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Juiced Up

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Jeremy wondered as he looked at the tepid stream, just how much the sun was so juiced up that it blew out the springs. “Think about it,” he said, “it seems like we have gone from living under a safe shield and now we are under a mesh umbrella with impure rains.”

“Such as it is,” replied Roxanne, “we still live on this planet. What other choice do we have?”

Jeremy stared at Roxanne and looked about. “Okay, then let’s pack our essentials and ride out to the ends of the earth, as far north as we can tolerate.”


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They Just Got the Name Wrong

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Many years ago, when I was in college, one of my professors-who also became a mentor-introduced my to “espresso” which she made herself after dinner with another guest. There was this little cup with no real room for cream or sweetener and a sliver of lemon which was to help with the bitter taste, I suppose. I just played follow the leader, as I was clueless.

Well, the one thing about espresso and being a college student is that it does help if you need to be up late studying, which I often did. For years, I called it “expresso” without awareness that you called it something else. As it holds true, I just think it was a mistake in spelling as when you have this strong dose of caffeine, you definitely are apt to express yourself.


That’s my Six Sentence Story and lookie there, I didn’t write a poem! I bet you are as surprised as I am. But…hey…let me see if I can try my hand at it.

Six Sentence Story Poem – installment #2

(Same Title)

When I was older than younger strudents, I had to stay up to study late

If I wanted to keep really going, an espresso would be the way

Although the name should be expresso, I suppose that’s how it goes

All I know is that reading chapters meant I needed some go-go-go

I’d go for years and call it my name, as if anyone would care but the bourgeoisie

Today, I call it by the proper name unless I too tired and call it a day


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Fair Day

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Fair Day

She went to the fair with her family, an annual event

Each booth had hawkers calling out, trying to get attention

“The girl in green, looks pretty keen” was her cue, so she went

She reached into her little red coin purse, squeezed it open

As she tossed dimes at the shot glasses, she did her best to score

She walked away with a little mug and looked forward to showing to off


This was my little mug poem for this weeks Six Sentence Story. When I was a little girl, we would go to the fair and I always tried for a little beer mug. When evening came and I was sitting at the dining room table with my parents, they would let me pour a little beer in the mug, with which I added a lot of salt. Oh, the memories of a young life…

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Daddy and the TV Guide

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Daddy and the TV Guide

Daddy marked the shows we could watch in the TV Guide Magazine

A weekly treat was to see what he selected, although it was much the same

It didn’t occur to me then, as it does now, that he only selected evening shows

Otherwise, unless mother turned on the TV-rarely-we had other things to do

Chores accomplished, we would be out the door in the summer playing games outside

Rainy days meant creating ideas inside and now I know why Daddy marked TV Guide


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Reserve Me A Space, Please

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Reserve Me A Space, Please

Rather than say it is such an injustice

I will simply say it’s a matter disgustive

Tramping on paths and forests with glee

Be sure you reserve a place for me

I don’t ask too much, but to be free to live

That’s not too much to ask, from your heart to give


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