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She Loves Her Trains

Photo by Luciana Sena on Pexels.com

She Loves Her Trains

Tracey always loved trains, from the mechanics to the power, she swelled with delight.

Reaching into the toy box for her brother’s train set, when they were out and about, she was excited.

Although she was a girl and girls didn’t play with boy’s toys, Tracey defied this as she played.

In a world where women were to have their certain roles, it did not make sense to Tracey.

Nowadays, Tracey is glad she can openly share her love for train, specifically train sets.

She has never had her own train set, but loves to visit places with trains and loves to ride the train.

There you have it! This is my Six Sentece Story told in an acrostic poem. You can do one too. Just go to THIS LINK and join us!

poetry, Poetry Forms

A Restful Rendezvous, A Sestina By Aruna Gurumurthy

A beautiful sestina which makes me want to relax and ponder. Well done, Aruna.

Grand Little Things

A Restful Rendezvous Pink roses in a rustic glass vase, the mellow touch of a khaki-colored, soft plaid blanket on my skin as I lay on the wicker chair letting the cool air weave through, aligning myself with the soft pillow for rest. What can I say when the silhouette of life is picture-perfect? Is the silhouette of my life picture-perfect? Today it is roses, tomorrow it may be peonies filling the vase, opening in a spread of colors, as they rest on the sides of the vase, much like the plush blanket falling on the wicker grooves, its waves streaming through, as it is crunched and crinkled on the chair. Every time I sway on the rocking chair nearing the flowers, I whimsy life’s colors, a mélange in perfection. Pink juxtaposed with green, I breathe a sigh, looking through, casting my eyes on the carved green vase. Reflections of…

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