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Baby Time – 6 Sentence Story

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Baby Time

Bursting in the door, Charmagne hollered, “bring on the party, your girl’s here!”

Slamming the pen down on my desk, shaking my head, looking at her, “Charmagne, can’t you, for once, just come in like a normal person, quietly polite?”

“Heck no, I gotta tell you something right now, it won’t hold no more.”

Rolling my eyes into focus, “What is it then, let’s have it.”

“I just came from the doctor and guess who’s gonna have a baby?”

With dropped jaw my question about who’s the daddy met this reply: “As far as I can tell it’s the rottweiler down the block, the one that keeps jumping the fence and messing with dear old Daisy beagle.”


There you have it! That’s my Six Sentence Story for this week. You can go to this LINKΒ to learn more. Hope you will join in!

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