deeper waters. WIN!!! I met her at the pool and she received a celebratory hot chocolate 🙂

10. And this is where you get a chance to share your gratitudes. Be it one or more, just hop on in and give us a try. Come jump in the leaves of TTOT!!

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Ten Things of Thankful – October 4


taken at JC Raulston Arboretum – Raleigh NC by Lisa Tomey

It’s time again to think about all the things to be very grateful about! Let’s get at it!

  1. Arboretum – Right here in Raleigh Nc, just a stone’s throw from my home is the JC Raulston Arboretum. I missed mentioning that we went here before my last thankfuls, so this is a thankful bonus! Here’s some info: JC Raulston Arboretum

    2. Kindness Project  –  I had the opportunity to write up to five poems about kindness and submitted them. They did not get accepted, but I submitted them elsewhere. Hoping they find the right home where they can be loved on. I would share them here, but they can’t be published anywhere at all until they are accepted. I am thinking this is going to happen. Lessons learned long ago: Always have a Plan B!

3. Inktober! It’s Inktober time where each day you create an ink drawing to the prompt for that day. I have made it to today and today’s is still churning in my brain matter. Here’s what I have done so far. Here’s the link for Inktober if you would like to join: Inktober Information

4. Emerg N C – We are doing some preventative medicine around here due to the feels of the flu and cold season creeping up. I can’t take a flu shot, so this helps. I am grateful for alternatives.

5. New Adventures! A new grocery chain store opened in Raleigh. We went to check it out and while it seemed to make many people happy, it was not our cup of tea. I am grateful for choices. Many people don’t have the large variety of stores that we have here.

6. Fall is coming, really it is…I say as the temps of NC are still acting all summery. Mother Nature is promising to turn over the leaves very soon, so I am being patient and enjoying going out without worry of rain. Rainy days are stay in days for me, for the most part, so a day of sunshine means I can go about freely. WOOHOO!!

7. Those who regularly follow my blog may have noticed that I am putting more Medium links in here. This is because I write regularly on Medium and it’s easier to put things in one place and do a share link. But, not everybody uses Medium, so I am putting poetry on here, as well, starting yesterday.

8. Speaking of Medium! I am a regular contributor to The Cotton Thread and my first poem to be featured was Fall Fever, which I posted on here, as well. Here is the link to Fall Fever

9. Support – There is a group of writers who meet monthly at a bookstore and I love getting together and supporting one another. I am so grateful for the energy from this group.

10. And it’s time to come to a close for this week and to open a door for you, yes YOU, to join in TTOT and sharing your gratitudes! I doesn’t have to be 10, it can be 1 – I do know that the more we think in terms of being grateful the better the chances for turning those leaves into good mulch for growth and future harvest. Won’t you be my neighbor?

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Ten Things of Thankful – September 27

Where has the month gone? It’s already the edge of October! Well, let’s get this party started. Noisemakers are optional, but I hope you find some things to WOOHOO about.

concrete road between trees
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1. Witnessing an Act of Kindness. I was grocery shopping and a lady could not pay for her groceries and the person in front of me offered to pay. She sweetly declined, but it was so nice to witness such kindness.

2. Painting again – I was able to attend the weekly watercolor group, something I have not been able to do. It was fun to get together with this nice group of people and to learn I still have skills.

3. 19 days left of tax season.

4. Daughter is coming for the weekend.

5. A health concern turned into nothing. After more thorough testing, I am AOK. Grateful for a doctor who takes me seriously.

6. Encouragement about a project. While I was feeling sad about a rejection, I turned it into a new submission to another publisher and it’s being reviewed. Well, the original rejecting group rep assured me to keep trying to submit. So, I feel better.

7. My story which asked to be told in a poem has gotten attention. Since it is about SAD it made me happy because it may reach people in need.

8. Seasons moving to my favorite. Fall is my favorite season as it’s so much nicer outside. In Raleigh, you can see some changes with the colors of the leaves. I missed that when I moved from the Midwest to the coast and now I have it here.

9. Two Invitations to write to platforms.

10. And this last spot is for YOU! Come join in the TTOT. It’s slowed down lately and it would sure be nice to have you back, if you’ve been here, and to welcome newbies. You just gotta click on that link to add your story. If you get stuck adding, I can do it for you. Just ask.

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World Gratitude Day

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World Gratitude Day
perhaps this may be always
one day’s not enough
each day is a grateful day
when looking at life, it’s there

waiting to be found
it’s in the air that we breathe
it’s in touch and sighs
it’s in all that we provide
it’s in all the things we do

thankful actions rule
as if we already know
something good’s coming
to speak of gratitude now
it’s a given thing we’ll count

thinking gratitude
affects pozzie attitudes
knowing it’s for real
helping this world heal starts now
when we recognize the toil

grateful for us all
grateful for human beings
grateful for good deeds
grateful for acts of kindness
grateful to be the kind ones

world gratitude day
as real as it is today
let’s think about it
as an everyday act
and make it a good habit

Poetry Forms, TTOT

Ten Things of Thankful – September 20

close up of pink flowers
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It’s hard to believe that this month is rapidly flying by! We’re 2/3 the way through September and I wonder “how did that happen?” Let’s take a look at the TOP TEN LIST of Thankfuls!! OR TTOT!!

1. Manna from Heaven – Well, really, furniture! My friend has been trying to find an outdoor table and chair set for the group home and when I stopped by to meet with my daughter, there my friend was with a huge metal (PERFECT) table and those hard plastic, pretty green, chairs. Along with the chairs we found at the dumpster and what chairs were there, there’s enough for all the ladies to sit at the table, comfortably. With the weather being cooler and the afternoon shade on the patio, it will be lovely for them to go outside and play games at the table and maybe eat outside. Somebody donated a gas grill, so there is that option, as well. The only things left on the list is an outdoor swing and outdoor umbrella and I am optimistic those will eventually be found, all in good time.

2. Providence from that same friend’s connection – There’s a pan raiser going on to help get pans for the group home and my friend is hosting that. I am confident that there will be enough raised to get the cookware. Things always have a way of working out, right? BTW here’s the LINK if you wanna join!

3. I Write Her weekly challenge – I want to feature this fun challenge this week as I find it another writing effort that helps me work my brain. Here is the one I did for this week and in that post you will see a link to the challenge, if you would like to join. HERE

4. 5. Poundage is still slip sliding away. And blood pressure is now normal. Still on medication for it, but it’s still a win. I am grateful for the medication.

6. 25 days left of tax season.

7. I am in one piece and so is Silvia (the car) – Seems that green lights are not necessarily anything to some people who want to turn right on red and I came real close to a crunch this morning from a merging big ole truck.

latte (2)
Lattes – after #7, I got me one. Thankful for my favorite coffee shop to serve up the yums.

tree with eyes
The trees have eyes – I was in the parking lot of beloved’s office and this tree looked like it was looking back at me with two big eyes. It made me laugh. Above the eyes it looked like a big fish head and I wondered if the tree was once underwater and the result of fossilization and then I laughed and laughed.

10. Rest – My sleep has improved lately. I think the weather change has helped this a whole lot.

So, there you have it. Those are my 10 TTOT!!

Here’s the chance to share yours:

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