Ten Things of Thankful – December 18 2020

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Happy Friday and TTOT time! Let’s hop to it!

  1. Heated vehicles. Imagine what it would be like to have to keep warm with a box holding coal!
  2. Food gifts. Yum! We received a big package of goodies and today another big package of goodies.
  3. Ability.
  4. Specials on groceries.
  5. Free empty boxes. And clean ones too!
  6. Gas in the tank and discounts from my grocery store to help put said gas in the tank.
  7. Vaccines are coming soon!
  8. Holiday lights. We did another trip to see more pretties. It seems like they are more plentiful this year and we discovered a neighborhood very close by and it was full of pretties.
  9. Poetry Critique Group. Once a month Living Poetry has a poetry critique group and it helps a lot to help each other with polishing poetry.
  10. You! Come join us, won’t you? You can go to the blue link and link your thankfuls!
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Ten Things of Thankful – December 11 2020

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Happy Friday and TTOT Day! Let’s get to it!

  1. I am thankful that better late than never works for me this morning. I am usually on here to do TTOT early, but I have had business to take care of. I am grateful to have taken care of the icky business and get to share my gratitudes!
  2. I am grateful for Section 139 which reimburses certain employees expenses and it is not taxable income when reimbursed. It’s up to the companies to do this and is worth checking into.
  3. It’s nice to have a break between tax seasons.
  4. Holiday Poetry! I am excited to be having a holiday party this afternoon where we will be reciting holiday poems. I didn’t think I had that many until I search in my archives. Seems like I was a bit busy with them last year. So I am grateful for recycling poetry.
  5. Food! I am grateful that the larder stays full.
  6. Figuring things out. Sometimes you have to be your own best advocate and when I was working on #1 I realized that I am pretty good at figuring out how to handle such matters and feel sad for people who don’t have that skill. Fortunately, word gets around and I have been able to help. I am grateful for that.
  7. Despite brain fog which sometimes hurts #1 and #6 – I am managing to get by each day. And am fortunate to have a family and friends who get that about me. Fuzzy head and all, they still love me.
  8. Sparkling lights when I drive at night. We went to look at holiday lights last Saturday night after we picked up daughter from work. There is this one house where they do a sound and light show and you play the music in sync on your radio. We make it a point to go there every year. And it’s not too far out there. The neighborhood goes all out.
  9. Supportive tools. Sweetie bought me a tray and bolster to make my life more comfortable and make me more able to work from the bed. It’s a big blessing since there are times I need the solace and the comfort.
  10. YOU!! I am grateful to have you here and would love to hear your thankfuls. Come join us at the blue link or put your thankfuls in comments.

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Ten Things of Thankful – December 4 2020

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Happy Friday and TTOT day! So, let’s get started!

  1. Thankful for clear weather for a quick errand this morning. Ice free windows and when there is ice, I don’t have to clear them. Toasty car is another bonus.
  2. Finding my way around road blocks and a dead phone, relying on my own skills and a big dose of prayerful focus.
  3. Technology, #2 helped me realize how nice it is.
  4. Shoe Day – an excuse to have a little early something.
  5. Angel Cards are starting up and I have a list! Now, let’s get to making those cards!
  6. Somebody was happy for something I did for them.
  7. The opportunities to be of service to one another. These are filling my plate and I am happy for the sweetness I encounter. And the bonus of reaching out for help and getting that help.
  8. Thinking outside the rules. If you want to do something to help someone else, you sometimes have to advocate for them to other parties and such advocacy worked and I am happy, happy, happy.
  9. Words and having the opportunity to get them on paper.
  10. You! What say you? There’s a blue link below and we would love to hear from you. It doesn’t have to be 10. 1 will do, just fine. And if you are shy or don’t have the time, then just put something in the comments.

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Ten Things of Thankful – November 27 2020

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It’s that time again for expressing gratitude for a week well gratituded!

  1. Thanksgiving Zoom with family on Wednesday made our more than a week. It was so great to see mama as it’s been maybe a year, due to pandemic stuff.
  2. Thanksgiving dinner was well received. Definitely losing one pie recipe but thankful I could at least try making it. The other pie and the dressing were successes. Well, and the other stuffs too. Grateful we had the means to make this dinner. I remember a time when it took all I had to create a Thanksgiving meal.
  3. The Angel Card Project is coming up and we need help. I am grateful to help with the project. It’s pretty easy. Would you like to help, too? Here is the Angel Card Project Link.
  4. Heart Beats anthology is getting a lot of contributors. We can always use more HINT HINT
  5. Daughter is getting to work more hours due to the season.
  6. One of my clients was able to get two books to best seller ranking and I helped.
  7. Decorations are up for Christmas. Daughter did most of it, as is her preference and then we pitched in for this and that. It looks so festive in our home.
  8. There are leftover for at least 3 days so I don’t have to cook. I am grateful for that and the microwave.
  9. I don’t like to shop except for necessities and I still like to hurry that run. So, I am grateful that the needs are less for more.
  10. You and this is my invitation to you to join us for TTOT. What are your thankfuls? You can go to this blue box and click and add your post. It’s just that simple. Right?

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I think this person is grateful for butterflies and I am too!


Ten Things of Thankful – November 20 2020

Good Morning! Welcome to TTOT So, let’s hop to it!

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  1. Heat! Yes, we finally turned it on. And I am so grateful. Since we also scraped car windows for the first time of the season, it’s official that we need some heat.

2. Hot Chocolate! It seems so popular from reports last week, that I decided to serve you all a cup this morning. I have a little secret. I sometimes mix hot cocoa mix with my coffee and have a delicious mocha java. Don’t judge me! It is delicious.

3. Daughter is working and made her first big sewing project. She has been sewing masks and scarves. Well, she wanted to make an apron for her friend. I have an apron I am fond of, so we used it to make a pattern with a nice roll of pattern paper given to her by a friend. So, now she has a pattern for more aprons. It’s so adorable! It has sewing machines all over it for her friend to use as a sewing apron. And big, deep pockets. Here is a picture.

4. The sun is shining and the rain has let up.

5. My beloved is going to try S’Mores for the first time tomorrow.

6. The Angel Card Project is ramping up. Here is a link to tell about it. We have been doing it for so long that I can’t remember when we started.

7. Our family member is healing well post hip surgery and may get to go back to her apartment by Christmas.

8. GPS because I have been going to unknown how to get there places and it is a huge time saver.

9. People who get it.

10. You! Hey, do you want some cocoa? Egg nog? I had to ask about egg nog because my dear, late sister who would have been 70 this week-loved egg nog. How I wish I could go get her a carton right now. Come share your thankfuls. Have a blessed week.

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