Write Now! 2019 Triangle Association of Freelancers Conference – Coming Soon!

Triangle Association of Freelancers is holding their annual Write Now conference on April 27, 2019 at McKimmon Center in beautiful Raleigh, NC. With the setting at the NC State campus, this is a fitting location for learning new skills, sharing, networking and so much more. Where else can you – in just one day – pack in a lot of learning, meet best-selling authors, make new friendships and meet with your old friends? Learning, fellowship, and fun is what I sum up my experience with Write Now. I always come away with more knowledge, practical skills, and an overall feeling of “can do” about my writing.

I cannot say enough about the value I have experienced with Write Now. The comfort level for someone like myself is awesome. There is such a positive energy it’s hard not to catch the good vibes!

Now…the nitty gritty… Here is the list of presenters and keynote speakers:

Write Now Presenters

I have been a TAF member for about three years. Meetings are almost monthly and there is always such warmth with the group. There is a message board where we can share with trouble shooting, successes, challenges, resources and more. Even those who live far away remain TAF members. In the last meeting they made it possible to conduct a Facebook Live event. This is something that will be ongoing. After the meeting a post is posted on the YouTube page. 

Here’s the presentation from the last meeting: YouTube

Recently, I wrote a blog post for the TAF blog. It was about mentorship. So much of what happens at TAF meetings is mentoring. Here’s the LINK to my post.

OKAY-Here’s the Link to Write Now Registration

black and white chairs conference room discussion
Photo by Christina Morillo on Pexels.com

. Hope to see you there!

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