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Sandman Ponderings


Image Credit: Flickr – Brian Williams – Exsulto Corporation

Stay Strong

even under stress
sands will hold force together
appearances skewed

Keep Hoping

erosion beckons
foundations shaking hold on
facing certain hope

Awareness Comes

tides will come and go
washing up the new and old
bringing forth new thoughts


Today is really a combination of haiku and senryu, so take your pick.

This is in response to the IWH Haiku/Senryu Challenge

Perhaps you would like to join us!


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Blackout Poetry

This morning, I was in a coffee shop and worked on a Blackout Poem. This is where you take an article in perhaps a newspaper and create a poem from the  words, blacking out what you don’t wish to use. You can get more details here:

Writer’s Digest on Erasure and Blackout Poems

I picked up one of my favorite reads, Indy Week, and found several interesting articles about the different arts events coming up for the Fall. I kept this copy due to so many wonderful things coming up in the Triangle. (That Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill NC for those who wouldn’t know what I mean).

Here’s what I came up with:


Looking at this, I decided to develop it into a more complete poem:


separate thinking

although different styles play

we all want something

Okay, it’s a senryu from the blackout poetry.

That’s what I have for this day 🙂

Here’s my space for working this morning: