Ten Things of Thankful – March 5 2021

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It’s already March! No way! Well, let’s hop to it before all of a sudden it’s April!

  1. Grocery specials-LOVE even more when it is coffee!
  2. Enthusiastic People-LOVE when I ask someone to help me and they don’t hesitate to say YES
  3. Pleasant Surprises-Daughter gave me some pretty decorative papers I can use for projects. She received them from a friend who had more than she needed.
  4. Sketchbook Revival is coming this month and daughter and I will participate in the program like we did last time. Click on the name up there and check it out and it is FREE!
  5. It is both Woman’s Month and Reading Month and what a lovely combo! I am looking forward to National Poetry Month, as well. So, I am thankful for these moments to celebrate!
  6. We had a package arrive and it took us a good while to order it because of all the specific details, and when we got it – it was all wrong, so wrong that it would cost us more money to resolve the issue, so we called customer service and returned it in the blink of an eye. I am grateful there was no drama.
  7. Health goals are being met.
  8. Writing goals are being met.
  9. Connecting with people who share a spiritual belief, simply for the assurance that hope is real
  10. YOU! What are you thankfuls? Come share… Rusty wants to know… In fact, he’s all ears!
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12 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – March 5 2021”

  1. Being around enthusiastic people is invigorating.
    Glad you were able to resolve #6 without drama.
    Making progress on goals and actually reaching them is a great feeling!
    #9 ❤️ Yes hope is real and it is wonderful to have that reassurance.

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  2. Grat #6 is interesting. The enjoyment in buying stuff online is, imo, directly proportional to one’s confidence in the return process.
    March! I agree, it makes so much difference in how bad the weather is ….perceived. After all how bad can a blizzard be if the temperature goes to 50 degrees the next day?
    Have a great week!

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    1. I actually enjoy going to a story and talking to a real, reliable person to help me with my choices. Unfortunately, the stock is low and the help is lessened. It makes me sad.


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