Easter Traditions from Our Childhood

watercolor breakfast

Breakfast Watercolor Spontaneity by Lisa Tomey

A chocolate bunny and peeps and marshmallow eggs

and rainbows of hard boiled eggs for breakfast

The call of coffee rises from the kitchen

although I only will drink it will scoops of sugar and milk

I know it’s time to get up or daddy will be calling us all

Making strawberry banana jello early to set up

to  go with homemade chocolate cake with egg-white icing

just as daddy likes

All is well as all have risen

Donning dresses and shiny shoes sister and I bounce off to church

Brothers go to mass

Coming home we are greeted by mother and kiss the baby

Scents of ham and potatoes au gratin start their play with my juices

All is well as we sit at our places

Daddy bows and we follow

All we need to do is pray and eat

Then we will clean the kitchen

Brothers will end this with wet noodle fights

And the day has moved on to sleepy heads

but never naps

Easter was this way for us for many years

until one by one the chickens left the nest

and mom and daddy left this world as we knew it

Today we remember them

and forget about chocolate bunnies

and wake up knowing we were loved

Why do I smell Easter basket grass


Prompt: Wake IUp – National Poetry Month Prompt

13680966_10157203992040203_5856691465397722928_n Dressed up: Paula, Bill, Lisa and Darryl

poetry, TTOT

Ten Things of Thankful – April 10 2020

Jodi Daughter with Easter Eggs 2018

Happy Easter and Welcome to Ten Things of Thankful or TTOT. Kristi keeps us going each week with reminders to always be thankful for all that we have. Without further delay, let’s get at it.

1. 2. 4 National Poetry Month
I am grateful for the birds who sing when we are taking walks and for National Poetry Month. Most of you may know I am doing prompts on this blog on a daily basis and a poem dedicated to the prompts, as well. Some are joining in and I am so happy to see this. It is a lot of fun to come up with ideas.

3. Have fun! I created this in 2018 for day 8, but who’s worried about details 😉 Have funnnn!! I am grateful for fun. We tease a lot around here and that means you are loved.

4. I found a pattern for masks made with socks, so I made us all masks. Now, time to break them in.

5. Dear heart bought me a new monitor so I am now up to the modern ages with two screens. I believe this will make a difference. It hooked up well with no hitches. And for a non tech person, I got the screens so they operate correctly.

6. The virtual world has come to roost. With the use of technology such as zoom rooms it is possible to see other people and work on our craft. Tonight, I am doing a virtual open mic. How awesome!!

7. 8. Order – today I organized my office space due to number 5 and also straightened up my art supplies. Now I feel freed up to create again. Daughter and I did this video where we drew bunnies. That was a lot a fun.

9. We have TP – that is something which as Next Door members we share about on the message board. We want to let each other know about paper findings. It’s a real life scavenger hunt without mosquitos.

10. YOU! Come sit at the table, color some eggs and share your news!

plates and wine glass on table
Photo by Tembela Bohle on Pexels.com


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Ten Things of Thankful – Easter Time

Jodi and Easter Eggs from 2018

It’s that time again to think of all the wonderful things of which to be grateful. It’s also Easter and that’s always special. Let’s just hop to it!

1. April 15 is past!! WOOHOO!!

2. Daughter is here for a few days and enjoying her being here and super duper news is that she was recognized for all the years she has been a volunteer at the thrift store. Here she is in all her smilyness!!

3. I made the cut!! Read about it HERE Serious Flash Fiction accepted my piece for their anthology. Thanks to D. Avery for sharing about this and for also being included. She has been doing wonderful works with her blog!

4. I’m still staying consistent with Six Sentence Story. Here’s my latest:
Every 1000 Miles I’ve already edited it a couple of times.

5. Oh my goodness!! National Poetry Month is keeping me honest! So far, I have written a poem every day. One rule I have is that it has to be in the raw, with very little editing. If I catch something later, I can change it. It’s more about discipline than perfection. Here’s the last one from yesterday. I’m doing today’s after this blog post. Little Did I Know

6. The weather has been amazing!! It’s supposed to storm today, but it’s been nice enough to do some walking. I don’t go far, but I enjoy the fresh air. Pollen has been snarky, but it’s better now.

7. The after tax season two days off were lovely and we went Putt-Putting. There were several families out there! I think school must be out for the week.

8. Book Club coming! Our community is going to start a book club. It was one of my suggestions and they are going for it! WOOHOO!!

9. Interview with a poet. Last week, I interviewed a fellow poet at the clubhouse. It has been years since I have done anything like this. I do know that I would not want to do this on a regular basis because of stress, but I enjoyed this one as it was pretty much a conversation. I admire the work of this lady and here’s the video: Interview with Aruna Gurumurthy

10. I have been doing a series about the Muse. Here’s the last one I posted and I have another in the process. It’s been a fun project. My sister has often given me ideas and although she is on the other side of the veil, I still hear her musing me. Last night I had a dream and she decided in the dream to go spend some time with another family member. I suppose I should share her, but I hope she comes back soon.
4 National Poetry Month

That’s it! Now it’s your turn. What are your TTOT? Click on this link for more!!