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Shades of Blue

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She searched for alternatives for the painting of her life. Her paper was beautiful with shades of blue. They ranged from the brightness of the sky to the stylings of The Thrill is Gone. She wondered if she liked brightness the best or if she had to choose.

When she dipped her brush in the water, ready to thin her blue, she paused. Reflecting about where her journey had taken her, she shook out her brush and poured a cup of coffee and smiled.


this is my six sentence story in response to the prompt “alternative.” Thanks to Denise of Girlie on the Edge for her weekly prompts.

Short Fiction, short story, six sentence story


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Dusting, sweeping, window washing—the family readied their home for the presence of grandmother.

Oh, thought Priscilla, it’s going to be fun, I can hardly wait until she gets here. Giggling beside herself,

Priscilla picked out her finest dress and slipped on her sparkly slippers, and she even decorated Fluffy.

“You sure are excited,” Priscilla’s mother exclaimed.

Priscilla gave an impish grin; “I can’t wait to see the presents.”

This was when Priscilla had her first lesson about homonyms.


This is my response to the weekly prompt from Girlie on the Edge.

Perhaps you would like to write something.

Short Fiction, short story, six sentence story, writing


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Shandy set up her room at her Aunt Cherri’s house, placing her framed pictures of her late husband and her son on her dresser. Grazing the edges of the scrolled, antique textured frame surrounding her husband, Shandy sighed and began talking.

“Honey, it’s a new start for me, being here at Cherri’s, and I always thought we would be moving here together, but later in life, yet here I am, at a new house, a new life, but just so you know, it’s not the same without you,” and with that a tear rolled down her cheek, followed by a few more droplets before she stepped away.

Shandy stepped outside and leashed up Candy for a walk, and off they went, the fresh air pleasant to her and to Candy, they both sped out in a trot, before long, Shandy’s head cleared, and her eyes saw new possibilities as the neighborhood was near a small shopping center and that was where she found a diner, a homey looking place, with a “Help Wanted” sign on the window.

Stepping out after getting cleaned up, Shandy walked to the diner, “I see you are needing help, well I have lots of experience, may I please get an application?”

“Have you worked a full-house, lunch crowd, we could use you right now,” and with that, Shandy felt a confirmation that she had found home.


This is my response to the Six Sentence Story challenge word “Home” provided by Denise of Girlie on the Edge. Would you like to submit a story? You can go HERE

Short Fiction, short story, six sentence story, writing

Welcome Home

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Welcome Home

Shandy completed the last leg of her drive to Burlington, Iowa with a spark of enthusiasm edged with nerves gnawing at her gut, worried she would be imposing on her aunt, although she was reassured many times that it was okay with her aunt, she was still nervous, so she put it to the universe to make it all right.

Pulling into Aunt Cherri’s alley to her house on South Central Avenue, the familiar charms of her aunt welcome her before even seeing her aunt. The garden was bursting with flowers, tulips were popping in colors of red and yellow. Marigolds edged the walkway to the back porch, where Candy, the prized German Shepherd waited, part guarding her domain, part welcoming old friends, and Shandy met the latter qualifications, which she knew when Candy licked her hand while she gently petted Candy under her chin.

Looking up, Shandy saw her sweet Aunt Cherri and they met with an embrace which said Welcome Home and Shandy smiled, with tears rolling into the crevices of her grin, and as she looked at her aunt, she realized they were two blubbering ladies, happy to see each other, and any doubts Shandy had were dissolved in those tears, hearts wrapping around each other as souls met as never forgotten friends.

“Let me show you your room and the workings of things around here,” Aunt Cherri, always one for organization, wanted to be certain that Shandy felt immediately at home, “I made a place for your clothes and your gear and other stuff, and I want you to know, right here and now, that this is your home, too, no ifs ands or buts about it, end of conversation.”

“Aunt Cherri, have I told you lately how much I love and appreciate you,” Shandy stated, “You are the ray of sunshine I’ve needed in this life and you always have warmed my heart.”

“Aww, Shandy, dear, you are the light in my life, I am just an old woman with too much space and it gets lonely at times, so it will be good to have you here, you know, someone to talk to and care for, not too much, though, I don’t want to crowd you, but I have been looking forward to this,” and with that, Shandy knew she was welcomed home.


This is my installment of the Six Sentence Story for this week. The prompt word was GEAR. Would you like to see more of the stores such talented folks have submitted? Go to this LINK provided by Denise, our dedicated host. Thanks to Denise for keeping us going.