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Video King

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He loved his video tapes, keeping them, cherishing every single video. There were sports videos, taped from favorite events, movies he favored, and even videos of personal recordings. When he moved with his family, he tossed out clothes, good ones too, even a wedding dress, to make room for his videos. His wife teared up when she found out that her mother’s red sweater was tossed aside to make room for videos. Now, he no longer has videos nor a video player. It has all turned to digital and so did his wife.


This is my contribution of sorts to the Six Sentence Story of this week with the prompt word VIDEO

Thank you to Denise of Girlie on the Edge for keeping us well supplied with thoughtful prompts.

six sentence story

Peace Fountain

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Committees were formed to make ways to peace. Division still happened when many found peace to be complicated. Not that they fought but mainly went their own way.

The hotter than hellacious days drew every bit of energy. The city fountain was the only respite. As people stood side by side, drinking and feeling the coolness, filling jugs for the elders and infirm, this fountain became Peace Fountain.


that’s my six sentence story. How about sharing yours?

six sentence story

The Door

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The Door was locked

when I grabbed the handle and pushed with all my might/ a surge of resentment pushed into my gutt as I recalled our last conversation/you put your face to mine where I could smell your acrid breath of etoh and gall/my throat ached for a spew/I grabbed a rock and shattered the glass/what remains is for you to pick up the pieces/


There you go with this weeks installment of the Six Sentence Story. I tried something a little different. What’s life without trying something new? Here’s the LINK to go see the stories others have shared. Thanks to Denise for her faithful provision of weekly words and managing all this. You are a gem.

six sentence story

Fishing Day

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Fishing Day

Make sure to load the truck in the correct order

Everything should be placed according to the plan

This method saves time and timing is everything

Honor what you were taught from your mentors

Once you sit and observe the real fun begins

Daylight peeking as you ponder is a great way to start a fishing day


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Island Dreams

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Island Dreams – An Acrostic

I wonder where I would spend my time on an island

Stepping onto the sandy bank, would I chance to explore

Leisurely I would wander while I would wonder

About that which is in the unknown

Needless, I would not require a camera or pen

Dreams will lead me to delights I can only capture in my heart


This is my poem contribution for the Six Sentence Story. Perhaps you would like to post yours.

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