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Never Alone in This Journey

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Rolling along the highway with Journey’s “Faithfully” cranked up, Shandy reminisced about her life with her beloved husband, now gone to the other side and Shandy on her way to a new life.

“Wheels go round and round, you’re on my mind…” The player kept her company and her memories rolled with each bit of rubber pressing the pavement.

Pulled over to a truck stop, Shandy pumped her tank full of gas, then went inside to get a hot meal and find out the best motel around, for her budget.

With the drawl of a true southerner, Belle, the waitress, looked Shandy over with a glance, and responded to Shandy’s inquiry about a motel, “honey you best mosey on down ‘bout an hour from here, there’s a nice town and you can safely stay there at the Motel Merrion and tell Merry that Belle said hello.”

“Thanks Belle, I’m grateful for people like you, looking out for my safety, and, well, I sure appreciate your concern, it’s a journey I need to take and it’s nice to know I am safe to go it alone, with people like you who care.”

This is my response to the Six Sentence Story and the Prompt Word “Journey.” Go Check it Out!

22 thoughts on “Never Alone in This Journey”

  1. Engaging Six*
    Nice touch letting the accent inform us of the setting**
    Serials are so much fun and exciting (when you go seat-of-the-pants)… then the characters become the storytellers, we’re just the stenographers.
    Good Six

    *Imo, the highest compliment in this place of short, flash fiction
    ** is that like, ‘hear, not tell’? lol

    Liked by 1 person

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