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Ten Things of Thankful – April 2 2021

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Happy Friday and TTOT Day! Let’s get hopping!

  1. National Poetry Month! Of course, this gets top billing on my thankfuls! This is one of my favorite months. Every day I write a poem to a prompt and I also write a private poem. The short poems I share and the private poem is saved for possible publishing. I am grateful for this month of focus. It amazes me how much good comes from it all.
  2. Daughter has been helping me with creating special cards for a secret project. She is such a huge help with these things.
  3. Vaccine shot #2 happened on Tuesday. I am grateful for vaccines and grateful for each day closer to getting past the effects of the shot (hey I have to frame it as a pozzie, right).
  4. Grateful for great news I can’t share. Just trust it is super thankfully awesome!
  5. Grateful that the anthology is up and running and the participants are going to read their contributions on April 10.
  6. Thankful for Good Friday and Easter Sunday for the representation of love and light. It is a reminder of how we are all lights for love in this world.
  7. Thankful that my friend tested negative for COVID.
  8. Thankful for so many wonderful books to read and enjoy.
  9. Thankful for coffee and probably those close to me are also thankful I have coffee.
  10. YOU! What do you feel gratitudes for? You can share here or post a post. And you can even share it by clicking on the blue box. Peeker the chickie wants to know!
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P.S. IF you want to see about Heart Beats Anthology of Poetry you can go here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1736562002

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Ten Things of Thankful – February 12 2021

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Happy Friday and TTOT Day! And Awaaaaay we go!*

*Jackie Gleason

  1. Today is my beloved daughter’s birthday!


3. No snow.

4. Exercise is happening.

5. YouTube is going well. Check it out!


That’s my channel 🙂

6. Grocery delivery is really becoming my thing.

7. Technical problem solving is becoming a skill. At least, for me, but I am not putting out a shingle, nope, no way… it’s just a way for me to get back to what I love to do.

8. Flash drives. Whoever invented them, THANK YOU!

9. Do you ever put on your headphones and not have any music? I call it my Sounds of Silence. It helped me to stay focus. Thankful for headphones which really do cancel out noise. And if you want to listen to beautiful music, I suggest checking this out:

10. You! What are you feeling warm and fuzzy about? Let’s hear it.

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Ten Things of Thankful – January 22 2021

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Good Morning and Happy Friday and TTOT day! Well, it doesn’t have to be today, but to get the party started I already inserted the above blue bar in case you want to get a running start to join in! Let’s get to it!

  1. Notice the picture of the cabin in the woods? Well, that’s not mine. And as much as I love the pictures of the pretty snow, I am not seeing any and I am grateful, because I like to see the roads stay clear. However, if I were in that cabin, looking out at the snow, having ability to write, and having hot foods and drinks to sip, I would not be ungrateful. So, there’s that.
  2. I received approval for my injection so expect that to happen on Thursday. So, that is the injection for my knee and I am very grateful.
  3. Many of you know that I am putting together an anthology of poetry. I am happy to report that the edits are done, just waiting on a handful of people to confirm all looks okay. I am grateful that people have been quick to get back to me.
  4. I learned a much needed new skill and I am grateful for YouTube videos. I suppose I should give credit to the person who created the video, as well. Otherwise, I would be continuing to have much confusion.
  5. Coupons from the drug store for being a loyal customer helped pay for a good portion of my big purchase yesterday.
  6. Grocery pick up options when it’s just too hard to manage navigating the store. And friendly, helpful people who bring them to the car.
  7. Poetry Critique group from Living Poetry helps me to improve my work and I am so grateful for such a nice group of people.
  8. My helper/daughter when grocery shop. She insists on managing the trunk placement and helps carry and put things away. She used to bag groceries for her job as is very good at this skill.
  9. Neighbors who are quiet.
  10. YOU! So, tell us what’s up with you!
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Brass Tunes to Grateful Souls

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Coins tinkled in the Simpson’s pot

To the echo of the metal clang

Until denseness from piled coins

And greenbacks, filled the kettle

Brass bands played into the night

As souls were grateful to give back


And there you have it! This is my Six Sentence Story – well poem – for this week to the prompt word of “Kettle” Would you like to join or take a look at the stories? Check it all out on Girlie on The Edge’s Blog


Ten Things of Thankful – August 28 2020

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It’s that time of the week for TTOT! What? Yup! It’s that time again. So…let’s goooooo!

  1. Grocery pickup – I am trying a different store today to see how that one goes. They offered free pickup and a 20% discount plus I had a gift card and discounts. Saved about $40, so hey, I will take it. I am grateful to have this option since it’s sometimes hard to shop. This is one of my better days, but maybe it is best to test it out on a better day than to wait for a not so better day. Right? I think so.
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2. I finished my special project! YAY! I was a judge for a writing contest. It was fun and interesting to read and respond to the many books.

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3. Remote possibilities. You know how people say, “It’s a remote possibility that such and such will happen.” Well, now it has a different meaning. Now one might say, “It’s going to be done remotely.” Or is some form of more proper English. So, Remotely it is happening and I am happy to see it happening. And there is nothing remotely unusual about that. You see what I did here, right?

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4. Good walking day. It’s been a pleasant week for strolling about.

5. Puzzles. Daughter has been keeping busy with them and loves them. She is working on Mystical Shimmer, Unicorn. It’s pretty and glittery.

6. My brother from another mother had nice test results this week! YAY!!

7. Miracles! Someone I know thought from all news shared that life was coming to an end and it turned around. YAY!

8. Freedom to listen and watch to the world and freedom to turn it off.

9. Education via the internet so we can still learn without getting all sick and stuff.

10. YOU!! Let’s hear it… I wanna know your thankfuls.

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