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Blackout Poetry

This morning, I was in a coffee shop and worked on a Blackout Poem. This is where you take an article in perhaps a newspaper and create a poem from theΒ  words, blacking out what you don’t wish to use. You can get more details here:

Writer’s Digest on Erasure and Blackout Poems

I picked up one of my favorite reads, Indy Week, and found several interesting articles about the different arts events coming up for the Fall. I kept this copy due to so many wonderful things coming up in the Triangle. (That Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill NC for those who wouldn’t know what I mean).

Here’s what I came up with:


Looking at this, I decided to develop it into a more complete poem:


separate thinking

although different styles play

we all want something

Okay, it’s a senryu from the blackout poetry.

That’s what I have for this day πŸ™‚

Here’s my space for working this morning:

9 thoughts on “Blackout Poetry”

  1. Such a special poem coming from the blackout. “although different styles play”—isn’t play a wonderful word!—and then the capping line at the end. Both Senryu and Haiku, my dear!

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