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Theory of Love

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Theory of Love

Shandy sat on the couch, pondering what she was to do with her life after her husband passed away. She had always been focused on him and their son and the idea of doing anything different for herself was foreign. In a way, she was puzzled over what was even missing in her life. She had been a loving, supportive wife and mother, by all the ways she cared for her family. By any means, she decided one thing for certain, she had to find out if she really liked who she was and then decide if this also meant she felt self-love. She got up off the couch, ventured out for a hike, and decided to do what made her smile, knowing this would lead to one thing, in theory, that all components of a happy life for her needed to be explored, then she would know what truly fed her soul.

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14 thoughts on “Theory of Love”

      1. I understand that. I used to sit on the ground as I planted seeds just for the energies I felt from the earth. The soil was rich and the yield was abundant. My last attempt at container gardening from my condo yard was mediocre. The soil was different than midwestern soil and I have only had luck with roses and carnations. But I am in an apartment and there is no direct sun. Perhaps if I should find a place with sunlight, I may attempt at least a rose bush. I do miss the fragrant blue tea rose.

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  1. “In a way, she was puzzled over what was even missing in her life.”
    What an amazingly simple expression of the experience of major life change! It not only speaks volumes, it is one of those cool sentences that gets, somehow, automatically-translated into the subjective language of the individual Reader.
    v cool

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