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A Space Above My Head

Bob Brewer from Unsplash

a space above my head

dragonfly hovers over my head

keeps a distance of closeness in space

my wonder is what he might be thinking

perhaps a desire to buss my cheek

or weave a nest from my whispy hair

he in his place and I in mine, we keep perfect time


That is my Six Line Poem for this weeks Six Sentence Story challenge

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poetry, six sentence story


Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on Pexels.com


She used a soft white cotton cloth, laced with tiny blues, placed it in the book of love created for her infant Jude.

While he ran and played with friends, she kept her book on knees care bent, marked her place with a little spare sock whenever he had needs.

It seems her bookmark had variety depending on her task, a leaf when walking in the autumn, a violet which he presented at her ask.

When he grew up and left her home, to college he would go, she gave him a leather bookmark for love and luck, to keep his place.

Jude came home for winter break and lounged on the settee, when called for dinner he grabbed a pen and bookmarked at his place.

He learned just like his mom to use what was handy to keep his place, the leather bookmark gathered dust, it was not of his breeding.


This is my six line poem for the Six Sentence Story challenge word “Bookmark.” You can see more at Girlie on the Edge.


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The Signs of a Stroke

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

How ironic that I saw the prompt of “Stroke” for the Six Sentence Story, especially since on June 17 I received word that a beloved family member had mini strokes. Thankfully-they are home and on the mend. It only seems appropriate to list the signs of a stroke and since there are six letters, you know what that means…

Signs of a Stroke

Severe headaches could happen, so pay attention when this does.

Trouble talking or understanding, take a breath and signal for help.

Refocusing due to trouble with vision or even loss could mean there’s something going on.

Ordinary feelings go numb and you may feel weak one or both, help you must seek.

Keep checking numbness, indicate where it is, ask for someone to watchfully note.

Equilibrium feels off with dizzies or loss of balance or ever a fall, for which 911 you want to call.


There’s more to learn every day and here’s a link to help: Stroke Signs and Symptoms