Showered with Love

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Showered With Love

She loves her children more than life itself

Hugging them each day when they wake

Owning up to what it means to be a mom

Words of wisdom researched and imparted

Extra helpings of confidence builders

Resulting in children showered with love


There you have it! This is my Six Sentence Story – which I put in the form of an acrostic poem – for this week. Check out the other stories and join in by going to this LINK

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Little Fellow

Little fellow found comfort with his thumb, if you tried to stop him, he would go “unh, unh, unh.”

Then one day we tried the sipping cup, he gave up his thumb, he was growing up.

He learned to walk when we would hold his hands; Daddy made him a board so he could stand.

Wherever he was he’d be by our side; And oh, how he loved to in his wagon ride.

Sipping water as we climbed the sky, ears a popping but he did not cry.

Little fellow always for the ride, no matter what he would rather laugh than cry.

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Ten Things of Thankful – May 8 2020

gulf fritillary butterfly perching on flower
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Good Morning and Happy Friday! For many of the folks, this means Phase 1 or 2 of the pandemic rules. We are in Phase 1 as of 5 p.m. today. #1 I am grateful for masks and hand sanitizer and to be able to drive. #2 I am grateful for Six Sentence Story of which I can be slack. Here is this weeks contribution from me Gulf fritillary facts The picture on this blog bears the same butterfly. I love butterflies!! #3 I am grateful that daughter follows social distancing and wears a mask and gloves at her job. Customers are now coming in, but they are limited and I am grateful for this, as well. It’s a craft and sewing store, so there are likely a lot of in home folks making things. #4 I am grateful that soon I will get a box of new art supplies and for those who love to create I know that you know what that means.

#5 That I have been blessed with a wonderful mother and that even though she is no longer with us I still consider her a very essential part of my life.

15966079_10158052915000203_8401078897215862861_n That’s me on the sofa leaning into mom.

#6. Auto insurance refund for the pandemic. Check your insurance company if interested in seeing if you qualify.
#7 New tires – while it was not really what we wanted to do right now, it is time to get new tires. We were able to get the car to the place before a flat. I am grateful for that, too because who wants to change a tire? #8 In my case, I know how, but I call AAA these days as my bones don’t like such things. I am grateful for that option.
#9 Is that it has been nice weather and not too hot. Just a couple of short heat spells followed by sweater weather.

#10 This place is for you. Perhaps you would like walking this path and thinking of the ways you are thankful. Then, you can blog them, too!

the path among the trees
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Ten Things of Thankful – April 10 2020

Jodi Daughter with Easter Eggs 2018

Happy Easter and Welcome to Ten Things of Thankful or TTOT. Kristi keeps us going each week with reminders to always be thankful for all that we have. Without further delay, let’s get at it.

1. 2. 4 National Poetry Month
I am grateful for the birds who sing when we are taking walks and for National Poetry Month. Most of you may know I am doing prompts on this blog on a daily basis and a poem dedicated to the prompts, as well. Some are joining in and I am so happy to see this. It is a lot of fun to come up with ideas.

3. Have fun! I created this in 2018 for day 8, but who’s worried about details 😉 Have funnnn!! I am grateful for fun. We tease a lot around here and that means you are loved.

4. I found a pattern for masks made with socks, so I made us all masks. Now, time to break them in.

5. Dear heart bought me a new monitor so I am now up to the modern ages with two screens. I believe this will make a difference. It hooked up well with no hitches. And for a non tech person, I got the screens so they operate correctly.

6. The virtual world has come to roost. With the use of technology such as zoom rooms it is possible to see other people and work on our craft. Tonight, I am doing a virtual open mic. How awesome!!

7. 8. Order – today I organized my office space due to number 5 and also straightened up my art supplies. Now I feel freed up to create again. Daughter and I did this video where we drew bunnies. That was a lot a fun.

9. We have TP – that is something which as Next Door members we share about on the message board. We want to let each other know about paper findings. It’s a real life scavenger hunt without mosquitos.

10. YOU! Come sit at the table, color some eggs and share your news!

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Let’s Do the Twist – A Moment in Time

lisa valentine dance 1966 Lisa dressed up for 1st teen dance.

This was a moment of my life

It had to happen to enjoy my first dance

It was at my Kentucky school

Student council raising money

Created a Valentine’s date match

Sweaty palms and pencil in hand

This one signed up for a date

All for the Valentine’s dance

Twelve years old seventh grade student

Unsure of how to prepare

In stepped my big sister

After dying her red dress

And sharing her white blouse

She carefully applied my makeup

An expert of creating beauty

Nervously excited to meet my date

Daddy dropped me at the school

Along came my selected date

At his side was his girlfriend

Nice to meet you and moved on

As my mind was some confused

I shook it off when

On came the music

And it took one song

As sure as it was Chubby Checker

I was sure to do The Twist

Guess who won the twist contest

That was my family tradition

It was a good night

And that’s how it’s done

When life changes moments

Make it a good time

Today I decided to do a combination of prompts. My own prompt Let’s Twist and that of Robert Lee Brewer’s  Poetic Asides. What’s your poem of the day?

lisa twist age 13                                                  Still twisting at age 13