Ten Things of Thankful – August 13 2021

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It’s TTOT time and here we go!

  1. I am thankful for another progressive week with daughter’s treatments. It’s gradually getting better.
  2. Peaches, yum.
  3. Poetry class which is super cool.
  4. Almost done with a project so I can wrap it up and finish another one.
  5. Happy to not know boredom.
  6. Naps.
  8. Books.
  9. Sun shield for the car.
  10. YOU and how about your week? Please share.
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Ten Things of Thankful – August 6 2021

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Happy Friday and TTOT Day! Let’s get started!

Things I am thankful for in no particular order:

  1. Answers to come and received on daughter’s cranky body.
  2. Projects to keep me mindful.
  3. Cool days have visited this week.
  4. The pool is back open. The latest glass scare turned out to be easily fixed.
  5. Crepe Myrtles are blooming like crazy! When it gets hot is when they show off.
  6. My apartment looks like a liquor store MINUS the liguor as we get ready to move. Grateful for boxes from the liquor store because they don’t tend to have bugs and smells.
  7. A paying project is almost completed and I can move on to other things.
  8. A new client.
  9. Events are coming which have me excited.
  10. YOU – What are your thankfuls?

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Ten Things of Thankful – July 30 2021

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Happy Friday and TTOT Day – Can you believe we are already at the end of July! That’s just peachy!

Let’s slice up a bowl of peachy thoughts!

  1. Daughter received injections and is gradually improving.
  2. Daughter is having fun with her art class.
  3. – 6. Air Conditioning! Ceiling Fans! Ice! Ice Cream! That is four thankfuls!
  4. My back treatment on Monday seems to have helped and I have my last one next week.
  5. The nurse for the back treatment is a sweetheart and I will miss her, but not the ouchy procedures.
  6. I have a place to sleep each night.
  7. Sisterhood of the Garden of Neuro group. I feel so much better from interactions with these lovely folks who are about the good vibes of the world. We had a lovely poetry workshop last night. I will probably share more about it later. You can check out the group Garden of Neuro
  8. Books. I know I say that a lot, but I am grateful for books. AND in August it will be time for the Sealey Challenge where you can read one poetry book per day. I did that last year and it was fun. This year, I am moving and may have to make some adjustments. I want to finish some books I have started and post reviews. If I can do that for August, I may call it a success.
  9. Building a better boat. I am not a sailor nor a shipmate in the for reals world, but I am working on an ongoing effort to make this part of my world a better place. I notice there is a stir of people who are also looking at ways to create positive change. I am grateful for the support.
  10. YOU! What kinda jam will you be making with your harvest? Let’s hear about your week!
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Count Them: TEN Things of Thankful July 23 2021

It’s time for the BIG TEN!! TTOT!

  1. We have one answer for what is causing health issues for daughter and a treatment is in place.
  2. We had some cooling rain this week.
  3. My niece’s birthday was the 17th. My Goddaughter’s birthday was yesterday.
  4. Coffee.
  5. The pool has reopened and we have been in every night since.
  6. Reading lots of books and being enriched.
  7. A new client contract was sent.
  8. Back treatments are scheduled.
  9. I found a movie on YouTube about Jackie Gleason from the 2002 TV movie and started watching it. So far, I am finding it very interesting. I like to know the story behind some people and his is quite complex.
  10. YOU! Tell us how your week has been. I am sure that once you start pondering that you will be counting yourself in as thankful.
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Ten Things of Thankful – July 16 2021

Big Sister Paula and Little Sister Lisa

Welcome to another great week to be thankful! Let’s get this started!

  1. As you can see in the photo above, this is of my sister Paula and little me. It was New Year’s Eve starting into 1956, which means I was 2 and she was 6. I know it’s always a good idea to remember people on the day they were born, but 4 years ago this month, my sister was interred. It has been an emotionally tough week for me, yet I know her spirit is close by. My dreams have been vivid. And while she wasn’t in them, that I know of, I think she was stirring things up for me as a way to get through sadness. I am grateful that people can reach us even after they have passed this world. This is not up for challenge, but an experience of my own.
  2. Celebrating my other daughter’s upcoming birthday. This is my goddaughter from another mother. She has adopted me. She calls my “Mumply” and that is a term of endearment. I am grateful to have been adopted by her and her husband.
  3. Daughter has appointments to resolve what has turned into mysteries of the body, but I am confident we will find answers. I am grateful for the resources to make this happen.
  4. While it is hot, hot, and did I mention HOT?! it is nice enough for lots of plant growth in the herb pots my daughter planted.
  5. I don’t think I mentioned that there was a fire a couple levels above us. We had a water shower in our place, but it could have been worse. We pray to recoup our losses, but it could be worse. Nobody was hurt anywhere in this incident.
  6. Someone sent me a book I wanted soooo much, but have been putting off as a financial thing. Squeeee!!!
  7. Virtual opps. The pandemic may have pushed the videos but in my world, they won’t stop. I interviewed someone last night who is from another country. How could I do THAT in person? I am grateful for international influences in my life.
  8. People who step up to the plate. I have had so many will people to help me in my business. Often, I hold virtual meetings to help other writers and I love it when I ask someone to do something and they are so willing.
  9. The pool. Yes, I will say it! I am grateful for our community pool. It has been out of use since the 4th and I think it will be back tomorrow.
  10. YOU – What are you gratefuls? Let’s hear them.
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