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Energies for The World

d7b68307-71c8-41c4-b325-190067c43b3e Lucid Being – Ash D. Solomon 

Flushing the Negatives

Drawing energies

Transmuting through purple flame

Keeping hope alive

Seeking the Positive

Archangels keep watch

Over the world of all worlds

Keeping hope alive

Perpetual Healing

Channeled energy

Healing for the wounds of life

Keeping hope alive

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World Gratitude Day

silver colored heart lock bridge
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World Gratitude Day
perhaps this may be always
one day’s not enough
each day is a grateful day
when looking at life, it’s there

waiting to be found
it’s in the air that we breathe
it’s in touch and sighs
it’s in all that we provide
it’s in all the things we do

thankful actions rule
as if we already know
something good’s coming
to speak of gratitude now
it’s a given thing we’ll count

thinking gratitude
affects pozzie attitudes
knowing it’s for real
helping this world heal starts now
when we recognize the toil

grateful for us all
grateful for human beings
grateful for good deeds
grateful for acts of kindness
grateful to be the kind ones

world gratitude day
as real as it is today
let’s think about it
as an everyday act
and make it a good habit


Happy Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day 2019

Today is important
and tomorrow is too
to take care of the planet
it’s here for me and you

There is this one day
to help us be aware
that this is the earth
of which we’re to care

Sometimes it’s good
to be reminded, it’s true
because if we don’t do this
it affects all we do

Take just a moment this day,
then tomorrow
for taking the time to care
we will know less sorrow

What we have is given
of this we are aware
what we have could be lost
if we don’t so our share

Let’s take a moment to say
Happy Earth Day 2019
and let’s keep it happy
for futures unseen