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10 Things of Thankful – June 28

It’s time again to reflect on the past week and the many things for which gratitude can be expressed. Would you like to join us? You can go to this link: TTOT and join in! We would love to have you!

Photo taken at New Bern NC where I enjoyed more interesting patterns.

1. 2. Poundage is still becoming lessage 🙂 The pool helps.

3. Tea for health. When shopping with my errand buddy last week, she introduced me to a Numi brand Chai without caffeine. In the evening, I have a cup of tea to help me relax and this new one hits the spot! And there was a nice turmeric tea with some other spices, which helps the joints, so I added that. Yum to the tum.

4. Sleep. I have had a better week of sleep. Maybe the tea helped. I couldn’t get to the pool as much, but I got there some.

5. Throat Lozenges – I often have a dry throat and many things I cannot tolerate, but I found that these Ricola Lemon Mint Sugar Free lozenges help. I don’t know why my throat gets this way, but I’m just grateful there’s some relief.

6. 6SS – Yep – I am still going strong with the Six Sentence Story. This week’s story is about simplifying life. Maybe you would like to read it. I am happy for a simpler life. Here’s the LINK

7. Poetry – I am excited about this coming Sunday’s event which I have been promoting. As one of the editors of this phenomenal poet Aruna Gurumurthy’s last book as well as the current book she is working on, I am fortunate to gain so much from this experience. Here’s her most recent book:

8. Pathways – So much in life involves decisions about which path to take and sometimes revisiting old paths for a different perspective, maybe with more mature eyes. I am grateful for the many pathways I have traveled and for the ones I have yet to explore.

photo of a pathway in a forest
Photo by Artem Saranin on

9. My dear friend who has had a pickle of a time with illness and for the glimpses of goodness she experienced this week. I pray more than glimpses come to her this week.

10. This came yesterday. I actually stalk my mailbox for this magazine. Yes…I love it that much!

So, there you have it! My 10 and I bet you have 10 too! Disclaimer: While I may edit many works I do not edit my TTOT posts, so have mercy on me.

17 thoughts on “10 Things of Thankful – June 28”

  1. Incredible the labor necessary for the walkway in your photo. Very attractive.
    Nice diversity of music on the TToT this weekend.
    Hadn’t heard yours (liked it a lot) and Pat has some modern gospel and I went with Bach.
    Excellent added dimension to the ‘hop.

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  2. I love the photo at top! I can’t even imagine the time and precision it would have taken to achieve that pattern!
    Ricola’s are our go to for sore throats.
    I love your phrase “glimpses of goodness.”
    For many years we had a painting in our home that was of a road with trees on both sides that were donned in their fall attire. Paintings of pathways have always drawn me right into them. There is something so very peaceful about those type of scenes.


  3. Congrats on the lessage of poundage! I believe I found what you lost! I’ve got to get on the stick and get rid of it, now!
    I love those Ricola lemon mint lozenges! I get bronchitis a couple of times a year, and those are absolute lifesavers when I get to the tickly throat stage, especially when I’m teaching school and have to be able to talk without hacking and coughing!

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    1. Thank You! It’s been an exciting challenge. Since I got back on track after many ups and downs I’ve lost 20#. My total from my highest is now about 67#


  4. I love that you don’t edit your TToT posts, sometimes just going with spontaneous writing is fun. Even if I go back to proof my posts, most of the time I will miss typos and obvious grammatical errors. I’ve learned that our readers are pretty good at decoding my rambles.

    Congrats on losing poundage, that’s always a reason to cheer! I will definitely look for the tea you’ve pictured here, I have need of something calming at bedtime, I do too much caffeinated tea during the day, which I am trying to cut back. Like you, I have a chronic dry throat (and mouth, and eyes) so I have iced tea close at hand all day long. I’m learning to alternate those with water.

    The older I get the more I am attracted to simplicity as a lifestyle. It is so freeing! I loved all your thankfuls, I hope this week blessed for you as well!

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