Butterfly Love

Watercolor by Lisa Tomey

Butterfly Love

Fluttering about fairy gardens,
vivid colors and purposeful lives,
butterflies know their calling.

Eat until they are filled and full,
build a protective crysalis,
until they emerge as butterflies.

An artist and storyteller
by the name of Eric Carle
brought a hungry caterpillar
into the homes of many families.
School teachers brought the story
into classrooms and inspired children.

That’s what happens when a seed is planted
in a book, in art, in voice—

It lasts forever in the artfulness, in the
Imaginations of humankind.

Butterflies live on when the world
keeps feeding them
with fairy gardens, simple garden paths,
massive wildflower fields,
all this by caring for the lands.

Help butterflies live
whatever length of time they can
as they are called to be,
as we are called to support.

Learn more about butterflies from this link to the Smithsonian.

Learn more about Eric Carle from this link to the dedicated website.

This posting is in response to the Sunday Prompt of the Poetry Circle from the Garden of Neuro.


Earth Day – National Poetry Month April 22 2020

sky earth galaxy universe
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Today is Earth Day! So, naturally we will use this as our prompt for today! Let’s write a poem about the earth, what it means to you, how it is changing, is it better or not, whatever you feel inclined to write about. And please do share!

Happy Writing and Happy Earth Day!

person holding a green plant
Photo by Akil Mazumder on Pexels.com



Happy Earth Day

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Happy Earth Day 2019

Today is important
and tomorrow is too
to take care of the planet
it’s here for me and you

There is this one day
to help us be aware
that this is the earth
of which we’re to care

Sometimes it’s good
to be reminded, it’s true
because if we don’t do this
it affects all we do

Take just a moment this day,
then tomorrow
for taking the time to care
we will know less sorrow

What we have is given
of this we are aware
what we have could be lost
if we don’t so our share

Let’s take a moment to say
Happy Earth Day 2019
and let’s keep it happy
for futures unseen