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In response to the Six Sentence Story Weekly Challenge


Careful to stay on point, I choose the place to position my focus

Everything around me has faded as I center my thoughts on the focal point

Not to be sidetracked, I fight the urge to look about and mind wander

Telling myself this is for a purpose I try my best to stay on point

Eventually, I loosen up, letting go of intrusive thoughts as I gain clarity

Releasing my anxieties, focusing on the point, breathing naturally, I am centered


Ten Things of Thankful – July 16 2021

Big Sister Paula and Little Sister Lisa

Welcome to another great week to be thankful! Let’s get this started!

  1. As you can see in the photo above, this is of my sister Paula and little me. It was New Year’s Eve starting into 1956, which means I was 2 and she was 6. I know it’s always a good idea to remember people on the day they were born, but 4 years ago this month, my sister was interred. It has been an emotionally tough week for me, yet I know her spirit is close by. My dreams have been vivid. And while she wasn’t in them, that I know of, I think she was stirring things up for me as a way to get through sadness. I am grateful that people can reach us even after they have passed this world. This is not up for challenge, but an experience of my own.
  2. Celebrating my other daughter’s upcoming birthday. This is my goddaughter from another mother. She has adopted me. She calls my “Mumply” and that is a term of endearment. I am grateful to have been adopted by her and her husband.
  3. Daughter has appointments to resolve what has turned into mysteries of the body, but I am confident we will find answers. I am grateful for the resources to make this happen.
  4. While it is hot, hot, and did I mention HOT?! it is nice enough for lots of plant growth in the herb pots my daughter planted.
  5. I don’t think I mentioned that there was a fire a couple levels above us. We had a water shower in our place, but it could have been worse. We pray to recoup our losses, but it could be worse. Nobody was hurt anywhere in this incident.
  6. Someone sent me a book I wanted soooo much, but have been putting off as a financial thing. Squeeee!!!
  7. Virtual opps. The pandemic may have pushed the videos but in my world, they won’t stop. I interviewed someone last night who is from another country. How could I do THAT in person? I am grateful for international influences in my life.
  8. People who step up to the plate. I have had so many will people to help me in my business. Often, I hold virtual meetings to help other writers and I love it when I ask someone to do something and they are so willing.
  9. The pool. Yes, I will say it! I am grateful for our community pool. It has been out of use since the 4th and I think it will be back tomorrow.
  10. YOU – What are you gratefuls? Let’s hear them.
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Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!

Center your thoughts on this prompt. Pun intended.

GirlieOnTheEdge's Blog

Welcome to GirlieOnTheEdge and Sunday’s prompt word reveal for Six Sentence Stories!
The sun and I wish you good morning. Yeah, well, that didn’t happen! The best laid plans…. eh? We do our best. We adapt. We roll with what comes our way. And if there’s a story in there somewhere (isn’t there always?!), then even better. We roll all our emotions and reactions into one big dough ball (huh?) get our cut outs and parse words and sentences and…yikes. Getting lost here. Hey, speaking of roll – I got some new shoes for the car and she’s ready to rock and roll up 95 N in, oh, an hour ago! So here’s this week’s prompt word. Take it, roll (there’s that word again! I’m goin’ already!) it around a bit and see if you can put together 6 sentences of a story or a poem, or next scene…

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Sunday Writing Prompt, July 4/21 – Treasured Trash

This looks like a great challenge!

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

Welcome back to,Sunday Writing Prompt!

What constitutes “trash”? Dirty diapers…yes. Rotten food…should probably be composted, but yes, something to discard. What about that barely beaten sofa you upgraded? Or the vanity that still holds a breath of life, but needs a little TLC. Grandma’s attic…everything needs to go! Garage sales and thrift shops are all about turning one’s trash into another’s treasure. Even a spouse, who their significant other decided to “discard”, but became the most valuable person in YOUR life! It really comes down to perspective…

I’ve been looking everywhere for this!”

Paid $3.00 for a painting I discovered was worth $50,000!”

He is the best Stepdad I could have ever imagined!”

Adopted this puppy from the pound, and he became my best friend.”

Image from pixabay.com

I encourage you to write about “trash” that became treasure. Base it…

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