Ten Things of Thankful – August 28 2020

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It’s that time of the week for TTOT! What? Yup! It’s that time again. So…let’s goooooo!

  1. Grocery pickup – I am trying a different store today to see how that one goes. They offered free pickup and a 20% discount plus I had a gift card and discounts. Saved about $40, so hey, I will take it. I am grateful to have this option since it’s sometimes hard to shop. This is one of my better days, but maybe it is best to test it out on a better day than to wait for a not so better day. Right? I think so.
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2. I finished my special project! YAY! I was a judge for a writing contest. It was fun and interesting to read and respond to the many books.

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3. Remote possibilities. You know how people say, “It’s a remote possibility that such and such will happen.” Well, now it has a different meaning. Now one might say, “It’s going to be done remotely.” Or is some form of more proper English. So, Remotely it is happening and I am happy to see it happening. And there is nothing remotely unusual about that. You see what I did here, right?

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4. Good walking day. It’s been a pleasant week for strolling about.

5. Puzzles. Daughter has been keeping busy with them and loves them. She is working on Mystical Shimmer, Unicorn. It’s pretty and glittery.

6. My brother from another mother had nice test results this week! YAY!!

7. Miracles! Someone I know thought from all news shared that life was coming to an end and it turned around. YAY!

8. Freedom to listen and watch to the world and freedom to turn it off.

9. Education via the internet so we can still learn without getting all sick and stuff.

10. YOU!! Let’s hear it… I wanna know your thankfuls.

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11 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – August 28 2020”

  1. Number 2 one word very cool
    Number 7 excellent to hear of, as miracles are (imho) in the category which requires more from the observer than the observed, we have but to open ourselfs to them

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  2. Free grocery pickup is one of the good things to come from this pandemic. Although I still go into stores occasionally, I have enjoyed using curbside pickup, and might continue to use it even when life settles down.

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    1. This one was very good. I selected from a smaller store, so a couple of items they could not provide, I think because they have to keep some in stock for walk in shoppers, but I still had some of those items left at home, so it was okay. I was motivated by both the free aspect and the discount special for using the service. I will definitely use this store again. It was a much better experience than my first one when the other store delivered.


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