Happy Birthday, Elizabeth Barrett Browning!

This made me smile and feel hopeful for spring.

Bartholomew Barker, Poet

Today is the 215th anniversary of Elizabeth Barrett Browning‘s birth. Earlier this week I spent some time online with the good folks of Charles House talking about Mrs. Barrett Browning’s poetry. As is our tradition, we wrote a little poem together inspired by her and by the budding spring outside our windows. It was a sonnet, of course.

Spring Sonnet

Piercing through soil
and last autumn’s leaves
pale green swords
greet the spring

Wrens sing to unborn flowers
crocus and daffodil
listen on the warm breeze
melting the last of the frost

Yellow flags unfurl
covered in dew
this bright morning
dawn a new year

Hemispheres aligned with the sun
spring for us has finally sprung

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