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10 Things of Thankful – July 12

Sunflower from Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh NC

1. Sunflowers! Every year the flowers are blooming about this time at Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh NC and we like to take pictures. Visited this last weekend, but just a few are blooming. Tomorrow there is a big event, but we won’t be attending that, but hope to get some photo opps on Sunday.

2. Vacation – We went away for a couple of days and swam at Hanging Rock State Park. It was such a pleasant day there and the water was just the right temperature. I could touch bottom all the way to the ropes.

3. 4. Art and Family Fun! We had the opportunity to see Mama and created some “fireworks” by blowing on paint dots with straws. Well, we got a little carried away and cheated with the straws a bit. It was fun to do this and to spend the day at the retirement home.

5. Poetry – I am participating in Dive into Poetry for this month and having fun with the various prompts. I am saving those poems, once edited, for my next book.

6. Six Sentence Story is still growing strong. Here’s this weeks at this LINK

7. Memories of those who have passed – I have been doing a lot of thinking and working through grief in all of its facets and this seems to have landed in my poetry world in the Dive group. It’s a good thing and as feelings come they are finding places to do their work.

8. Connections with those who are present – I heard from a dear family member this past week and it made my day and many more. When you have a soul connection with someone, it hurts when there is not enough connecting. I am grateful for my soul injection.

9. Swimming – I have not been to the pool as much as I like this week, but it only makes me appreciate it more when I can’t get there.

10. Peaches – Oh my goodness have they been ever so sweet!!! It’s officially peach season. It is short lived and greatly loved. I may have to go get some more and try making peach sorbet. I made some with strawberries and it was delicious. Of course, I made it sugar free, not that you would know it.

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Ten Things of Thankful – April 12

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It’s time to reflect on the TTOT gratitudes of the week. I have several gratitudes and will do my best to share.

1. April 15 is 2 days away!!

2. It’s raining. I live in North Carolina, which seems to be the pollen capital of the world. I am grateful for the rain to wash the pollen off the car and clean up the area. Realistically, it’s just going to be more to come, but allow me this bit of joy.

3. Trying new things. I was invited to a virtual art workshop this week and was able to get in three days of the five. In those days I created some artsy pieces. We just took 30 minutes, starting with breath work and then focusing on our individual intentions for the day. It was in the morning, so I was able to start off my day on the right foot. Here’s the link to the website of the leader. I find her emails to be very nice. My intention is to make this a daily practice.

4. National Poetry Month. I have been successful with getting my one poem per day accomplished. Here’s my most recent one: Views of Nature

5. Six Sentence Story has been a fun trial and I am grateful that I am able to keep up with this one on a weekly basis. Here’s the last one I posted. No Contest
6. I lost 2# this week. This is really working!

7. Yesterday, I interviewed a fellow poet. It has been years since I have done anything like that. It went very well as we had a relaxed, conversational tone. Once the video is ready, I will share.

8. Friendships. I have many people I call my friends. Many are nowhere near my location, but I have kept up with them, sometimes for as long as Junior High. How I wish that I could reach out more than I do when I know a friend is in need. There’s something about presence that helps. It’s not always possible, so I reach out as I can and sometimes send a card or gift to let them know they are cared about. I’m often left with feeling like I don’t do enough. This didn’t mean to come across as sad. I am mainly stating that I am grateful for friendships and friends who become family.

9. Birthdays. One of my brothers turned 71 this past week. How is that for one big happy?!!

10. Writing community. It seems that my writing community is growing. I am most grateful as I find that having others sharing in this makes my days much nicer.

What’s happening with your week? Please come share on TTOT!




10 Things of Thankful – April 5

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It’s that time again to share the Ten Things of Thankful and I have so much, I am bursting at the seams!

1. I am seeing April 15 in the light at the end of the tunnel.

2. Loss of 1# this past week. And the new plan is working well. I am getting my nutrition in without feeling deprived.

3. I made it to Chapel Hill and back without too much trouble. Challenges with anxiety have been looming, but I am gradually getting better. Let’s hope the treatment continues to help. I have back up, but don’t like to use it.

4. My teeth are closer to being fixed. I had to chuckle at the doctor when she was helping the student. My phone was in my lap and I have a Wonder Woman sticker on the back. It’s not just the way to claim my phone, but also represents my belief that all women have the ability to view themselves as Wonder Woman. Anyway, the lady doctor gasped and said “Oh! Wonder Woman!” That helped me feel assured I am in good hands.

5. Easter is around the bend and my daughter will be coming here for a few days.

6. My “niece”  had a sweet baby boy on March 31. Zackariah Nathanial is beautiful! He greets his sister Savanna and she’s in love with her little brother. It reminds me when my little brother, Jeffrey, was born, when I was 5. It was a real live baby doll!

7. It’s National Poetry Month and I have been writing  a new poem every day. Here is the latest: I Am Jealous of Leo

8. Now that it is finally April I can look forward to the Triangle Association of Freelancer’s Conference. I am most looking forward to the class presented by none other than Jaki Shelton-Green, NC’s Poet Laureate.

9. I’m still going strong in the 6SS challenge, blog hop. Check my latest post Stolen: One Heart

10. Nancy Lee Badger featured my book on her blog Where Happy Ever After Takes the Road Less Traveled

So, there you have it!!

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10 Things of Thankful Challenge

I have decided to participate in the Ten Things of Thankful (TTOT) challenge. Here are my 10 things I am grateful for in the past week:

1. Family and Friends who become family-I have had a nice spark of happy from one of my besties who lives a good ways away. Thankful for ways to keep communicating via text and social media messenger.
2. Positivity – we went to the retirement community to see Mama and the positives there are so wonderful. We played BINGO and I love seeing people having fun.
3. Freedom and those who make it possible-I am especially mindful of this in light of the government shutdown.
4. Good food and that I always have food-I love to buy groceries and enjoy that I am able to buy good, healthy food.
5. Freedom of expression-despite the fact that I have to ignore some negativity, I enjoy that there is still this freedom.
6. Colors-how dull would life be without color? Lately, I have had this on my mind as I have friends with sight issues.
7. Warm days and the ability to warm cold ones-maybe I should say I am thankful that I was reminded by my good friend how beneficial a heating pad is and that I happened to have one. I got that out and – OH YEAH!!
8. Movement-some days I am a weeble wobble and I have fallen down. This week I have had less of this.
9. Art of all forms-As I was looking at my walls yesterday, I was thinking of how fortunate I am to be able to hang lovely pictures and am able to create art.
10. Writing-I would be lost without the ability to express myself in written word. Also, I was published.

Those are my thankfuls for this past week. What are yours? Would you like to participate? Click on this Link 

And here’s a Shout Out to Wendy from the Blog: Picnic With Ants for posting about the TTOT challenge!