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Ten Things of Thankful – September 6

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Good Morning! It’s that time again for TTOT and without further adieu, let’s get the party started.

It’s important to me to have an attitude of gratitude, but if that means I force myself to think positive all of the time, then that’s not my way. I have times when thinking one positive thought is a strain. What I do try to do is find ways around the muckedy muck of life and see there is something for which to be grateful. In light of the hurricane and lives lost, it’s hard to think this way. And then one of my good friends just lost her son of 29 years and that’s just so young to leave this world. Where’s the gratitude in that? Well, I can say this: I am grateful for Go Fund Me to help my dear friend pay for the funeral of her son as she did not have the funds to do so. And her agency put in a substantial amount of money to help. So, I guess that’s my #1 Thankful.

2. Resources for Hurricane survivors. It’s devastating to start over after losing everything. I am grateful for all the relief organizations along with the good neighbors who help in so many ways.

3. Swimming Lessons – Daughter started her swim lessons this week and I was able to attend and watch as she learned techniques to help her swim better.

4. Nerves – That’s right! I had to muster up my nerves to deal with a very delicate situation, advocating for someone else’s rights. It irked me, to put it simply, that someone would think they could treat somebody like a second class citizen and I hope I nipped it in the bud.

5. Poetry – Whenever I am perplexed about expression I turn to my most familiar friend of poetry. Here’s my latest For the Bahamas

6. Six Sentence Story – Denise is such a dear heart to keep us well supplied with word prompts and to provide a place for expression and I am so grateful for her. Here’s my latest: Zoned Out and In I hope my characters will be able to express gratitude from the outcome.

7. Poundage is still slipping off. I have lost 8.5 # this summer and an additional pound this week. I am most grateful for having the ability to lose. Not everybody is able to do so.

8. Challenges – I have a project I am working on and it officially starts on Tuesday. I passed the test yesterday and the materials are HARD! I am grateful for challenges to my brain even when it feels explodable.

9. Submission – I submitted my manuscript for my poetry book and it’s still hard to me to believe I did this. It’s been a long time in the making and it’s gone, now out of my hands and it just feels weird.

10. Volunteers – A good friend has volunteered to help with organizing daughter’s room and it’s looking much improved.

Now, it’s your turn to add to the list. What’s happening in your gratitude zone?

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For the Bahamas – A Tanka

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For the Bahamas

for the Bahamas

tides have come and gone and yet

so much to be done

placing feet in their wet shoes

spirits trudge forward in hope

keeping it mindful

taking stock of what’s to do

bringing up courage

there’s really no other way

but to fight for making home

starting all over

is hard enough to battle

keep in mind the loss

hold their spirits in the heart

what can old souls do in life

but be a part of all

taking account of life’s toll

one moment to next

one small step to create change

keeping the faith going strong


Ten Things of Thankful – August 30

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It’s the last day for an August posting of Ten Things of Thankful. We have one more day of the month, but we can start posting out thankfuls today. So, let’s get the party started.

In light of a looming hurricane, possibly affecting many people in my zone, and even if not, it affects us all as a world, I am thinking a hurricane focused thankful may be in order.

1. Gratitude for expressions. I wrote a haiku train in devotion to hurricane preps today. Here’s the post In the Storm’s Eye

2. Survival. As North Carolina residents, we have been through some storms, sometimes in the midst of them and other times on the outskirts. I am grateful for survival and pray for those coming into the face of these storms right now. Essential tools for survival: Toilet Paper and Kitty Litter, just saying… Trash bags and Paper Towels. Hand Sanitizer…you get it, right?

3. Batteries. What would we do without these creations? It used to be for having a flashlight. Now it also means we need them for communication. Home phones are usually on a digital line, meaning it all goes in a storm. So, besides batteries for flashlights, we need back up batteries for phones.

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4. Snacks. What is it about storms that call for Vienna sausages and all manner of junk foods? I think it has to do with stress and the thoughts that come about “why not have what we want and enjoy them!” For me, personally, I will make sure there are healthy snacks, as I have blood sugars to think about and heart health. If you can have those things that are crunchy and decadent, go for it! Celebrate however it brings your happy!! Note: you don’t need heat for smores…just nibble each ingredient and let your palate do the mixup. P.S. Don’t forget Fido and Kitty!!

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5. Clothes and Sleep gear. Gratitude abounds that I have comfy clothing. If you are going to hang out in the house during a storm, be sure and be comfy. No need for high fashion. I will rock my jammies if I can get away with it. We are inland. Those who are at risk of evacuating will want to be sure to be comfortable. Fortunately, you can rock jammies in public places, well for the most part 😉
If you have a rain coat, you might want it, just saying… And shoes. Have spares if you can. Do they still make galoshes? Blankets too and sleeping bags and pillows…

6. Fuel. How I remember those propane tanks and campstoves! We had delicious meals in under an hour 😀 If you have the ability, these are great. Just don’t forget to extra load a tank.

7. Thirst aid. That’s right! You gotta have something to quinch your thirst. If water sources are defunk, you wanna have safe beverages. Water is your bestie. If you want coffee, they do make those bottled up ones as well as other drinks. Alcohol, well it’s recommended to not use this in a storm. It may make it hard to navigate as well as dehydrate. Just saying… ’cause nothing but the LOVE here!!

8. Gas. This is part 2 of Fuel – UP THERE – Make sure the tank is tanked up just in case you need to evacuate. I am loading up tonight.

9. First Aid. Be sure to have a first aid kit of some kind on hand. I am not that well organized, but I have it all pretty much in one place. You just never know and aren’t we fortunate to have bandaids. I am thankful we have them because I stepped on glass yesterday and am thankful I am healing well.

10. Oh no!! I am not done!! Let’s jam it up!! Be sure to keep in touch with your loved ones. Even if you are not in touch all the time, it’s a great time to let them know you are safe or if you need something. It does take a village. And if you are on social media, you can shout it out and even declare yourself safe on Facebook. How awesome is that!! Kisses. I am grateful for kisses and hugs and glad when I know all is well and can kiss and hug in greeting and gratitude. This is why I am sending out a great big MUAH!! KISSSSSSS to all of you!!! I am sure I missed the boat on what else to do to prep, but here we are. Let’s hear what you do to prepare and your gratefuls. You can drop it like it’s hot in the link below!!

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In the Storm’s Eye

tornado on body of water during golden hour
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in the storm’s eye
it’s a strange feeling of calm
hoping for the peace

safely inside home
and hopes for others safety
remembering Floyd

taking precautions
fastening the home down tight
making sure of foods

batteries a must
being ever vigilant
making sure of stuffs

last but not so least
getting on my knees for sure
praying for safety