Ten Things of Thankful – November 29

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Oh my! Where did November go? I don’t know about you, but I am sitting here wishing for a cup of cocoa, my crocheting, and putting my feet up. So, without further delay and before that last plate of turkey, here are my TTOTs!!

1. My Post (17)
I am grateful for mentors and this week I have someone who is helping me refresh my old skills and add some new ones.

2. My Post (16)

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My dear one gave me this thankful and I wholeheartedly agree.

4. I am grateful that one of the people I met via another group asked for people’s Flash Fiction stories for her podcast and mine among those featured today. It was kinda cool to hear somebody read my story out loud. Here it is:
Episode 8: Final Friday Edition Here’s the link to the original story: Bottled Up

5. Six Sentence Story – I am super grateful for Denise providing us with prompts every week. This week the prompt word was “Pound” and I decided to something about eating disorders, a subject near to my heart. While the subject matter may be sad, the meaning is important and I am grateful to be able to try, at least, to reach out on this one.Here it is: Clearly Stricken

6. Living Poetry Monday Prompt – this is something I look forward to on Monday mornings and that is the weekly prompt. Bartholomew Barker does this with such dedication and here is this weeks response: Souls for Loaves

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Grateful I don’t need to go get butter for biscuits on Black Friday – This Happened to Me, But Never Again!

8. This RECIPE which I changed into pumpkin ice cream instead of making pumpkin pie and it has no sugar.

9. That is 1943 daddy had this Thanksgiving dinner on the USSNCBB55
“On the evening of November 25, 1943, we had our first real action. The day was Thanksgiving. We had a swell turkey dinner that afternoon. Air defense was sounded that evening and we went to our stations. After about 20 minutes our anti-aircraft battery cut loose and for the first time we were conscious of a formidable enemy.”
Lloyd Glick, Musician 1/c

10. Last, but not the least here is the place where you can offer your thankfuls. I can’t wait to hear!

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Taking Time to Record History

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Yesterday, we had the pleasure of witnessing an 8 year old boy interviewing his 85 year old Dutch grandmother as she told of her life during WWII. It was fascinating. This was a school assignment. He also had to do a portrait of her. She came from a family with 10 children and the all went home from school for lunch. Her father was a potato and bean farmer. For her lunch chores she had to peel enough potatoes for 13 people to last for 2 meals. Whatever was not done, had to be finished after school. Everybody had to be inside when it was dark and the windows had to be blackened. Some people did not have food and her family left a bowl of potatoes for wanderers by the house. They lived near the train station, so this was a possibility that someone might walk by their house at night and be hungry. The kids liked to play marbles and jump rope. There were a loft like room for the boys and another room for the girls and another for the parents. How fortunate, I felt to hear this living history. If you have grandchildren or nieces and nephews, it might be interesting to hear their history. I interviewed our father several years ago and wrote a story from that. It was recorded and I still have the tape, but it’s hard to listen to since he is gone. It’s these sorts of things that matter in the long run, getting to know the history of others.