6 Sentence Story – Novel

close up photo of vintage typewriter
Photo by Min An on Pexels.com

She pored through her notebooks, one by one, finding memories, ideas, goals, pictures, and more; brushing tears from her cheeks, she took to the typewriter and proceeded to tap out those thoughts she valued the most.

Completing this task was not possible as more and more thoughts came to mind, so she had to decide about what to do.

Neatly, she placed each piece in a folder with the appropriate names and places them in the file cabinet, hoping to one day complete each of these, whatever they were turning into.

Classic to her time, the eras of former ways, she wanted to stay devoted to finishing these pieces of work, but life brought forth so many changes and she did not find the time.

It was 2016 when her eldest grandson opened the file cabinet and discovered all the files his grandmother had so carefully organized, exclaiming that grandma was a novelist, but she never published anything.

As he spent many a late night transcribing his grandmother’s novel ideas, he felt a hand on his shoulder and teardrops stained the pages from which he worked, determined that these would come to fruition, he never gave up.


Welcome to Six Sentence Stories!

Rules of the Blog Hop:
Write 6 sentences. No more.  No less.
Use this week’s prompt word: NOVEL
Read everyone’s story, comment, share and have fun!

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15 thoughts on “6 Sentence Story – Novel”

  1. Nice. (sorta) Sad(ish)… in a sense, poignant…*

    *hailing as I do, from the dynamic and hypo-emotional Land of Y-Chromia, this is my best effort at ‘what the others said’.


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  2. Lovely. I hope to have grands, but the way things are going… also…I learned to type on an IBM Selectric. We thought we were sooooooooooo space age!

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    1. Thanks! I know I won’t have grands, but I am okay with that. Yes, I took typing for a good while in school and remember using the old time non-electrics before venturing into the high tech speed machines. There was something special about tapping away on those noisy keys, but I am happy with the computer keyboard nowadays. And I think I am mostly thankful for spelling corrections vs white out or the special eraser and brush, not to mention if it happened on a blue film mimeograph stencil…can we say YIKES!!!


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