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Road Trip

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Road Trip

Acrostic Poetry

Refresh apps
Organize vehicle
Arrange refreshments
Download map
Top off fluids
Refresh home apps
Inventory that all is ready
Pray and have fun


With this being a long weekend for many, this is my acrostic in response to the Daily Prompt for the Poetry Circle of the Garden of Neuro.

Are you ready to road trip? Be sure to have the essentials!

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Lessons not taught in history books

Lessons not told in history books

I asked myself
what worth am I
to a relationship
with you.
I questioned
my deficiencies.
As you kept wandering.
checking your phone.
having clandestine chats.
That’s when I knew
it was not me.
All you needed
was available
at home.
You desired
to look elsewhere
and I let you go.


This is in response to the poem a day challenge for April. You can find out more about this prompt HERE


She’s a Very Tricky Girl

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Elastic like stretches with her claws into the Berber weave

She twists to her back and looks at me with her belly posed

I know better than to touch that furry white patch

Pleas to evict me from my chair are in vain

I lean to her and she purrs softly to chin scratches

Just as I twist one second, she jumps behind and takes my seat


This is my response to this weeks prompt “elastic” for the Six Sentence Story. Would you like to join? Go to Girlie on the Edge to get the scoop!